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Parking lot rescue gives family his love



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image of mac and ozzy
image of ozzy

Mac and his family love Ozzy (Ozzy Pawsborne “The prince of barkness”). He certainly keeps the family on their toes. Ozzy was given to the family by a woman trying to find a home for him in a parking lot when he was a puppy. Ozzy is a Chihuahua/terrier mix.

His name was already picked for him. “Pawsborne The prince of barkness” was added later to be funny. They call him “Oz” for short, “Ozzy” if he tries to get in the trash.

Ozzy’s favorite toy is a “squeaky” stuffed monkey he carries around the house. He can always be seen with it, unless one of the kids left a sock on the floor.

Ozzy can be somewhat wild. He absolutely loves Treatibles product- Extra Strength 500mg peanut butter dropper. It helps him calm down and relax enough to enjoy his favorite belly rubs.

Mac loves Ozzy’s personality and loving nature. Ozzy is now 5 years old and striving!!!

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