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Holiday Pet Gift Guide 

Holiday Pet Gift Guide  It is the most wonderful time of the year again! First, we want to start by saying Happy Holidays to you …

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image of pet owner giving pet CBD treat

How To Give CBD To Your Pet 

How To Give CBD To Your Pet  Are you a CBD newbie? It is hard enough to figure out how to take the right amount …

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image of 2 dogs in winter clothing

Does Your Dog Need Winter Clothing?

Now that the colder weather has made its annual entrance, it is time to bring out warmer clothing. Some people love this time of year! …

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dog sitting on a couch active for the winter

How To Keep Your Pet Active in the Winter

We know you have had enough of the wintry weather. We have news for you, it just got started. You have a few months to …

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image of a dog in a costume

Where To Buy Sustainable Pet Costumes  

Where To Buy Sustainable Pet Costumes   Sustainable living is not a trend. It is a lifestyle that our grandparents and great-grandparents used to swear by. …

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image of a dog holding a cellphone

Our Top Picks in Pet Technology   

Our Three Top Picks in Pet Technology  Technology has taken over our lives in a way we did not see possible ten years ago. There …

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What you should know about giving your dog raw food

4 things to know about raw dog food

Raw dog food is not a trend. Nor is it new. Raw food is what undomesticated cats and dogs would consume, but does this mean …

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How to walk an anxious dog

Walking an anxious pet ? 4 things to consider

Walking an anxious pet is stressful. Your dogs will either be pulling or refuse to leave the house. When you got your dog, you imagined …

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What to do if your pet ingested THC

YOUR PET JUST INGESTED THC – What to do next?  

Pet proofing your space is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you have an adult pet. You know when you have a …

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Help your pet with back to school separation anxiety

Back-to-school separation anxiety in dogs & cats

1. Keep a consistent year-round routine: Yes, we know it is summer, life is busier than ever, but your pet still needs a solid routine. …

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How to plan a pet spa day

Plan a pet spa day

If you are looking to get into the pet care industry and still brainstorming ideas, this blog might inspire you to open a spa for …

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Every grower should know how to identify male and female plants

The gender differences between hemp (cannabis sativa) plants

When we refer to the Earth, we call it Mother Earth. We recognize that the Earth is the womb that houses us and all its …

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Cute cat lying on side with digestive problems

Three benefits of CBD for your dog or cat’s digestive health  

Everyone is talking about digestive health these days. It is no secret that we eat food for fuel and nutrients and that our digestive system …

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