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meet our TreatiPets

Dogs:Merle, Imari, and Greta Cats: Heifer, Katniss, and Luna



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image of Audra

Audra Mattson is one of our Treatibles team members! She cares deeply about pet care and helps us share our story with you. We are incredibly happy to have her, she brings great energy to Treatibles. One of the things that we love about Audra is her love for her cats Heifer, Katniss, and Luna, and dogs Merle, Imari Jett, and Greta. Her house is full of love. You might be wondering if she has nicknames for her beautiful fur babies. She does! But first we will share with you how these animals entered her life.  

Her dogs, Merle, Imari, and Greta were adopted from the Union County Humane Society in Marysville, Ohio. Merle was a stray dog that was not reclaimed. Audra found out later that he was shot with a pellet gun and still has one embedded in his hip! Greta, who is happy and thriving now, was found in a field at three months old along with her mother and other puppies. This is not an uncommon occurrence for puppies deemed as backyard breeder rejects. Sweet Imari Jett was 20 pounds underweight when she was found locked in a crate, she was locked in for 24 hours a day with little food. She was part of a humane case. Audra is thankful that the many dogs that were also in this same condition were discovered and removed from the people who were abusing them. Unfortunately, the dog in the crate next to Imari Jett had already passed away when she was discovered.  

Audra’s cats Luna and Heifer have happier stories. Luna was rehomed to her family by members who were moving and could not take her with them. Heifer was rehomed to them from a friend who moved in with her boyfriend who is severely allergic to cats. Katniss was adopted from the Toledo Humane Society in Toledo, Ohio, her previous owners could no longer take care of her. It is true that we pick each other, particularly concerning Katniss! When Audra’s husband and her walked into the Toledo Humane Society looking for a cat to adopt, Katniss walked right up to them from the other side of the room. 

Audra adopted Merle now 11, who is named after Merle Haggard when he was five years. The goal was to find their dog Led (Zeppelin) a playmate. Ironically Led, who liked every dog he met, did not like the dogs her family previously treid to adopt! Merle made the cut! Their connection was instant. They were wagging their tails and giving each other kisses when they met.  

The Union County Humane Society has a special place in Audra’s heart. Not only because she volunteered there but because this is where she fell in love with Imari Jett and Greta. Greta looks a lot like their dog Led who passed away.  

How did Audra pick the names for her cats and dogs? Those familiar with The Hunger Games will recognize the name Katniss Everdeen. Most people who have read this book series and watched the films view her as the most courageous survivor. Her nickname is Kittles. Cats Luna, also knowns as Luna Tuna, and Heifer, also known as Heify Girl, already had names when they adopted them. Their dogs have music-themed names. Imari’s middle name is Joan Jett. Greta, G-Thing, is named after Greta Van Fleet, a band often compared to Led Zeppelin, and Merle is named after Merle Haggard.  

They all have unique personalities. Their favorite toys are a good indicator of this. Unbelievably, Katniss loves catnip! Heifer is happily entertained with an old phone charging cord. Merle likes any type of ball and cat toy. He gets upset with the cats if they play with the cat toys. Luna is simple, her favorite toy is the arms that pet her. She likes to bite them. Imari is in love with a scented carrot toy from BarkBox. Audra had to order several of them because she chews through them. Greta is into whatever toy the other dogs are playing with. Audra says although most of her pets have been through horrible situations, they just want to love and be loved. She thinks humans could learn a lot from them.

Of course, they all love Treatibles. Audra gives Heifer 750 mg oil dropper. Greta and Imari love the 10mg  Sweet Potato Hard Chews. Luna and Katniss enjoy the 3 mg Extra Strength with Salmon Oil Soft Chew. Merle is not fussy he loves all of them. He loves delicious things!  

Audra wants people to know that she is grateful for them. She believes that they “have all come into my life during a time when I needed them, even if I did not always realize it. They have taught me so much about love, patience, and happiness.” Her cats and dogs are her babies, and she would do anything for them. Yes, at times they can be high maintenance, but Audra does not mind. Heifer has mammary cancer, currently in palliative care. Audra’s family wants her to be comfortable for whatever time she has left. Merle has Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and goes to a doggy chiropractor every 8 weeks (about 2 months). His doctor does chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, and acupuncture to help keep him comfortable. Greta has bad anxiety and goes to a special (and more expensive) vet who specializes in animals with anxiety and behavior issues. “My family and I will do anything to improve their quality of life and make sure they are happy.” 

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