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Benefits Of Using CBD Creams in Addition to Consumable Supplements


Benefits Of Using CBD Creams in Addition to Consumable Supplements

If you have been reading our pet care tips, you will know that we are passionate about pet health. In the winter, we like to focus on pet skin health and holistic pet care. We understand that optimal pet health is possible when pet owners are well-equipped with information so you will make good decisions. One size does not fit all concerning pet care but there are fundamental practices that all pet owners should follow. Nutritious food made with clean ingredients, physical activity, and pet hygiene top the list. To keep your cat or dog healthy, you should not skip these essential pet wellness steps.  

There is a reason many people say owning a cat or dog is like having a child! You are responsible for their well-being. Pet rescues and shelters are full of abandoned animals in poor health due to improper pet care. Some pet owners do not even realize they are causing their cats or dogs’ poor health. Consumable supplements are often helpful in pet health management. CBD for pets comes in a variety of forms. This includes topicals, CBD soft chewables, CBD hard chewables, capsules, and drops. The benefits of CBD for pets are endless!  

Here are three of the benefits of CBD creams and consumable supplements for pets: 

  1. Topicals: If you are new to CBD for pets, you may want to get your feet wet with a hemp-derived CBD-infused topical. These products are pet-safe and effective. They are great for animals with sensitive skin, joint pain, and anxiety. Our Transdermal Cream with 1000 mg of CBD is a terrific addition to your after-bath routine. You can also massage it on sore joints or apply it to inflamed skin.  
  2. Consumables: You are what you eat! Concerning your cat or dog, what you feed them matters. Consumable pet supplements are a powerful addition to your pet’s wellness routine diet. Many pet owners are finding interesting ways to add these supplements to their pets’ meals. If you have a picky pet, you can add a few drops of CBD for pets to their meal or give them a chew as a treat to calm them down. A pet supplement that contains hemp is nutrient-dense. It is a wonderful source of protein and contains vitamin E, iron, and calcium. CBD for pets also supports a healthy immune system and gut health in pets. 
  3. The Holistic Combination: A nourishing cream, like our transdermal cream, is great for picky pets who may not want to eat a chewable. Sometimes pets with high anxiety are too anxious to eat a chewable but will be receptive to a gentle massage. Gently massage a small amount to the tip of your pet’s ear to calm them down. You may find that this is a suitable method to combine with consumable pet supplements. Once your pet is calm, this may be a suitable time to give them a chewable or administer a few drops of CBD for pets. You can view the Treatibles CBD oil dosing guide HERE 

Benefits Of Using CBD Creams in Addition to Consumable Supplements

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