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(King of the condo)



(his dad, servant to the king and accountant/HR guru for Treatibles)
Leo the cat and Joe his pet parent B
Leo the cat and Joe his pet parent C
Leo the cat and Joe his pet parent A

Six years ago Joe’s two daughters came home with a tiny six week old kitten. They explained that a friend’s cat had kittens and this one, the runt, was the only one not to find a home. 

“Please dad, can we keep him?” they pleaded. Joe, an animal-lover, knew right away they were destined to welcome the kitty as the newest member of their family. His answer was an emphatic YES! 

Upon noticing the leopard-like spots on his belly, the family decided to name him Leopold, Leo for short. 

It didn’t take long for Joe and his daughters to fall madly in love with the happy, spunky kitten, who quickly became King of the condo.  

“From the beginning Leo has been very communicative and personable, with a feisty, playful side,” offered Joe. “He always lets you know his mood. He is the most unique and expressive cat I’ve ever met. He brightens our family’s life on a daily basis. 

Leo, also known as Lee, The Dude, Dude and Best Cat, loves to chase golf balls when Joe puttaround the living room. Other favorite activities include playing hide-and-seek and stealing hair ties from the daughters’ rooms. “He loves to bat them around and run through the house with one in his mouth,” said Joe with a laugh. Leo’s purr is one of my favorite things about him, it’s so loud that he sounds like a coffee percolator,” he added. 

Although very well adjusted, there are times when Leo experiences stress. When he does, papa Joe offers him Treatibles Soft Chewables for cats, which he happily gobbles up. 

Leo has made our family home complete, shared JoeHe makes me appreciate quality time with family more than ever and helps me to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. 

We are honored to have Leo as part of the Treatibles family. 

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