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Using CBD to Keep Your Pet’s Paws Healthy  

image of cats paws for paws health blog

Using CBD to Keep Your Pet’s Paws Healthy  

Taking care of your pet’s paws is another part of the pet care wellness routine you did not think about when you brought them home. Being a pet parent requires accountability. Sounds a little harsh, but the truth is once you bring them home you assume all the responsibilities and care that comes with being a pet owner. Your cat and dog need you. We love our furry companions because they are always happy to see us, the friend you never knew you could have. As much as they love treats, toys, and belly rubs, they also love it when we take loving care of them with proper pet grooming 

Your dog’s paws go through a lot each day. Their cute paws are made of collagen, tendons, adipose tissues, ligaments, small bones, keratin, and muscles. They also help to regulate your dog’s body temperature. You may have seen videos on social media of people talking about the smell of their dogs’ paws. The smell of your dog’s paws, overgrown hair, and nail health are indicators of your dog’s health. Pet paw health is easier to spot since dogs who experience paw discomfort refuse to walk, they may limp or bite their paws. A strong smell is also a clear sign something is wrong.  

What are the common causes of irritated paws? 

  • Allergies are one of the most common causes of paw irritations  
  • Grown-out and ingrown toenails can also be the source of pet paw health problems  
  • Blisters and burns from stepping on hot pavement 
  • Fungus and bacterial infections  
  • Parasites or mite infestations between the paws  
  • Cuts or scrapes after stepping on debris during a walk  
  • Dry, cracked paws, which are particularly common during extreme weather conditions  

What are the primary signs that your pet’s paws are irritated? 

Although dogs lick their paws to clean them, if you notice your dog is biting and licking their paws excessively this is a telltale sign of irritated paws. Other signs are swelling, cracked or broken skin, and blisters.  

How to take care of your dog’s paws: 

  1. Pet hygiene: Properly cleaning your pet’s paws regularly will help you keep their paws healthy. After long walks wipe your pets’ paws or clean them with a damp cloth. Do not forget to dry their paws as well. Keep their nails trimmed and check their paws for abrasions or rashes. During the winter consider boots to protect their paws from salted pavements.  
  2. Balm and Creams: The Treatibles Transdermal Cream is a fantastic addition to your pet care routine and helps keep your pet’s paw health optimal. Soothe your pets’ paws by applying cream to your dog’s paws after baths or walks in the winter. It is easy to forget about this step. Pet care has become quite popular on social media. You may have noticed that paw health is a key step in their pet grooming routine. Some pet owners use coconut oil or cream on their paws to ensure paw health.  

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