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rescue spotlight

Spring 2022: Farmhouse Sanctuary

Farmhouse Sanctuary logo
Kangaroo enjoying life after a dose of Treatibles CBD oil


A 15 year old kangaroo, Rosebud was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw about a year ago. We added Treatibles CBD oil to her applesauce to help with any pain and stress she might be experiencing. The vet was surprised she lived so long after the diagnosis. And we feel that the CBD helped make her comfortable in her final days.  

Kolt the Nigerian dwarf goat used Treatibles to help with pain


Kolt Is a 2 yr old Nigerian dwarf goat. He was found wandering around with a severely broken leg. The vet thought we would have to amputate his leg. But we found a surgeon willing to try surgery by placing a plate and four pins in his shoulder after having to rebreak his leg because it had grown back together improperly. You can imagine how painful that was. Treatibles CBD oil helped him get through that difficult time. And now he is out head-butting with his herd! 

How Treatibles helped Danny the Arabian Horse with cbd for horses


A 30 year old QH/Arabian,Danny has a past injury that would flair up in the winters. We give him CBD to help with the pain both topically and orally. Recently, Danny, had molars pulled and was having a hard time eating. We believe the Treatibles CBD oil helped with the pain and got him eating again! 

A gentle giant, Herbie would stand on his hind legs and reach six feet tall.


Herbie: He was a gentle giant. He would stand on his hind legs and reach six feet tall. In his later years, he developed arthritis. Treatibles CBD oil added to his food helped him move more without pain. 

Farmhouse Sanctuary, located in Myakka City, Florida, grew out of their love for animals; and was inspired by a dear friends’ commitment to helping animals. Life-long pet owners, the founders, Dave and Lisa Burns, volunteered for many years at a local wild and exotic animal rescue/rehab. They later became live-in caretakers at that sanctuary.   

When the sanctuary was closing they decided they needed to continue caring for the animals currently under their care and help others as well. They started their own non-profit becoming a 501(c)3 and moved the animals to their property in Myakka, where the sanctuary continues to grow and evolve. Along with their board of directors and volunteers, their goal is to continue to give the animals a place to feel safe while teaching a new generation the joy of caring for animals.  

We are proud to share that we were one of seven nationwide non-profits that won the 2021 Tractor Supply Rescue Your Rescue contest. Winning a $25K grant.” – Dave & Lisa Burns of Farmhouse Sanctuary.   

What is the Farmhouse Sanctuary mission?   

Our mission at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is to care for, love, and support the exotic and farm animals that live at the sanctuary, to the best of our ability, for the remainder of their lives and to educate the public on animal care and nature.  

What would you like people to know about pet rescues?   

We are a little different than a dog or cat rescue in that we help farm, domestic and exotic animals. We want people to know that they should always reach out to their local rescues for help if they find they can’t care for an animal. Our lives are always changing and we all need help from time to time. If we can’t take an animal in we do our best to find someone to help.  

What kinds of animals would we expect to see at Farmhouse Sanctuary?   

Horses, ponies, dogs, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, kangaroos, wallaroos, peacocks, sugar gliders, tortoises, prairie dogs, guinea pigs, birds of all kinds, turtles, bearded dragons, goats of all sizes, and a donkey  

What would you like people to know that they may not know about Farmhouse Sanctuary?   

The majority of the animals come to us due to cases of neglect. Or medically-needy from being abandoned. Also, their family simply can’t care for them any longer. Many are seniors as well. Although many of their stories are sad, how they arrived isn’t as important as how they will spend the rest of their lives at the sanctuary, feeling loved and safe.    

Farmhouse Sanctuary’s Treatibles Experience  

How was your experience with our Treatibles CBD Hard Chews, CBD Soft Chewables, CBD Oil, and CBD Capsules?   

So far we have been very pleased with the products.  

How have these products helped the animals that have tried them?   

We have used Treatibles to help with anxiety, stress, pain relief and to help make an animal comfortable in their final days.  

Why do you think these products have been effective products for them?  

I believe because they are made with quality ingredients. In addition, every effort is made to make the treats tasty to the animal.  

Do you think that CBD products are beneficial in pet care?   

Yes, definitely!  

“They always give more than they receive and taught us that if we listen, animals will tell us what they need. We hope to make them proud by continuing what they started albeit on a smaller scale and with some ideas of our own tossed in”. – Dave & Lisa Burns of Farmhouse Sanctuary.   

To find out more about Farmhouse Sanctuary, to volunteer or donate, or see what projects they are currently working on, please visit  


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