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Holistic Resolutions for your pet: A New Year, A Healthier Fur Baby

French BullDog New Year

A new year, a new you! We are so excited to dive into our New Year’s resolutions for 2024. Like you, we started to think about new goals we would like to accomplish for the new year before January. We are grateful for all the amazing accomplishments we have achieved, and we are ready to use what we learned to help us transform our lives for the better. Of course, we cannot forget our beloved pets! You should include your pet in your goal-setting for the new year. 

It is easy to skip your pets when you think about how to make life improvements. Remember, the health and well-being of our pets highlight how we treat ourselves. From the food you eat, the food you feed them, and your overall lifestyle. Your pets follow your lead. Holistic resolutions for your pet may also encourage you to get moving again by going on longer walks or spending less time on your phone. Helping the whole family live their best lives is possible!  

Here are three holistic resolutions for your pet: 

  • Alternative Therapies: There are so many great alternative therapies for pets. Acupuncture, physiotherapy, homeopathy, and osteopathy are just a few of the therapies that many pet owners use to help improve existing conditions or boost the overall health of their pets. Keep in mind that alternative therapies must be performed by a qualified veterinarian or certified therapist who is part of a vet-led team. Some vets use alternative therapies alongside conventional therapies. 
  • Year-round natural pet care solutions: Living your best life is a lifestyle. You cannot achieve your wellness goals without consistency and patience. Managing the health of your pet also requires this approach. Holistic nutrition is a good place to start. When purchasing pet food, buy organic pet food with clean ingredients. Avoid known allergens or ingredients like wheat or gluten that often are the culprit for skin conditions. Add pet-friendly holistic supplements to their diet. For example, a few drops of hemp-derived CBD for pets or a hemp-derived CBD for pets chewable are a fantastic addition to your cat or dog’s year-round holistic pet care plan.  
  • CBD for Pets: This is a much-loved natural pet care alternative. From anxiety to digestion issues or skin conditions. CBD for pets is an all-star holistic pet care alternative for many pets. A few drops of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD for pets may calm your anxious dog or may help alleviate sore joints. A topical CBD cream for pets may assist with managing joint inflammation or soothe minor skin conditions. Some pet owners prefer to administer a soft chewable like the Treatibles Soft Chewable Beef Liver Flavor. 

Many pet owners combine alternative therapies, year-round pet care solutions, and CBD for pets to maximize their holistic pet care routine. Natural remedies are easy to add to your holistic resolutions for the new year. Do not make it complicated. Focus on a clean diet, physical activity, and alternative pet care solutions. And you will have a healthier fur baby! 

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