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founder & ceo

meet Julianna Carella

The embodiment of a successful serial entrepreneur, Julianna is a trailblazer—fearless, focused, driven and always ahead of the competition. Her story is noteworthy in that she’s built one of the world’s first medical cannabis brands and since 2008 has created not one, but two multi-million dollar enterprises: Auntie Dolores and Treatibles.

These brands are dramatically altering the quality of life for health-conscious consumers and their pets by both providing broad access to safe alternatives and educating the public on the benefits of cannabis and hemp.

Julianna Carella posing with her pup Delilah

Julianna began her career in San Francisco as a professionally trained dancer. After having her first child, she shifted gears to formally study her long held interest in homeopathic medicine.

After some time, she realized how challenging that career was for a young, single mother and pivoted her focus towards accounting. During her time as a bookkeeper, Julianna started a side business making medical cannabis edibles for friends and family members with various health issues. When an acquaintance suggested she turn her baking and formulation skills along with her homeopathic background into something more, Julianna found that her commitment to helping those around her had untapped potential to grow commercially.

In 2008 Julianna established Auntie Dolores, one of the first five medical cannabis brands in California and began creating a variety of edible cannabis products.

Julianna built her business on core principles of health freedom: delivering a gourmet experience, remaining environmentally focused, responsible consumption and the pursuit of thought leadership. Understanding that every patient had different needs and should be able to manage their own doses, she quantified the THC and other phytocannabinoids, offering options in milligrams. As her business grew, Julianna developed choices to serve the needs of diet-restricted consumers, believing that this range of unique  options should be accessible to all.

In 2011 Auntie Dolores began cultivating CBD-rich cannabis in Mendocino California and began new product development. Eventually, clients began to ask if they could use Auntie Dolores products to help their pets.
She was again inspired and developed a line of pet products infused with CBD rich oil.

In 2013 Julianna established Treatibles, becoming the pioneer in creating CBD products for pets. Understanding the new opportunity with hemp, she forged a relationship with master cultivators at the forefront of hemp legalization. Together, they created a proprietary formula with hemp sourced from the company’s own organic farm. The exceptional oil yields an unmatched cannabinoid and terpene profile, creating the entourage effect, providing a full spectrum of benefits for pets. 

Julianna Carella admiring her new puppy Delilah

Maintaining quality, consistency and transparency became a company mantra. Born from a passion to help people and, subsequently, pets thrive, both Auntie Dolores and Treatibles promote Harmony for the whole family® through the happiness and health of each member. Both brands prioritize educating the public on the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil featuring naturally occurring CBD for both humans and pets.

Treatibles is now a multi-million dollar company offering Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products including hard chews, soft chewables, oil droppers, capsules and cream in various potencies that helps pets of all shapes, sizes and conditions. Treatibles are available from coast to coast as well as internationally. And Julianna is still dancing every day, to the beat of her own hemp drum.

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