Hard Chewables Turkey Flavor
1 mg & 4 mg CBD for Dogs

Intro Pack, 1 mg per chew, 14 ct, for dogs under 40 lbs(50¢/mg CBD)
Intro Pack, 4 mg per chew, 7 ct, for dogs over 40 lbs (25¢/mg CBD)
Full Size, 1 mg per chew, approx. 75 ct, for dogs under 40 lbs (32¢/mg CBD)
Full Size, 4 mg per chew , approx. 45 ct, for dogs over 40 lb (18¢/mg CBD)

(655 customer reviews)

Treatibles Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Hard Chewables for small and large dogs help support your pet’s digestive tract and immune system, enhances the function of joints and promotes relaxation, all in a delicious Turkey flavor that your dog will love.

*NEW 4 mg Full Size Turkey Hard Chewables Formula coming soon!!!*

Status of good standing with NASC

$7.00$350.00 or subscribe and save up to 20%

Image of Front view turkey hard chews with colored circle background.
German Shepherd with mouth open anticipating receiving a Treatibles Calm (turkey flavor) Hard Chew

  • each small chew contains 1 mg CBD
  • each large chew contains 4 mg CBD



  • Minimum: 1 small chew per 10 lbs of an animal’s weight
  • Maximum: 10 small chews per 10 lbs of an animal’s weight
  • Administer every 4-8 hours as needed


  • Minimum: 1 large chew per 40 lbs of an animal’s weight.
  • Maximum: 10 large chews per 40 lbs of an animal’s weight.
  • Administer every 4-8 hours as needed.

+ For pets needing extra support, administration can be increased
+ Treatibles are free of heavy metals, pesticides and biocontaminants
+ Pet parents should observe their pet before and after administration of Treatibles to determine optimal response. You know your pet better than anyone else

Treatibles chewables will stay fresh for up to 2 years when tightly sealed and stored in a cool, dry place.

all of our CBD products provide


Helps maintain normal emotional balance and promotes relaxation.


Supports digestive tract health and assists the immune system.


Enhances function of joints and connective tissue.

A proprietary blend of turmeric and Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Sunflower And Coconut
Treatibles Calm (turkey) Hard Chewables for large dogs feature 4 mg Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil per Chew along with Coconut oil and sunflower lecithin.

Cinnamon, Citric acid (preservative), Coconut Glycerin, Mixed tocopherols, Molasses, Oat Flour, Oatmeal, Organic Coconut Oil, Rosemary extract, Rye Flour, Sunflower Lecithin, Sweet Potato, Turkey

Green bag of Treatibles Calm (turkey) Hard Chews for large dogs featuring Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil back view

why cannabidiol (CBD)

Is it hard for your pet to get up?

Is your pet anxious?

Does your dog chase their tail all day?

Is your pet’s skin irritated?

Is your pet nervous?

Do you have a senior pet?

Do thunderstorms freak out your pet?

Does your pet lick, lick and lick?

Do you have a puppy?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, there’s a treatibles® for that.

Treatibles Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Hard Chewables for small and large dogs help support your pet’s digestive tract and immune system, enhances the function of joints and promotes relaxation, with real Turkey that your dog will love.

Treatibles’ signature hard chewables are the first CBD pet products available to furry friends around the USA since 2013! Most dogs love the crunchy consistency, and you can count on milligram consistency with each chew.

Not sure which Treatibles to choose for your dog? All our products have the same active ingredients, so choose which product you think your pet will enjoy most!

For pets needing a daily regimen of Treatibles, we suggest choosing the type of product that they love, whether it’s hard chews, soft chews, oil, etc. You can also combine products to keep your pet happy and comfortable!

Pro tip: For pets needing a high dose, make a “SuperChew” by applying dropper oil to the hemp leaf reservoir on the hard chew to make the CBD dose a bit stronger.

For example, turn a 4mg Turkey Hard Chewable into a 24mg dose by adding 20mg of dropper oil. This is a great way to help a pet that needs a higher dose of CBD, without giving so many hard chewables per serving.

