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Treatibles November 2019 Rescue Spotlight: Green Dog Rescue Project


Colleen Combs & Staff

Colleen Combs and members of the Green Dog Rescue staff getting ready to offer Treatibles to the dogs in their care.


Kincade Fire in Sonoma County


Rescue Dog

A dog in the care of the Green Dog Rescue Project.


Joe & Colleen

Colleen Combs, owner of Green Dog Rescue Project with our own Joe Howard.

Special Edition

The recent Kincade fire that devastated parts of Sonoma County in Northern California hit very close to home, as Treatibles headquarters is located in Sonoma County.
Once evacuation orders were in place, our first instinct was to offer help to the rescues helping lost and frightened pets, displaced from the fire.
The Green Dog Rescue Project especially touched our hearts. As the fires approached, they were forced to evacuate more than 90 dogs.
We understand what a stressful ordeal this has been for these sweet and confused dogs. That’s why we presented Colleen Combs, owner of Green Dog Rescue, with a donation of Treatibles chews and oils to help keep these frightened dogs calm until they get home.
The Green Dog Rescue Project is the first predominantly non-kennel shelter facility in the United States. Their educational philosophy is based on working with dogs in a pack environment. In addition to finding forever homes for the dogs in their care, the Rescue offers many programs that educate, inspire change and save lives.
To learn more about this amazing organization or to make a donation, please visit

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