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Vern holding his TreatiPets Percy the Tuxedo Cat
Vern holding his TreatiPets Percy the Tuxedo Cat

Vernon and his family love their two cats Percy and Patches. They have brought so much joy to the family.  They got their cats from a good friend who found them abandoned at their business when they were both six months old. They are now six years old and thriving in their forever home.

It was easy to pick their names. Persius is a character from the movie Clash of the Titans, a movie Vernon loves. And Patches, another movie-inspired name, is from an episode from Star Trek with a calico cat named Patches.  

Percy and Patches have the same favorite toy, chasing the laser.  

When they are not playing, they love when Vernon gives them their favorite Treatibles product – Extra Strength Soft Chewables with Salmon Oil.  It helps them relax and enjoy a good catnap.

Vernon and his family love their personalities. Percy is such a loving regal tuxedo cat. Patches, she is living up to the traits of calico cats; she is sassy! 

But they are not like other cats. They definitely are unique. Why? Their personality traits actually mirror dogs a lot! They give high fives and love baths. They also come running to greet Vernon when he comes home. 

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