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Intro Pack 1 mg CBD $7.00, Intro Pack 4mg CBD $7.00, Full Size 4 mg CBD $32.00, Full Size 1 mg CBD $24.00, Case of 12 4 mg CBD $350.00, Case of 12 1 mg CBD $260.00

655 reviews for Hard Chewables Turkey Flavor
1 mg & 4 mg CBD for Dogs

  1. Ingrid M. (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves them and wants more. They really help her chill.

  2. Gregg Kleinberg (verified owner)

    Our high-energy, high anxiety working dog KONA loves her Treatibles chews!! She waits before breakfast and dinner to receive one, and it helps to round out her very sharp edges during her day. Thankful for the team at Treatibles and appreciate the good work they are doing.

  3. Laurie Picillo (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. Helps my 15.4 yr old pup sleep all night rather than getting agitated.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Dog likes

  5. John (verified owner)

    night time treat helps sleep during the night

  6. Cheryl Bohle (verified owner)

  7. Thomas (verified owner)

    Helps my Yorkie’s anxiety.

  8. needham (verified owner)

    dogs love them and they work extremely well to help them handle situations that would otherwise be stressful

  9. Kelley T. (verified owner)

    I love these for my anxious pups. They love the taste and I love the calm!

  10. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Biggest problem is navigating the software to place an order – worst order software

  11. Rebecca S. (verified owner)

    These chews are great! They really helped our recent adoptee relax in his crate at night. It’s been about three weeks and he now runs into his crate at night. He had a ton of stress initially because he had been a 24/7 caged stud on a breeder farm and everything new was freaking him out. He’s going through a bit of a puppy phase so the crate helps at times and Treatables helps him chill in the crate. He’s mostly acclimated now and I feel these chews really helped him.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Recently we have gone through the death of the Leader of our little pack. These chews have been very helpful to the other members to get a good nights rest. So thankful.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Jill (verified owner)

    Fabulous for my older dog and his older knees and hips! He still enjoys going for walks and this helps!

  16. barbara (verified owner)

    They work but are too hard for a senior dog.

  17. Joey (verified owner)

    Eased the anxiety of my pit bull mix

  18. Theresa C. (verified owner)

    This “chewable” product has helped considerably with our adopted dog that previously was mistreated. It took us a long while to find a product that she liked and worked successfully towards her having a better life balance. I contribute this success to “Treatibles”. We enjoy watching our now happy family dog & are very pleased with this Chewable!!!

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Paige V. (verified owner)

    Our dogs love them! Easy to chew and definitely ease anxieties

  21. Kelley T. (verified owner)

    These help my sweet anxious pup so much!

  22. Christine Tanzini (verified owner)

    My adult daughter, who moved away but then “bounced” back (with a fur-baby!) has a Blue Heeler. This dog is incredibly smart, loving, and fun but she is very high strung. These chews have been a blessing to the entire household as they help her to relax just a bit. We love them!

  23. Nancy S. (verified owner)

  24. Katherine (verified owner)

    Works great to calm my elderly dog down in the afternoon

  25. Pam G. (verified owner)

    Works well for our dogs that are afraid of thunder – need to dose them 1/2 before the storm to work best

  26. Sandy Lum (verified owner)

  27. John McCarty (verified owner)

  28. needham (verified owner)

    Great for thunder anxiety and helping the pups chill out for road trips.

  29. Kevin Beauvais (verified owner)

    No comment

  30. Gregg K. (verified owner)

    At the recommendation of our dog trainer, we picked up the Treatibles CALM Hard Chews for our Kona, a 40-lbs. Border Collie mix with high energy and high anxiety. After just a couple of weeks of 2 each 4mg chews per day, we noticed less jumping, less barking, and an overall calmer and more relaxed pooch. That’s really saying something if you know anything about a Border Collie’s energy level!! We are regularly purchasing now and will continue to do so, Kona loves the chews and we appreciate the benefits improving the quality of her life, and ours.

  31. Patricia E. (verified owner)

    These are a staple here with my rescue dogs. Just enough CBD to take the edge off.

  32. Mary (verified owner)

    I recently began purchasing the larger size hard chews. I have a 6.5 lb toothless Pom who is obsessed with eating and this larger size keeps him occupied and satisfied for much longer.

  33. Lillis (verified owner)

    i like to say it was a miracle. my 14 year old border collie had gotten to the point where laying in one place and just watching. After using Treatibles for one and a half bags he now happily jogs along with sheep. His eyes are bright he is still old but comfortable.

