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We Love 5-in-1 Holistic Health for Your Pets

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No one wants to sort through several products. We are sure you feel this way when you are looking for a perfect blend of protein powder for yourself. You want a product made with clean ingredients but also has more than one purpose. A lot of brands are aware of this need; therefore, they create products for you that offer a 5-in-1 integrated approach. This is our aim when we carefully create Treatibles products. We understand that you have busy lives, and we also understand that having a pet is expensive, so it is not ideal to buy several holistic health products, particularly if you have several pets with varying needs.  

What are the benefits of 5-in-1 holistic health CBD products for your pet?  

Immune System Support  

Growing up most of us never thought about our immune system. Furthermore, health food stores were far and few. We did not think about our pet’s immune system either. Times have changed. Everywhere you look, even at your local pet store, there are products that are made specifically for immune support. Keeping your pet’s immune system strong and supported should be a top priority. Our full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil comes in a delicious peanut butter flavor!

We offer both extra strength, 1000 mg (about the weight of a small paper clip) Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil per bottle and lower strengths, 750mg- 250 mg Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil per bottle. Dosing tip: 0.5 ml (about 0.02 oz) per every 30 pounds of your pet’s weight. Example: A 60-pound pet receives 1.0 ml (about 0.03 oz); a 120-pound pet receives 2.0 ml (about 0.07 oz). You can decide the dosage based on your pet’s needs and you may increase it to a maximum of 5.0 ml (about 0.17 oz) per 30 pounds of your pet’s weight.

Gut health 

We have talked about the importance of gut health before. Maintaining a healthy gut is integral to your pet’s overall well-being. The saying you are what you eat also applies to your pets. As much as we love to spoil them with treats, we need to ensure that we are not feeding them food that disrupts their gut health and interferes with their ability to absorb nutrients. The first signs of a food allergen or unbalanced gut in your pet may be odd behavior, skin conditions, or allergies.

Our USDA-approved full-spectrum hemp products offer that 5-in-1 holistic health approach. Although you may initially decide to use CBD for pets to help with joint pain. Our products may also be beneficial for your pet’s gut health. Many Treatibles lovers have shared that they noticed an improvement in their pets’ digestive issues.

Healthy Joints & Flexibility 

If you are currently caring for a senior dog pet, you know that a 5-in-1 product is essential. If it is not their immune system or gut health, you must also think about their joints. Some dog breeds suffer more from joint issues than others. Therefore, you need to be proactive. If your pet is a rescue in their older years, you want to give them the best life possible with the years they have left. Joint discomfort is quite common for senior pets. Our full-spectrum hemp derived non-GMO CBD products for pet’s aides with the body’s inflammatory responses while helping ease joint function.

Skin Health  

Your pet’s skin health, as we have mentioned in many blogs featured on Treatibles, is a telltale sign that something is amiss. Looking at their overall well-being holistically in most cases will help you target skincare concerns while at the same time regulating the body’s inflammatory response. It is good to start with natural remedies since they are sustainable for long-term pet care. Of course, we advise you to consult your veterinarian. We think it is important to get as much information as possible.

Topical full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD may help with skin irritations caused by over-grooming or seasonal allergies. Some pets experience skin sensitivities during colder months. A 5-in-1 product could be beneficial to maintain not just a good immune system, gut health, and joint health. It may also help with achieving optimal skin health too!

Stress Relief  

Some pet parents look for products that may also provide relief for an anxious dog or cat. So, while you may be working on managing gut health issues, joint care, immune support, and skin health. A 5-in-1 product that induces a calming effect also helps. Read our blog on how CBD may help manage your pet’s anxiety.  

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