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meet our TreatiPets

Belevedere and Gigi

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brand ambassador
image of alex with gig and belvadere
image of man with his dogs beledere and gigi
man with his smiling dogs belvedere and gigi

Meet Our TreatiPets: Alex (Treatibles Brand Ambassador) Gigi and Belvedere 


Alex is a Treatibles brand ambassador who adores his two dogs, Gigi and Belvedere. Belvedere has two nicknames, “Oh Belvedere” and “Doofus.” When Alex calls out his name he often says, “Oh Belvedere, come here boy!” or “Doofus!” Gigi does not have a nickname but she still gets lots of love!  

Belvedere and Gigi came into Alex’s life as a package deal. Gigi was given to him when he adopted Belvedere because the other pets in the previous owner’s house did not have a good relationship with her. The owners asked Alex if he could adopt Gigi when he adopted Belvedere and he is happy he made this decision.   

Gigi was two and a half years old when adopted, while Belvedere was a puppy, and she is the best big sister to sweet Belvedere. Alex renamed Gigi at the time of adoption, he has always liked the name, but Belvedere’s name comes from an old cartoon from an 80s Looney Tunes skit where a character from the south with a strong southern accent calls out “oh Belvedere, come here boy!” When he adopted Belvedere, he immediately knew this would be the perfect name.   

Belvedere and Gigi, both country dogs, like to find their favorite toys outside! They make new toys out of sticks and scraps, but their favorite toys are bones.   

They both love Treatibles! Belvedere’s favorite is the 10mg CBD Sweet Potato Hard Chews. This a good option since he requires a bigger dosage. Gigi likes the 3mg CBD Beef Liver Soft Chewables. 

Alex likes that his dogs have different personalities. Gigi is laid back and chilled and due to her chill demeanor, she generally needs less CBD. But, do not be fooled! Gigi has a special talent – she likes to explore and will find any way to escape the yard. Belvedere is a huge dog with a huge heart, who is still a puppy and loves to have fun! He also loves to do his job of serving his territory and making sure people know he is there. He guards livestock and protects his home, and when you are in his inner circle, he is quite affectionate. If he likes you, you will know it, and if he does not like you, you will know it!  

Every pet owner with multiple pets will tell you, you must understand their different personalities. Gigi and Belvedere love one another but they have different personalities for sure, and compared to their sister Delilah, both dogs have about half of her energy!   

Having both dogs has changed Alex in so many great ways. Since he did not have a brother growing up, Alex always wanted a big dog to wrestle with. When Alex adopted Belvedere, it was because he needed a dog to mind livestock, but since then he has become so much more than that. Belvedere loves to be the dog he was bred for, but he also loves to be in the house with the rest of his pack. The funniest thing about Belvedere is the way he sleeps on his back with his spine curled and paws stretched out! 

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