  34. Kathy M. (verified owner)

    Our dog was very skittish, and after we started giving her Treatibles on a regular basis, she is calmer and more willing to explore new things. She has learned to tolerate wind, which was a big deal for her. I like that we can easily give her an extra one if we know it is going to be windy or she is going somewhere new. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  35. Michelle (verified owner)

    Landscapers come to take care of the lawn care on the same day that our recycling and trash collection is scheduled. All of this seems to make our dog very anxious with all the activity. The chews make a big difference in his ability to be able to stay calm and cope with the anxiety of so much activity at the house

  36. Danielle (verified owner)

    I love natural solutions to sooth my sweet dog’s discomfort due to terminal disease. He remains present and happy, not sedated or anxious. Thank you. Oh! Wow they smell and taste good! Yes, I said taste! Mr.
    T eats real, whole food. If it’s not something I would eat, then neither is he.

  37. Valerie (verified owner)

    I have a Bernese Mountain Dog that struggles with some anxiety and these a chews have been a great natural alternative.

  38. Customer Service (store manager)

    Thank you for your feedback! An easy way to re-order a favorite item is to click the order number in your order confirmation email (or in your Order History at Treatibles.com), login (if not already) and click “order again” below the order details. The item will be placed in your cart at the same quantity, and you can also adjust the quantity, apply new TreatiPoints or discounts, etc. from there. If you’d like to order the same item regularly (monthly, every other month, etc.) you could also set up an Autoship Subscription (details at https://treatibles.com/autoship/) for discounted regular shipments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

  39. Kevin Beauvais (verified owner)

    Want to order again – what is the most expedient way?

  40. Paula (verified owner)

    Calm my dogs down. They were snoring in 45 minutes

  41. Suzanne M. (verified owner)

    I have been using these chews for quite a few dogs, with/for all of my dogs and they are worth it. Calms them right down, their stress levels just disappear. And then they are ready to play and engage again.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    All the chews for our dog are appreciated and our dog loves getting them for a reward.

  43. Mark M. (verified owner)

    Calm product was recommended by our trainer. It really helps calm our 3 year old Doberman with her separation anxiety.

  44. Michael D. (verified owner)

  45. Sara B. (verified owner)

    My dog loved them!

  46. David A. (verified owner)

    Great product, my dogs are in less discomfort and calmer.

  47. Steven Falcone (verified owner)

    Helps dog

  48. Nara W. (verified owner)

    I like your fast delivery. The CBD chews have helped my dog deal with discomfort. He had trouble walking. Now, after he eats a chew, he is lively.

  49. Karen Mason (verified owner)

  50. Iris (verified owner)

  51. Rae de la Cretaz (verified owner)

    My dogs love them. I only give them as a special chew when they need to relax, but it seems to help relieve anxiety.

  52. Sandy H. (verified owner)

    My doggie loves them. Seems to help her calm down a bit.

  53. Theresa (verified owner)

  54. Natalie Scott (verified owner)

  55. virginia (verified owner)

    My dog need these during thunder storms and fireworks
    they are the only thing that keeps her calm

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Dog loves the flavor of these and they help keep him calm

  58. Steven Falcone (verified owner)

    Works as advertised

  59. Emily H. (verified owner)

  60. Steve R. (verified owner)

    They help calm and relax our young pitbull.

  61. Yvonne L. (verified owner)

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tends to be their favorite

  63. Nara Wood (verified owner)

    My older dog had trouble and discomfort while walking. Since he began taking these chews, he is friskier, more active, runs and plays, and has much less discomfort. I am grateful for this product. And I appreciate the fast delivery.

  64. Deborah C. (verified owner)

    So far I’m trying to find the correct amount to relax my 82 Lb doberman. I’m afraid by the time I get it correct..the bag will be empty. My dog isn’t fond of the taste, but I add peanut butter and it disappeared quickly.

  65. Elisabeth (verified owner)

    Jase loves these chews.

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

  67. Melissa S. (verified owner)

  68. Anonymous (verified owner)

  69. Dawn (verified owner)

    My baby loves these and really helps during storms.

