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we love partnering with rescues & shelters

Every dog, cat and horse deserves love, compassion, care and a forever home. Each day, the tireless efforts of rescues and shelters help make this a reality for a growing number of animals. Unfortunately, some cats and dogs are deemed unadoptable due to fear, anxiety or perceived aggression. These misunderstood pets often thrive when their issues are addressed.

Treatibles is proud to be part of this transformation.
We partner with rescues and shelters across the United States to help bring calm, balance and ease to dogs and cats in their care. 

Mini horse in stable

Spring 2021: Angels for Minis Miniature Horse Rescue

Founded in 2012, Angels For Minis Miniature Horse Rescue is dedicated to the well-being of the truly unique miniature horse breed. Their goal is to rehabilitate abused, neglected, or unwanted miniature horses and miniature donkeys (often innocent victims of the current economy) and find them loving forever homes.

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