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our story

In 2013 Treatibles made a grand entrance, blazing a trail as the pioneer in creating CBD products for pets.

Our story began in 2008 when Julianna Carella, our Founder and CEO, established Auntie Dolores, one of the first five medical cannabis brands in California. She began creating a variety of edible products that offered much needed relief to so many people suffering from a variety of maladies.

Eventually, clients began to ask if they could give Auntie Dolores products to their ailing pets. Thus, Treatibles was born!

treatibles timeline

  • Treatibles continues international expansion into Brazil and Mexico.
  • Treatibles launches Extra Strength line of products featuring Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – peanut butter flavor Oil Dropper Bottles for Dogs (500 mg and 1000 mg); Soft Chewables for Dogs – salmon oil flavor (7 mg per Chewable); Soft Chewables for Cats – salmon oil flavor (3 mg per Chewable); Hard Chews for Dogs – sweet potato flavor (10 mg per Chew)
  • Treatibles also launches a CBD-free line featuring omega-3 rich hemp seed oil – Probiotic Soft Chewables for Dogs; Mobility Pill Wrap Chewables for Dogs and Cats
  • Treatibles is the first line of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products for pets available in Japan that have gone through research and clinical trials
  • Two customer loyalty programs are launched —TreatiPoints (on our website) and Astro (in stores)
  • Treatibles introduces Autoship on
  • Topical Cream introduced
  • Tater Tot decides he prefers a softer consistency, so Treatibles formulates a soft chewable in his honor—Tater Tot’s Sweet Potato Soft Chewables
  • Treatibles Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil receives the USDA Certified Organic seal
  • Treatibles earns the privilege of displaying the NASC seal (National Animal Supplement Council)
  • Treatibles moves its headquarters from the commercial warehouse in Oakland, California to Petaluma, California (Sonoma County)
  • Soft Chewables for Dogs and Cats and the 1500 mg CBD oil dropper bottle for horses are introduced
  • Treatibles develops a program for rescues and shelters across the country
  • Veterinary clinics begin selling Treatibles products
  • The 2018 Farm Bill is signed into law, removing hemp and hemp-derived ingredients from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.
  • Both the pumpkin and blueberry chews are reformulated to be 100% grain-free.
  • Turkey hard chews join the line-up
  • In order to keep up with demand, Treatibles elects to partner with a manufacturer to have chews produced in a Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified facility using GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). This ensures accurate dosing and product uniformity, which cannot be replicated in a commercial kitchen
  • The 750 mg CBD oil dropper bottle also joins the ever-growing Treatibles product line
  • Treatibles is accepted as an exhibitor at Global Pet Expo, the largest pet industry trade show in the country. It marks the first time a hemp-derived CBD pet company is welcome to participate
  • The original Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots hard chews is created through a partnership with Villalobos Rescue Center (from the television show, Pit Bulls and Parolees)
  • The first two Oil Dropper Bottles from Treatibles make their debut, 90 mg CBD and 250 mg CBD
  • 25 mg CBD and 10 mg CBD capsules for pets also debut!
  • Treatibles products become available at pet food stores from coast to coast

As Treatibles customer base grows, so does the positive feedback from happy pet parents. Many suggest adding a second flavor. So, Julianna creates a gluten-free blueberry hard chew.

  • The Farm Bill passes, opening up new opportunities for hemp companies throughout the United States.
  • In order to produce Chews that could be sold outside of California, Treatibles begins sourcing CBD from hemp, rather than cannabis.
  • Treatibles becomes a national brand and begins independent distribution, as well as an e-commerce store on
  • Julianna develops Treatibles first product in a commercial kitchen —a gluten-free pumpkin hard chew for dogs infused with CBD rich oil. It was an instant success!
  • Julianna and daughter, Dominique (now Treatibles Brand Coordinator) worked day and night in the company’s manufacturing facility to keep up with demand.

harmony for the whole family®

Treatibles may have begun as the right paw of Auntie Dolores, but today we are one of the most highly respected companies in the pet industry. We will continue to evolve, innovate and introduce new products for your pets.

After all, happy pets make happy humans. That’s why we always strive to provide Harmony for the whole family®.

Compassion Certified® on every package

The “Compassion Certified” seal is our commitment to you and your pets that we have the best intentions at ♡ .

The word “compassion” is significant to those of us in the hemp and cannabis world who have fought so hard to provide relief for pets and people. In 1996 the Compassionate Use Act, a.k.a.,Proposition 215, was the very first medical cannabis law on the books.

Compassion is more than a word for the Treatibles team it is the foundation and inspiration for all that we do. It is the reason for our existence. We continue to be guided by the principals that have always been the mission of the movement: to eliminate the stigma of hemp and cannabis in order to provide compassionate relief to our pets, friends and family members.

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