  70. Treatibles

    Hello Frances! Thank you for your comments. In addition to the large Hard Chews (4 mg CBD per chew), we also offer small Hard Chews (1 mg CBD per chew) that are often ideal for smaller dogs. This may be a good option if you prefer to not have to split the chews.

    A confirmation is automatically sent once an order has been placed. We have found that some email spam filters block these confirmations. Some customers have had success adding info@treatibles.com (new order notifications/completed notifications) and orders@treatibles.com (tracking details) to their ‘safe senders’ list. If this does not solve the issue, please feel free to email our customer care team at info@treatibles.com if you do not receive a confirmation notification within 1-2 business days.

  71. Frances Vecchio (verified owner)

    Product had to be split for consumption since my dogs are small. Would like a confirmation from company when order is placed.

  72. Amanda Brown (verified owner)

  73. Coleen (verified owner)

    Doggie loves her bedtime chew

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent product

  75. Donna G. (verified owner)

    These treatibles truly help my anxious dog to take it easy and be calm and quiet. We’ve been giving them to him as needed and they are a wonder. Thank you!

  76. HILARY (verified owner)

  77. Alana (verified owner)

    My pup loves these CBD chews, and looks forward to getting them. I share them with the granddogs too – when they come over. Always a hit!

  78. Kathryn B. (verified owner)

  79. Sherri Z. (verified owner)

    four a day keeps the Malamute Shepard at a reasonable level of excitement! Love these..well..he loves these, i love quiet moments!

  80. lisa r. (verified owner)

    I have found these to be very helpful in reducing my 100 lb. dogs anxiety. He’s afraid of loud noises and he has separation anxiety.

  81. Jake W. (verified owner)

    We have tried other Hemp chews in the past and treatibles are amazing. Our Pittie can get nervous in new situations and has a super sensitive stomach. Two treatibles and he is calm and collected, remembers his training and the best part… his stomach doesn’t even growl. We were also afraid it would give him the zombie feeling, but this seems to calm him naturally. We will be buying the oil for extreme cases but will always have treatibles on hand!

  82. Edwin C. (verified owner)

  83. Sandra S. (verified owner)

    This is a bit long, but I hope helpful to people considering this product.
    You could probably describe me as a skeptic, but not anymore and here are the reasons why.
    I have a pup who is high energy and intense and easily agitated I started giving her these Treatibles and it seemed to help. After a while I wondered if it was really helping so I took her off the Treatibles and kind of forgot about it. About two weeks later I couldn’t figure out why my pup was so agitated and anxious. Then I remembered I had taken her off the Treatibles. I immediately began giving her Treatibles again and she was more mellow and at ease again.
    Recently I decided to try a different product that claimed to be stronger and was a bit less expensive. What could go wrong? After all, it was more potent. Again, I forgot about the change and again my pup became agitated, intense and anxious. Then I remembered I had taken her off of Treatibles again and that was the final evidence I needed. I immediately began giving my her the Treatibles again and she is better again. I am now on a monthly subscription.
    For those worried about making their dogs lethargic or dopey, it isn’t like that at all. My pup is still the same pup with the same personality. The Treatibles basically “take the edge off” her anxiety. She is more at ease and carefree.
    Let my inadvertent testing save you from having to do the same thing. Quality matters. Purity matters. Reputation matters. Not all of these products are created equal.

  84. Eleanore M. (verified owner)

    We love these. They aid our Lovie in her most stressful times — new people, thunder, distant gunshot and fireworks. We’ve been using them for a few years now. ❤️

  85. Sara Feliciano (verified owner)

  86. Zelma R. (verified owner)

    Our 85 lb white Lab just had surgery (torn ACL) and treatable help keep her calm and “chilled” while she recovers.

  87. Meggan m. (verified owner)

    My boy loves these.

  88. Daphne B. (verified owner)

    Treatibles Calm really helps my older dog chill out! And she loves them!

  89. Michelle (verified owner)

  90. Maralee (verified owner)

    Samson loves these.

  91. Alana (verified owner)

    My pup & my grandpups (who I share with when they’re visiting), love them & look forward to being treated with them. Not sure how well they work as far as “calming”, (not sure I would recognize exactly what is meant by that with my kind of weird pup), but my pup especially really enjoys them, so I continue to buy them for him.

