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Spring 2021: Angels for Minis Miniature Horse Rescue

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Lily & Spirit From Angels Of Minis

Lily & Spirit

Lily is a beautiful red roan mare relinquished to Angels for Minis by her family who could no longer care for her. She is incredibly outgoing and trusting of humans. Never one to shy away from an adventure, Lily loves to be taken on walks off of the property by volunteers and see all of the things outside, mostly because everything out there could be a potential new friend! Lily would be a great addition to any family that will be able to provide the love she deserves! Spirit, a stunning palomino paint, came to Angels for Minis from a Texas horse auction that sells primarily to kill buyers. She had obviously been severely mistreated and neglected when we rescued her and was basically afraid of the world. Using the Treatibles 750 mg hemp-CBD oil has significantly reduced her anxieties. The rescue’s wonderful volunteers spend a lot of time with Spirit just helping her learn that people won’t hurt her.

Sparky From Angels Of Minis


Sparky is one of our permanent residents. He is a senior citizen and has decided that his home is right here with us. He is quite the model and loves to pose, so taking pictures with the bottle was just a great big modeling shoot for him! (I suppose it could have had something to do with all of the green grass but I would like to think that it was excitement over how much the Treatibles product is helping the minis!)

Link From Angels Of Minis


Link originally came to Angels for Minis from a family in Oregon that was no longer able to care for him. He was happily adopted to what was to be his forever home. Unfortunately, circumstances intervened and he recently came back to the rescue. He is just the best guy in the world. He has the kindest and goofiest disposition, always curious about everything that is going on around him. He’s one of the volunteer’s favorites to take on walks and just spend time with. He adores people and other horses and is really just looking to add another best buddy to his long and ever-expanding list of best friends. He would love to go to a home that already has another mini for him to hang out with!

Daphne & Shaman From Angels Of Minis

Daphne and Shaman

Shaman was one of 55 minis out of 163 that were seized by the sheriff and animal control out of a hoarding situation in Oregon. He had been neglected to the point that he lost one of his eyes. He has flourished under the loving care of our volunteers and loves everyone! Daphne came to us from another rescue. They quickly became the best of friends. Daphne and Shaman are quite the dynamic duo! Shaman looks like a copy of Daphne that shrunk in the dryer except for his missing eye. Shaman hasn’t met a person yet that he doesn’t instantly love, while Daphne is still very hesitant and unsure about the world around her. These two need an experienced owner to help Daphne learn to really trust. With consistent work and time, they will bring so much joy and happiness to their forever family.

Founded in 2012, Angels for Minis Miniature Horse Rescue is dedicated to the well-being of the truly unique miniature horse breed. Their goal is to rehabilitate abused, neglected, or unwanted miniature horses and miniature donkeys (often innocent victims of the current economy) and find them loving forever homes. The 501 c3 non-profit, which relies on the charitable works of members, sponsors, and adoptive homes, is located in Walnut Creek, California. To date, they have adopted out 642 miniature horses and miniature donkeys plus 270 various ranch animals.

“We rescue miniature horses and donkeys from some truly horrible scenarios throughout the country,” said Mary Stewart, Founder and President of the rescue’s Board of Directors. “From auctions that are attended by kill buyers who deliver livestock directly to slaughterhouses, to neglected animals that are so severely underfed that they are starving and others whose needs have been ignored for so long that their hooves are overgrown and they can barely walk. It is devastating.”

Angels for Minis provides their rescues with proper veterinary care, food and any necessary care required to help rehabilitate them. The dedicated staff and volunteers also lavish each rescue with an abundance of love, compassion and attention that sadly some have never experienced.

“Treatibles 750 mg hemp-CBD oil continues to make a significant difference for the miniature horses and donkeys in our care,” noted Mary. “From helping ease anxiety and fear to offering relief for those with joint and foot discomfort, Treatibles is an important part of the healing process.”

A majority of the minis rescued by the organization understandably have a deep-seated fear and mistrust of humans.

“For example, Shaman came to the rescue with a problem back leg that caused him a significant amount of discomfort and caused him to be a bit off-balance. We decided to use Treatibles CBD oil. Once he was taking it consistently, it really made all of the difference. Now he lives his life to the fullest with his best friend, fellow rescue, Daphne,” shared Mary.

Senior miniature horses are also feeling better than they have in years. “Knight is a senior who arrived here incredibly overweight. This caused a lot of extra pressure on his already sore joints, resulting in obvious discomfort. In order to lose the weight, daily walks were needed. However, walking was too difficult for him,” said Mary. “Having witnessed the benefit of the Treatibles hemp CBD oil in other horses, we decided to put him on it and saw a difference the very next day. While he was still a bit sore, he was much more willing to walk and could walk much farther. I am happy to report he continues to lose weight and feels better.”

Mary also shared this heartbreaking story that thankfully, has a happy ending.

“Gunner and Heidi came to us from an auction in Texas that is attended by kill buyers who take livestock directly to slaughterhouses. They were absolutely terrified of humans and in heartbreaking physical condition. Gunner had some anxiety-based aggressive tendencies when our volunteers would try to go in to work with or feed him. We decided to try Treatibles hemp CBD oil. After a couple of days, Gunner calmed down enough that his volunteer was able to sit in his stall and start the process of gaining his trust. We also started Heidi on the oil. it allowed her to relax. She actually started coming up and eating out of a grain bowl held by her volunteer. After several months of consistent care and interaction with their assigned volunteers and the Treatibles oil, they are now in their forever home and as happy as can be.”

Caring for and rehabilitating miniature horses and donkeys can be quite costly. The average expense per horse after an initial veterinary exam is between $350 – $1200.

The pandemic has greatly impacted fundraising efforts for Angels for Minis, as the organization relies heavily on events and programs to generate sponsorships and donations.

If you would like to help, please visit the Angels for Minis donation page. To learn more about this dedicated organization, minis looking for their forever home and more, please visit

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