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Pet Friendly Spring Break Destinations

image of dog on the beach during spring break

Finally, it is that time of year again! Spring break! It is safe to say that complaining about the weather will never change. But who is not happier when we enter a new season that is all about new experiences and flowers blooming? We will ignore allergies because, well, not everything is perfect! So, you are starting to think about your spring break plans. Guess what? Your pets want in on the action. Yes, just like you they love an adventure and change of scenery. Life is best explored, and they want to see all the sights and sounds that you get to enjoy vacationing. Give your pet a break too.  

You will have to do some research before because some hotels or vacation rentals do not allow pets. They may also have an extra charge for pets. This may seem unreasonable to you but pet hair, as you know, is a bit of a nuisance to clean up. Since hotels and vacation rentals accommodate different people, they also must consider those with pet allergies. Do not worry! There are a lot of pet friendly places, but be sure to factor in some additional costs when booking. We are sure you have wondered where are the best places to travel with dogs? Also, if you are in the US, what is the most pet friendly state? For tips on how to travel with your pet, you can read our blog – Stress Free Traveling with Your Dog 

Here are 3 pet friendly spring break destinations for you to consider: 

  1. San Diego: San Diego is a great road trip destination. Of course, you can fly but a road trip may be easier for those with big dogs and traveling with a large group of people. It is a wonderful way to see sights on the drive to your destination. You also get to skip the spring break airport chaos. Take your dog to Dog Beach where they can frolic in the sun at the first official leash beach in Ocean Beach. Other must-see pet-friendly places for you and your pup are Petco Park and Cowles Mountain.  
  1. Sanibel Island: Florida is a popular spring break destination. Most pet owners leave their pet at home. If you have outgrown the nonstop-party-in-the-sun era of your life. You will love Sanibel Island. Yes, you can still have an enjoyable time, but it is also pet friendly. Where should you stay? On this island, there are a lot of great pet-friendly cottages and vacation rentals. Keep in mind there will mostly be an additional fee for your pet per night.  
  1. Vail: Some of you are not in a hurry to ward off winter or live in a state where you do not get to experience snow. Vail, Colorado is a popular destination during this time of year. It is also a pet-friendly destination. Hotels roll out the red carpet for your dog with in-house treats and dog food. Most rooms come with things you need to keep your dog comfortable and a plush dog bed. Many bars allow dogs on their patios, so you do not have to keep your dog couped up and alone while you dine. We think this is a great spring break for pets 


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