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Chews smelled great, however, my dog wasn’t too fond of the flavor. I liked the quality overall (packaging, ingredients, etc), but unfortunately I think these make my dog MORE hyper as every time I gave her these, she started getting crazy zoomies! Lol it was cute, but not what I was going for…

  93. Anonymous (verified owner)

  94. Michelle (verified owner)

  95. Adrienne Gibson (verified owner)

  96. Kathryn B. (verified owner)

  97. Mindi Young (verified owner)

    I ordered the wrong bag of treatibles! I needed the size for a small dog. I think I was thinking I was ordering a large bag. And I signed up for a monthly shipment, so I will need to contact you guys and fix that. Otherwise these chews are great and help my older shih Tzu a ton!!

  98. Charles G (verified owner)

  99. Brent Hall (verified owner)

  100. Tina (verified owner)

    These have made a world of difference to my dog. She gets one/day as maintenance and two/day during fireworks season. Total game changer!

  101. Nancy H. (verified owner)

  102. Donna D. (verified owner)

    Bought these for a friend who is very happy with the product

  103. Kristine G. (verified owner)

    our Doberman gets sick with anxiety we give him a chew a day and his stomach seems to be good when give this. Our vet could not figure him out but this works, Thank you!!!!

  104. Paige Mann (verified owner)

    Best of luck getting me to say ANYTHING bad about Treatibles products. Absolutely the best. Life changing for our 14 year old dogs.

  105. David Cobb (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure doing business with you

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Helps take a bit of stress away from a dog with major PTSD

  107. Jana Polomsky (verified owner)

  108. Kathleen Keller (verified owner)

    My poodle has one of these as a bedtime snack and loves them!

  109. Sandra Sunshine Williams (verified owner)

  110. Christophe (verified owner)

    My 14 years old had slowed down dramatically and I could tell was a little depressed about it. A friend told me about treatibles so I figured why not try it. This product is a miracle. Piper is back running around and most of all got her smile back. Thank you treatibles for giving me my pup back!

  111. Sally H. (verified owner)

    I love these chews! They help my little dog through her moments of anxiety.

  112. Emily J. (verified owner)

    Love these chews for my rescue pup. She has severe anxiety especially if any loud noises occur. These have helped her stay level throughout the day. Thunderstorms and the garbage truck don’t send her into a complete spiral anymore and she’s been a more happy pup all around!

  113. Ida C. (verified owner)

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)

  115. Christine K. (verified owner)

  116. Callie L (verified owner)

    Perfect for my Gabby. Helps relieve her stress and anxiety. She would eat 5 or 6 if she could. Great product

  117. Sandra (verified owner)

    Our dog loves them, and they REALLY are a blessing during inclement weather and neighbors’ construction projects!!

  118. Nara Wood (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product for controlling the discomfort my older dog experiences.

  119. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Calms my dogs down on long car rides

  120. Carol Nakasone (verified owner)

  121. Kathy (verified owner)

    My beautiful 15 1/2 year dog’s dementia made her unsettled and frightened. A treatable at night has let her settle and get a good and full nights sleep and curbed daytime pacing. During day she get 1/2 when she exhibits anxiety. I just want her to be comfortable and peaceful and adding treatable to daily regime has help her a lot.

  122. Sharon (verified owner)

    These chews work wonders for my older chihuahua with joint issues and bad knees. Helps with the discomfort and calms her down. We’ve been using these for 2 years.

  123. Heather Lilla (verified owner)

  124. Mary B. (verified owner)

    My dog has been taking these chews for about 3 weeks and is activity/energy level has noticeably increased

  125. Kelley (verified owner)

    I love these for my anxious 2 year old and my rambunctious 10 month old. They work great!

  126. John (verified owner)

  127. Matthew McCool (verified owner)

    My dog, Tank, loves these chews! He’s a feisty yet anxious chihuahua mix so they help him relax when he needs to.

  128. Kathryn (verified owner)

  129. Elizabeth F. (verified owner)

  130. Jill H. (verified owner)

    These work amazing for calming my hyper active small dog during thunderstorms. Without them he pants, jumps on everything and barks during the duration of the storm. He has many allergies and I am relieved to say these are PERFECT for him.

