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How CBD Can Help Soothe Your Pet’s Achy Joints This Winter

image of dog who looks in pain

Everyone has that one friend who complains about sore joints in the winter. Some people avoid colder weather joint pains altogether and go to Florida! Unfortunately, your dog or cat cannot express their joint pain blues during the winter. Nor can they hop on a plane to somewhere warm. Like you, they feel it too. Pets with preexisting conditions tend to experience additional pain during these months. As you know, joint care requires continuous management. During the warmer months, walks are favorable. But once it gets colder, you may notice that your pets with arthritis will spend less time outdoors. Dog owners should find ways to keep their dogs active in the winter. Indoor mobility exercises are a good option.

The temperature drop can increase arthritic nerve pain and discomfort. Why? When the cartilage wears away, it exposes sensitive nerves. Some pets experience stiffness as well. Fortunately, there are joint care options for you to add to your pet care routine in the winter. Keeping up with physical activity is essential. Also, having a proper diet for your pets that includes natural remedies and holistic supplements can improve their overall health.

Three tips on how to soothe your pets’ achy joints:

  1. Proper Pet Diet: Keeping your pet at a healthy weight can help with joint-related pain. Overweight pets often experience joint conditions due to a lack of mobility. Excess weight is hard on your pets’ joints and increases the likelihood of other health conditions. If you have a pet with arthritis or another condition that causes joint inflammation, weight management needs to be a top priority. Feed your pet food with clean ingredients and foods that reduce inflammation.
  2. Soothing Joints Topically: Many pet owners say their pets find relief when they apply balms and creams. The Treatibles Transdermal Cream with 1000 mg of CBD is excellent for cats and dogs. It contains ingredients that are easily absorbed. This soothing cream is ideal for joint inflammation, scratches, burns, and other minor skin conditions. CBD for pets is also known for its calming and relaxing benefits. In addition to joint care, applying a small amount of transdermal cream to the tip of your pet’s ear may help with anxiety.
  3. Winter Joint Care: It is time to get cozy. Spruce up your pet’s bedding with warm hypoallergenic blankets. It is a wonderful time to replace worn-out bedding. Avoid irritating fabrics. Purchase winter clothing like sweaters, leg warmers, and booties. Keeping your pet warm during walks is helpful. After long walks or engaging in indoor exercises, apply a warm compress and a soothing cream to alleviate muscle pain. Use a warm compress with a protective cover or wrap it in a towel. Avoid direct application to the skin. This is a fantastic opportunity to massage those areas and implement gentle physical therapy exercises.

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