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Treatibles Winter Rescue Spotlight: Paws Place Animal Sanctuary

Trea the cat


Trea came to us in 2014 with a luxating patella in both his bag legs. Between cold laser treatment and Treatibles oil, it has kept him from having surgery and alleviates his discomfort. He seems to think he can fly, running and jumping like nothing is wrong!



CeCe is 13. She had been hit by a car and was nursing a litter of kittens under a neighbor's porch when she came to Paws Place. The babies got adopted but, CeCe had neurological problems along with UIT's and joint discomfort. Treatibles oil has really helped alleviate the discomfort and her head tremors and rapid eye movement has stopped.



Rambo is an 18-year-old male that belonged to one of our board members who passed away. He was diagnosed with a serious bowel disease about three years ago and then developed a mass cell tumor. When we started putting Treatibles Topical cream on Rambo's tumor, it disappeared. Since he has been on the hemp oil, he is gaining weight and moving around more easily. Rambo has stabilized and he has been holding his own. He has a touch of dementia but with the Treatibles hemp oil, the episodes are fewer and don't last as long.



Carmel is approximately 5 years old. He is a very sweet boy who came to us with scaring on his eyes due to Herpes virus. Since starting on Treatibles oil, the scarring has diminished. Treatibles oil also helps with the discomfort caused by his luxating patella.

“All of the animals here at Paws Place Animal Sanctuary are given a dose of Treatibles Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with their meals” – Sharon Jennings, President of Paws Place Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

Paws Place Animal Sanctuary, Inc. located in Rosemount, Minnesota is not your average rescue or shelter. Instead, this compassionate organization provides help and hope for people who have come to a crossroads in caring for their medically challenged or elderly pets. Through support visits, education, and nutritional advice, every effort is made to help pet lovers keep their animals healthy at home. However, if the time comes when it is no longer possible to do so, Paws Place provides a safe, secure place in a foster home or at their sanctuary.
Established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2001, the volunteers that run the sanctuary have been involved with animal rescue since the 1980s.

“It had been my life-long dream to provide a safe home for animals with no other place to go,” said Sharon Jennings, President of Paws Place Animal Sanctuary, Inc.”

Paws Place is a peaceful space for all who enter. Sharon’s vision now provides pet parents with a loving option in finding a permanent home for their cherished animal companions when they are no longer able to provide care themselves.

“The dogs and cats in our care are often considered unadoptable due to health issues or age. Many of these pets suffer from age-related discomfort and/or anxiety and fear from being separated from the families they’ve always known,” offered Sharon. “Treatibles has been a godsend. The oil calms and relaxes and helps those with mobility issues and other serious conditions.”

In addition to caring for domestic pets, Paws Place is working to secure sufficient land and buildings to accommodate other species of animals and if space permits, offer temporary housing and care for overflow from other shelters.
Paws Place’s long-term goals include offering facilities to hold a veterinary clinic, lecture hall, library, vegetarian restaurant and retail space for pet food, supplements and gifts. The Sanctuary endeavors to offer a low-cost spay/neuter van, as well as a pet cemetery and mausoleum.
“Ultimately, we plan to have a camp on the premises for troubled or abused children, those with autism, and those with Down syndrome, where they will be able to connect with a furry friend that they can trust,” shared Sharon.
Donations to Paws Place Animal Sanctuary can be made by visiting  Donations Welcome.
Another way to monetarily help the Sanctuary is to sponsor a pet. With a tax-deductible donation of $25 per month, you can sponsor one of the Paws Place residents. Sponsorships can be paid by check (please include this form) or through PayPal.

“Sponsorships help provide food, medical care, and lodging for the animal you designate,” said Sharon. “You’ll receive a photo and history of your sponsored pet as well as the Paws Place Newsletter.”

To learn more about the Sanctuary, please visit or

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