  131. Sally (verified owner)

    Love these chews. Have been using them for a year now with good results.

  132. June S. (verified owner)

  133. Lynn VanOrden (verified owner)

    These treatibles do keep my anxious shepherd calm. He has a serious health issue and they also help him cope with it.

  134. Lindsay R. (verified owner)

    We have a rescue pup that was abandoned during thunderstorm season. The meds the vet prescribed wipe him out for at least a day so we searched for something more natural/less harsh for him. He’s still terrified of storms but these help take the edge off without making him a zombie. Even the vet is impressed!

  135. Martha Schuh (verified owner)

    These really help Betty’s anxiety.

  136. elizabeth (verified owner)

  137. Laura (verified owner)

    One of my dogs is super picky with hemp chews, and he absolutely loves these! They calm him down and do exactly as intended.

  138. Mark (verified owner)

  139. Lisha L. (verified owner)

    My dogs love these.

  140. Stephen M. (verified owner)

    My dog likes them, and they work, but I wish they weren’t so expensive ..

  141. Susan G. (verified owner)

  142. Joanne Lourence (verified owner)

  143. Jamie H. (verified owner)

    These chews are helpful in providing emotional support to our pup when he gets nervous about thunderstorms and fireworks!

  144. Jacqueline O. (verified owner)

  145. Judith G. (verified owner)

    We used these during the week of July 4th when our neighborhood sounds like a war zone. They helped a lot – there were noises coming right in our window and both dogs remained on the bed seemingly unbothered. I’ll definitely use these again and recommend trying them if your dog has anxiety with thunder/fireworks/loud noises.

  146. Sally (verified owner)

    Great product! Always consistent. Helps my old dog with her anxiety.

  147. Kathryn I. (verified owner)

  148. Patricia A. (verified owner)

    The turkey calming treatibles were a lifesaver last night, 4 July. I have 12 dogs who are terrified of fireworks and storms. First time I tried turkey and they loved them. They wanted more! And I loved them because all 12 dogs calmed down and it was a peaceful night in spite of all the noise.

  149. Erin M. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, effective product

  150. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I believe these chews are helping prolong my old dog’s life. Thank you

  151. Kathleen K. (verified owner)

    I have to say how well your product has worked for my poodle mix. Fireworks cause him to shake terribly and pant and try to climb onto my chest. So this is the combination I have used for the last week and the results are notable. I give him 1 1/2 chews with his dinner at 3:30 PM. I put a Thunder vest on him, and rub a few drops of Rescue Remedy on his paw pads. AT 6:30 PM I give him another 1 1/2 chew. The result is he looks up when we hear a firecracker ‘boom’, pants slightly and lays back down. I view this as remarkable compared to how he was before. I realize its a combination of 3 remedies, but for him this is a winning equation. Thanks!

  152. Cindy C. (verified owner)

  153. Karen R. (verified owner)

    This product is great. Our fur babies love the taste and really calms them down a bit when needed.

  154. Susan Dorsey (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, the dog that needs these is not fond of them. (My other dog loves them). But, I do break one up and mix it in her wet food, and it seems to help with her intense anxiety.

  155. Anonymous (verified owner)

  156. Stacy M. (verified owner)

    Our 12 year old Husky has found a new zen with these. She takes them 2 times a day and her anxiety is better that it has been. Thank you for a great product.

  157. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love these!! Really helps our dogs with storm anxiety.

  158. Mary K. (verified owner)

    I have a 10 year old snoodle. When he was two he started disliking loud noises. As time has past, he has gotten worse. Finally, he seemed to want to stay hidden all the time. I would find him in our closet. Where he once was always with us now he would never stay out with us for long.
    I knew he was not sick but worried about him withdrawing.
    A friend was posting on our neighborhood page suggesting someone try Treatibles for their cat.
    I messaged her and told her about our Max and she encouraged me to try them. I ordered a bag. He loves them. I give him one a day. Within one week we noticed he was spending more time with us. He has been on treatibles for a little over two months and he is acting like our normal dog. Last night it rained and when there was a big crack of thunder he stayed right by the couch instead of running to hide.
    He recently had his check-up with his Vet. He has some mobility issues in his hips. I told the Vet about Treatibles and he was very encouraging about this kind of product helping with discomfort. Maybe that’s why he hid?
    What we do know, he is back acting like his old self and we are thankful to Treatibles for that.

