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Tips for couples adopting a pet

4 tips for couples who would like to get a pet together

What Couples Should Know Before Getting a Pet Together  Moving in together is a big step in a relationship. For some, it is the next step to …

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How to help a anxious pet

4 Tips On Managing An Anxious Pet

Do You Have an Anxious Pet?  Having a pet with anxiety is not what you had in mind when you decided to become a pet parent. …

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Adopting the best pet for your family

How to find the right pet for your family  4 great things to consider

Nobody likes to hear a story about a pet that has been abandoned or returned to a shelter. Reputable breeders give pet owners an option …

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Finding a babysitter for your dogs

How to find a good pet sitter [4 great tips for pet care.]

As much as we love spending time with our pets, sometimes we need a break. Being a pet owner can be overwhelming at times. It …

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Picky poodle can't wait to get his Treatibles Soft Chewable with Salmon Flavor

Picky poodle loves Treatibles!

“Starting from when he was a baby poodle, Bodhi has adored Treatibles. He is the living, breathing definition of a picky poodle. So, finding something …

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Dog enjoying the sweet smelling flowers

Aromatherapy For Pets  

If you read our blog on pet health tips for spring allergies, you may have noticed we briefly mentioned aromatherapy for pets. Aromatherapy is a …

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How to help your pets survive spring allergies

Pet Health: 4 Tips for Spring Allergies

It is springtime! An exciting time for everyone. Your dog is probably extra excited to go on a spring walk. Eat a little grass or …

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How to travel with your dog

Stress free traveling with your dog

How to travel with your dog How do they do it? A thought that may have crossed your mind when you see someone at the …

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Woman adopting puppy from animal shelter

What you should know about pet adoption

Do you want to adopt a furry friend? You have been thinking about it for months while watching cute videos on Instagram of rescue success …

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Happy dog ready to enjoy clean ingredients

How to find clean ingredients in dog food

Reading the ingredients list on the back of ready-to-eat food packing may be new to you. If it says it contains chicken, we buy it …

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Black dog face covered in snow

Pet Skincare: Winter Skin Blues

You are not the only one singing the winter skin blues. Like many of us during the winter months, you have spent hours online, most …

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Dog with sweater digging in snow bank

How to Combat Winter’s Chill—Tips for You and Your Pet!

As the temperature continues to drop, it may become harder to motivate yourself to leave the warmth of your home and get outside. But what …

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Celebrating CBD Month with Calm Pet on Board Car Cling

What to Know About January’s National CBD Month

Here at Treatibles, we’re deeply devoted to empowering pet parents with information about how hemp-derived CBD products can help dogs, cats and horses live their best …

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