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Benefit of Therapy Dogs

image of a woman hugging a therapy dog

For those who have loved dogs and have owned one throughout their life; from childhood to adulthood, the thought of life without your lovable and furry companion is unimaginable. They are not just an additional family member to play with, their presence carries more significance. Dogs are not just man’s best friend simply because they keep us company when we are lonely. Dogs are beneficial when coping with mental health struggles and for those who need additional assistance daily. There are so many benefits of therapy dogs. You may not realize how having a dog may help you unknowingly.  

You may have noticed more dogs at the airport than a few years ago. Some people rely on their dogs for physical assistance and to help them navigate their environment. On the other end of the spectrum, some people rely on their dogs for emotional support or medical conditions—for example, people with conditions that require immediate medical assistance and those who experience seizures.  

We know that it may have crossed your mind and that you may have passed judgment when someone told you that their dog has helped them cope with their mental health. Isn’t it interesting how we form different bonds with our pets, their role in our lives and how we view them differs from person to person? In case you are wondering we thought we would share with you the benefits of therapy dogs. It is also good to understand that for some people it is not just a dog, this beautiful furry soul is a lifesaver.  

Here are 4 benefits of therapy dogs: 

  1. Impacts your overall mood: Did you know that spending time with your dog when you are feeling anxious or depressed is more beneficial than you think? Spending time with your dog can boost good oxytocin and increase dopamine and serotonin. We are sure you felt instantly better during anxious times or simply after a difficult day the minute you got home and were greeted by your dog. Dogs can sense when you are not feeling your best and will instantly comfort you. Having a dog improves your overall mood and general well-being.  
  1. The best wellness buddy: Trying to get in ten thousand steps a day is not always easy. Your dog is the best motivator and guess what? You do not have to spend all your money on the gym or on a trainer. Your dog is there for you while you strive to reach your goals. With your dog, you can increase movement and activity through walks and play 
  1. A friendship that heals the soul: There is truly no way to describe the bond between a dog and its owner. Your family grows with them and the memories that are created are priceless. There is no such thing as Friday night alone when you have a dog! Dogs provide companionship, decrease loneliness, and increase social interactions. If you are new in town, it is easy to build new connections through dog groups where owners meet for walks or at the dog park.  


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