  159. Samantha S. (verified owner)

    Max had severe anxiety and I give him 2 in the morning and 2 when I get home from work and he is a different dog! He is so much calmer, less barking and almost no whining or panting! We are both so much happier!!

  160. Catherine Grana (verified owner)

  161. jamie boyd (verified owner)

  162. Deborah R. (verified owner)

    So helpful for our rescue dog with separation anxiety.

  163. Carol (verified owner)

  164. AMANDA LEWIS (verified owner)

  165. Yvette G. (verified owner)

    Treatibles Calm are a game changer! I have spent a lot of $ and time training and rehabbing my rescue dog, but her anxiety was still a huge hurdle. Now, on Treatibles, she is relaxed and better able to adjust to different situations. She seems happier and peaceful. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product!!

  166. Douglas F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product! My two Springers love the taste, and appear much more calm with little to no whining!

  167. Amanda S. (verified owner)

  168. Kathryn (verified owner)

    We love Treatabiles! They work great, my dogs anxiety is decreased and he can mellow but when it’s time to ply or have an adventure he’s ready to go with a pep in his step. We’ve recently recommended them to two other friends in the past month.

  169. Kathy Jordan (verified owner)

    My dog loves the taste and they work with helping her to a calm confident dog! Highly recommend this product!

  170. Gloria (verified owner)

    The only thing that calms down my pitbull, they work!

  171. Vicki D. (verified owner)

    Calms them down.

  172. Jason S. (verified owner)

  173. Linda Davis (verified owner)

  174. Sandra P. (verified owner)

    Our dog loves them and it helps her with fireworks and storms.

  175. LP (verified owner)

    Helps take the edge off of the fear response during thunderstorms.

  176. Paige M. (verified owner)

    We have purchased multiple packages of Treatibles for our dogs. This order was a gift for a friend whose pup had just lost her eyesight. She is now resting thru the night more comfortably and is more relaxed, calm, and less stressed throughout the day. Treatibles FTW once again!

  177. Sharon (verified owner)

    My picky eater loved the chew and it did what it was intended to do – calmed his anxiety when nothing else would – I will continue to purchase!

  178. ILA (verified owner)

    My 16 year old Pomeranian is playing again!

  179. Ida C. (verified owner)

  180. Marie B. (verified owner)

    Theses are the only chews I give my dogs with health benefits!

  181. Robin Yelk (verified owner)

  182. Martha (verified owner)

    My dog was able to bond with my granddaughter . Without she would avoid being touched.

  183. Mary G. (verified owner)

    My 13 yo rat terrier siblings, Rita and Newton, love these. They jump around a little more and run easier again. Both dogs seem to be calmer yet more alert during the day. Loud noises seem to bother them less. We are very glad we found these chews two years ago. We will continue to use these turkey chews.

  184. Denise M. (verified owner)

    These really help with my dogs daily anxiety

  185. Marina Peskar (verified owner)

    Great product

  186. Tatiana (verified owner)

  187. Brent B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Keep up the good work.

  188. Anonymous (verified owner)

  189. Stacey Castro (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these been using for at least a year with my chi the liquid as well he has severe separation anxiety as well as general anxiety and weighs 7lbs but nothing worked without it way exceeding max for his weight. Treatibles help like no other. I have tried others bc ive had some financial difficulties and its been hard to afford these at times but its been worth sacrifices in other areas for a happy baby or at least a calmer one!!!?

  190. Sydney C. (verified owner)

  191. Maria Hutchins (verified owner)

  192. Anonymous (verified owner)

    purchased these chews for our rescue pup who was being fearful of doorways, floors & thresholds. Now after 10 days he’s able to walk around freely inside our home.

  193. Michelle (verified owner)

  194. AMY M. (verified owner)

  195. Barbara Squires (verified owner)

  196. Melissa K. (verified owner)

    Product is great, but I contacted customer service and never heard back from them.

