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What You Should Know About Microchips And AirTags For Pets

image of a dog getting microchipped.

You will agree that we all have a love-hate relationship with technology. One moment we love it because it keeps us connected to friends and family. On the other hand, we dislike it because we are on our phones too much these days and forget to live in the moment. But then, when we think of years past, we would see signs of a missing pet stapled on a wooden post in our neighborhood. We realize how lucky we are to have this technology.

The ability to attach a pet microchip to your pet or an AirTag to their collar gives a profound sense of relief for many pet parents. It is amazing when you hear stories about animals who have wandered quite far from home and are located because they have a microchip that identifies their owners and how to contact them.

What you should know about air tags for pets

AirTags are worthwhile: AirTags are not just for your luggage. They have become an essential tool for locating about anything, even your house keys! This means you can add an AirTag to your pet’s collar, particularly if your pet does not have a pet microchip. It is also an additional safety measure that can be used to locate them faster. It is a GPS-tracking device for your pet. With a microchip, you would have to wait for someone to find your pet and take them to a local shelter or veterinarian to determine who their owner is.

AirTags are attached to your Apple mobile phone and computer. You can use find my network from Apple. So, if you do not have an Apple iPhone and a MacBook laptop or iPad instead this will suffice. AirTags are quite easy to use. You simply slip the device into your pet’s collar. You will need to purchase a collar that can accommodate this method. There are quite a few GPS collar options for you to choose from. You can purchase a pet tag that can hold an AirTag as well. Like what people use for their luggage or personal belongings.

Benefits of a microchip: It was a good day when we figured out the benefits of pet microchips! It increased the hope of many pet owners who have lost their pet. You may have heard the story of Justin Bieber’s cat being located and then returned because it had a tag with a number. His cat most likely had a microchip but, in this case, the cat’s collar tags were effective.  Imagine if his cat’s collar tags also contained AirTag technology.

What exactly is a microchip? It is a miniature RFID transponder, and it contains a specific identification number. Surgery is required to implant these pet microchips. It is not harmful for your pet and when someone finds them a quick scan at a shelter, or the vet will share your information.

Best of both worlds: Yes, you can use both! As we mentioned above, AirTags are instant tracking devices. Pet microchips are also important because collars and tags can fall off. Also, some pet owners do not keep tags or collars on their pets, particularly those with a house cat. Rather than rely on one option, you can get the best of both worlds, increase the chance of finding your dog or cat and feel a little less uneasy if your pet does wander off.

AirTag tip: put your air tag in Lost Mode and any Apple device will help you find your dog. This is a helpful method if your dog or cat is not close by. Keep in mind that Apple does not recommend the use of AirTags for people or pets so use them at your discretion. More importantly, they are not liable for what may happen to your pet while using an AirTag to track your pet. There are third-party accessories made specifically for your pet’s collar.

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