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The story of stray pup Delilah and her Treatipet mom Julianna

After relocating from California to Nashville, Tennessee 10 months prior, Julianna was ready to adopt a fur baby. She had already fallen in love with Ares, a friend’s Blue Heeler, who quickly became a Treatibles Ambassador.

“The moment I met Ares, I knew that I wanted to rescue a dog and definitely preferred a Blue Heeler,” shared Julianna. “So, I contacted Nashville Humane and set up an appointment to visit. Due to social distancing, I had to wait for more than a month. I was getting antsy,” she noted.

When Julianna arrived for her appointment, she was informed that the day before, Delilah (named Bianca at the time), a nine-month-old stray Blue Heeler from Mississippi, was transferred to Nashville Humane.

“The wait turned out to be serendipity, ” said Julianna.

Yes, it was love at first sight. But what to name the sweet girl with beautiful markings and a great disposition?

“Upon discovering she was from Mississippi, the song, “Hey There Delilah” came to mind,” shared Julianna. “I changed the lyrics a bit to: hey there Delilah, what’s it like in Mississippi? The more I sang it, the more it resonated. I realized the name was perfect for her.”

Knowing how stressful it can be for a dog to adjust to their new person and new home, Julianna was prepared from the first moment the adoption was official.

“I gave Delilah her first dose of Treatibles oil in the parking lot of the shelter before she got into the car,” she said. “I wanted to get ahead of any anxiety. After all, she had just been transported the day before and ended up behind bars!”

Treatibles has helped Delilah seamlessly transition from a stray puppy to queen of the house.

“She is a big fan of our Calm (turkey flavor) Hard Chews, though she really enjoys them all. She also loves the taste of the straight oil and will lick her dose right out of my hand,” said Julianna.

Some pets simply need more Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil than others. That’s why there is a dosage range listed on every Treatibles product beginning with one milligram of CBD for every 10 pounds of a pet’s weight, going up to 10 milligrams for every 10 pounds of their weight.

“Delilah is around 35 pounds. Some dogs that size benefit from as little as 4 milligrams of CBD oil. Not my girl – her perfect dose is 20 mg,” offered Julianna.

“She has never had an episode of separation anxiety. Instead, when I leave she sits relaxed on the couch near the door, guarding the home well. When I return home she gets hugs and kisses and then happily enters her crate for the night. She’s a dream!”

Like all puppies, Delilah is also curious and full of energy. She loves going for long walks and playing with her special rope toy. This very cute, sweet, cuddly bundle of pure joy has enhanced Julianna’s life in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

“She has brought so much love to this household and helps me focus on what is truly important in life.”

Welcome to the TreatiPets family, Delilah!

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