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Fall 2021: No Mini Horse Left Behind Sanctuary

No Mini horse left behind
mini horse


Daisy, another kill pen rescue, is free from medical issues. However, she is still welcome and No Minis Left Behind will be her permanent home.

mini horse


Patsy is in her mid-twenties and is an owner surrender. She takes Treatibles CBD oil for stiffness in her legs.

image of a brown 30 year old mini horse living at the No Mini Horses Left Behind sanctuary

Sir Knight

30-year-old Sir Knight – read more about him in the article below.

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Maggie was rescued from a kill pen where she was dumped at the age of two months. She’s lived at No Mini Horses Left Behind for the last four months. The sweet girl has a deformed back.

No Mini Horse Left Behind Sanctuary in Tuolumne, California has been a safe haven for miniature horses, donkeys and hinnies (a miniature horse and a miniature donkey mix) since 2010. The 501(c)(3)  Sanctuary secured non-profit status in 2018.

Nancy Willmess, Founder and Owner of No Mini Horse Left Behind, created the Sanctuary to provide the very best life possible to discarded minis, many with special needs. The organization provides veterinary care, proper hoof trimming and of course, a whole lot of love.

No Mini Horse Left Behind serves as a permanent home for senior, surrendered and neglected mini animals. However, in 2019 they branched out and began rescuing horses from auctions and kill pens (kill pens hold masses of horses in cramped, unhealthy conditions until they can be auctioned for slaughter. The horse’s last moments are filled with terror, pain and abandonment).

“We rehabilitated and vetted the animals we rescued and got them ready for new homes,” shared Nancy. “Unfortunately, the lack of donations and volunteers coupled with everything surrounding the pandemic, made it too costly to continue the program. So, we decided to refocus on offering a permanent home to the rescues in our care. We still do accept minis surrendered by their owners – and if they are adoptable, we will work to find them new homes.”

The Sanctuary is currently the permanent home to nine miniature horses, three miniature donkeys, one mini hinny and four standard donkeys, most with health issues.

“Discovering Treatibles has been life changing for the animals in our care. It all began with Sir Knight, a 30-year-old mini horse we rescued from a kill pen. Upon his arrival, we discovered he had huge hocks and really bad joint discomfort. Our veterinarian tried a conventional approach, but it wasn’t helping. He was still limping and would lay down a lot. We thought we’d have to put Sir Knight down,” said Nancy. “That’s when we were told about Treatibles Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for horses. We began administering the 1500 mg CBD oil twice a day. At the end of a month, he was a different horse. We’ve continued this regimen for the last seven months. His hocks are now just a little enlarged, he walks around without having to lie down and will even do a little trot when he sees the halter. Now, all of our minis with leg issues or joint discomfort receive Treatibles CBD oil daily. It has literally saved lives.

To learn more about the No Mini Horse Left Behind Sanctuary or to make a donation, please visit their Facebook page:



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