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The Benefits of CBD for Pet Ear Care 

image of a dog getting his ears checked

The Benefits of CBD for Pet Ear Care 

Did you know that CBD oil can help alleviate ear infections? Many people do not realize that CBD oil is a multipurpose oil. It can be taken internally and applied topically. Pet ear care cannot be overlooked. Some breeds are more prone to ear infections than others but at some point, your dog may get an ear infection. Dog breeds that are prone to ear infections are Golden Retrievers, English Bulldogs, Shih-Tzus, Cocker Spaniels, Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, and Coonhounds. Understanding your breed and what ailments your dog is prone to will help you get ahead of the problem.  

A common sign of ear issues in pets is unusual behavior in your dog, which may be due to ear discomfort and pain. An ear infection occurs when a foreign pathogen enters the ear canal and stays there for a long time. Your veterinarian will help you diagnose the type of ear infection your dog has since there are three types of ear infections that your dog may experience. The three types of ear infections are the inner ear, outer ear, and middle ear. Understanding the type and cause will help you use the right treatment methods. 

What are the symptoms of an ear infection? 

Scratching or rubbing their ear on surfaces, redness, a peculiar smell inside of their ear, discharge, abrasions, or blood, hearing loss, and odd behavior like frequently tilting their head to one ear is lower.  

What causes ear infections in dogs?  

Dogs with floppy ears like Bloodhounds and Spaniels are prone to reoccurring ear infections. The cause may be a hormonal imbalance, weak immune system, allergies, ear mites, yeast infections, and bacteria. Floppy ears trap more moisture. Ear infections in Golden Retrievers and English Bulldogs are due to environmental allergies. Shih-Tzus and Cocker Spaniels are highly allergic breeds and have floppy ears. Be mindful of your dog’s ears during bath time. Also, stay up to date on ear cleaning.  

How can CBD boost ear care? 

  1. CBD to the rescue: CBD is an excellent addition to your pet care routine. It is a natural alternative to steroids and other prescription creams when treating ear infections or other health conditions. Most pet owners know that CBD may help with anxiety, digestive problems, joint pain, and inflammation. Both the Transdermal Cream and unflavored oil droppers can be applied inside a pet’s ear to provide additional relief and support for ear health.
  2. Diverse ways to use CBD for pets: The Treatibles Transdermal Cream and unflavored oil droppers can be applied inside a pet’s ear to provide additional relief and support for ear health. So, if you have unflavored CBD oil for pets, it can also be used in an alternative way. CBD oil for dogs helps with pet gut health. Hemp-derived CBD is beneficial for pets who experience infections due to poor digestion, weak immune systems, and allergies. Poor gut health often leads to various health problems for our pets. Good ear health requires an integrated approach. CBD for pet’s multipurpose use supports your holistic pet care goals.  

“I used the Treatibles Transdermal cream on my dog Annabelle. She had a yeast infection in her ears. The smell was horrible. She also had bald spots on her coat due to sores. I applied the Transdermal cream. Within a couple of days, her ears cleared up. The dry crusty spots on her coat were starting to heal. After a week of the application, the yeast infection was gone and her skin has healed, and her hair is growing back.” – Mac  

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