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our TreatiPets

Image of Treatibles Brand Coordinator Dominique and her big smiley dog Sapper

Dominique + Sapper

Dogs are usually adopted by people. In the case of Sapper and Dominique, it was the other way around. This love story has a different kind of beginning. Chapter One: A happy six-month-old puppy arrives at the Milo Foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area with no visible identification or microchip. The rescue determines he

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Treatibles + Pets = TreatiPets

Treatibles headquarters is not your average office. Bring your pet to work day is every day!!

While a fluffy lovefest is common around here, TreatiPets are considered part of the staff and have responsibilities, like greeting the delivery people, taste testing products, alerting us to changes in the weather, acting as stress reducers, offering entertainment, licking faces, making people get up and walk, distributing fur and so much more!

Of course, some TreatiPets are happier at home and work remotely. Their influence is just as important!

We want to share the love! Get to know Each TreatiPet and the special story of how they became part of the Treatibles family.

Jack the adorable corgi and his mama Jessica smile for the camera

Jessica + Jack

Jessica’s heart needed healing. She was grieving the passing of her soul dog Pepper, a rescue Pit Bull mix. With so much love to give,

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Leo the cat and Joe his pet parent A

Leo + Joe

Six years ago Joe’s two daughters came home with a tiny six week old kitten. They explained that a friend’s cat had kittens and this one,

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The story of stray pup Delilah and her Treatipet mom Julianna

Delilah + Julianna

After relocating from California to Nashville, Tennessee 10 months prior, Julianna was ready to adopt a fur baby. She had already fallen in love with

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Emma + Jodi

When Emma and Jodi met, it was love at first sight. “My cat Kayla passed away three months before and my other cat was getting

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Roscoe + Fran

Finding true love on Facebook is possible. Just ask Fran and Roscoe. That’s where their love story began. “My wife and I had been following

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Rico + Ronda

Was it kismet – or maybe kittment? Ronda was on a mission. After her family’s beloved cat, Bob passed away suddenly on Mother’s Day 2018,

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Sam + Dale

How Sam Found Dale Dale and a friend, who was affiliated with the Napa Animal Shelter in Napa, California, were having lunch one day. Dale

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