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Winter 2021: One Hundred Thousand Hearts, Inc.

Image of a black dog and a tan dog with their faces touching
Image of Missy, a black and tan dog, comfortably lying on a blanket on top of a couch


OHTH rescued Missy from a four lane highway at rush hour.

Image of a tan color dog looking at the camera with her pink tongue sticking out

Darlin an OHTH Success Story

Darlin, after finding a loving home via OHTH.

Image of Sheldon, a cute little dog with one floppy ear turned down.

Sheldon (littermate to Leonard)

OHTH rescued two older pups off the streets together at 8 months old.

Image of a cute dog sitting on a blanket in the back seat of a car

Leonard (littermate to Sheldon)

Leonard lives with his brother Sheldon at OHTH.

One Hundred Thousand Hearts (OHTH, Inc.), located in Houston, Texas, is dedicated to the welfare of animals and to the education of humans. The organization focuses on adoptions, education and sanctuary. OHTH teaches awareness and action by sharing practical skills on responsible pet care, a healthy diet, and a respect for wildlife through educational classes, presentations and online videos.

The goal of this small, all-volunteer group is to make a big, happy impact on the lives and well-being of animals and humans. OHTH aims to teach adults and children simple, powerful actions they can take to help prevent homeless pets, take great care of their pets and share their knowledge with others.

“We want every pet to have a loving home,” said Gurukarta Khalsa, Founder and Manager of OHTH.

The organization works tirelessly within the community and surrounding areas to educate about animal welfare.

“We are dedicated to public education, animal rescue, rehoming and sanctuary,” offered Gurukarta. “We have an online global presence and produce award-winning films and short videos in English and Spanish for children and adults. Our films and videos are available online for free viewing and we encourage everyone to watch and share them.”

Although OHTH became a Texas Non-profit Corporation in 2011 and a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in 2013, Gurukarta and her son began rescuing dogs off of the streets in July 2002. By 2009, she was volunteering regularly with different rescues. Soon after, she established OHTH.

In addition to helping find forever homes for dogs, OHTH is also a sanctuary for those who are difficult to place. Many of the dogs in their care benefit from Treatibles.

“We discovered Treatibles in July 2018. It has helped many of our rescue and sanctuary dogs feel calm, less anxious and become more cooperative,” shared Gurukarta.

According to Gurukarta, Treatibles helps Sheldon, one of the sanctuary dogs, stay relaxed, refrain from excessive barking, and has allowed his happy-go-lucky nature to surface. Sheldon’s littermate, Leonard, has also benefited from Treatibles. The Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products help him be calmer, less distrustful and have a better attitude in general. Treatibles products have also made a difference in the life of Missy, who had been homeless for a very long time.

“Missy, our tiniest sanctuary dog, is a fear biter, dominant towards other dogs and when she joined us, was afraid to go outside alone at night to relieve herself. Treatibles has improved her personality and her confidence. She rarely nips now, she is more tolerant towards other dogs and she will go outside on her own as if she never had an issue,” noted Gurukarta.

OHTH sometimes has stretches of time when they run out of Treatibles and the dogs’ behaviors tend to slip backwards.

“We are thankful to have this product and to experience the difference in mood, attitude and behaviors for the dogs we help,” shared Gurukarta.

If you would like to learn more about OHTH or would like to make a donation to this incredible organization, please visit




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