  197. Johnny Robles (verified owner)

    I bought these before for my little dog (small ones ) so I trying for my big dog it works great she has anxiety separation
    Thank you

  198. AMANDA LEWIS (verified owner)

  199. Carol G. (verified owner)

    These have made all the difference for our 150 lb, now 12 year old mastiff/lab. Without them, he wo t get off his bed all day.

  200. Wendy Rentschler (verified owner)

    My doggie loves these, and I have no qualms about the quality of the product.

  201. Ellen K. (verified owner)

  202. Stacey Carlos (verified owner)

    Great for grooming/vet days.

  203. Karen (verified owner)

    Same as above.

  204. JANE SIMPSON (verified owner)

    We think these help the seasonal itching!

  205. Cary (verified owner)

    Great for settling your dog down during periods of heavy panting or worry. She loves the way taste.

  206. Mary K. (verified owner)

    I have a 10 year old Snoodle. He developed a fear of noise when he was young and it has gotten worse as he’s grown older. Many times I find him hiding in the closet. I read about Treatibles on my Nextdoor page and it was being suggested for a cat. I read up on it and decided to give them a try.
    To my surprise, after a week on treatibles he began to come out and join us and began to act like himself. We are about to start our third bag and I plan to keep him on them. If you have a dog that is anxious or nervous, I would highly recommend that you try treatibles.

  207. Anonymous (verified owner)

  208. Patti H. (verified owner)

    They do work and have calmed our small dog.

  209. Carol H. (verified owner)

  210. Valerie B. (verified owner)

  211. Kathleen K. (verified owner)

    My miniature poodle loves these. I am hoping that during firework season they really calm him down. Yet to try. The shipping was fast.

  212. Leticia (verified owner)

    Great product for our Doberman/Shepard.. We’ve had her since Nov from the pound and nothing has helped with her anxiety when we go to work, IO purchased all (Balance/Ease/Calm) LOVE THEM!! Plan on grabbing more

  213. Christina M. (verified owner)

  214. Maggie (verified owner)

    With our vet’s approval, we added Treatibles Calm Hard Chews to Scout’s daily regimen for general anxiety several months ago. We are happy to share that we’ve noticed a marked improvement. We still use pheromone diffusers, a Thundershirt when appropriate, and a conventional approach plus her chew. (We had previously used Treatible drops but had difficulty getting her to acquire a taste for them.) Not only has her incessant barking diminished, but also she seems to be happier and more affectionate. This beautiful little pitbull rescue was an emotional wreck when we adopted her 2 years ago, but at last, we think we’ve found the right balance for her to be a much better adjusted pup. Thanks to our trainer for recommending Treatibles!

  215. Lesia M. (verified owner)

  216. Kathryn Burke (verified owner)

  217. Carla Barnhart (verified owner)

  218. Jo (verified owner)

    Works really well for my dachshund.

  219. AMANDA (verified owner)

  220. Jacqueline Tate (verified owner)

    My dog trainer recommended these as an alternative to a conventional approach. I’m very pleased how these calm my dog without having her seem drugged.

  221. Ron Z. (verified owner)

    Dogs love them great product!!

  222. Karen M. (verified owner)

    My dog loves these and they work so well for him.

  223. Holly Whalen (verified owner)

  224. Wendy Jerosky (verified owner)

    They work

  225. Catherine T. (verified owner)

    Our cocker spaniel and two chihuahuas love these Turkey chews! Great relief for anxiety and joint discomfort. Thank you for creating such a good product.

  226. David S. (verified owner)

    Fast Delivery – Excellent Product – seems to be working great with our German Shepherd

  227. marie (verified owner)

  228. Wendy (verified owner)

    These chews seem to be having a calming effect on my elderly dog, who had been standing around at night barking at nothing and driving me nuts. He’s not doing that anymore. In fairness, though, he was also put on a conventional therapy at about the same time. Chews are pricy!

  229. Cynthia P. (verified owner)

    Our dog is 14 years old with some issues and we think Treatibles helps her with discomfort and to rest.

  230. Michele V. (verified owner)

    I have a dog with anxiety issues. I have been giving him treatibles for over a year. Not only have I noticed a difference they have made, my vet and the vet staff have repeatedly remarked how much calmer and less anxious he is whenever they see him.

  231. Patricia E. (verified owner)

    I rely on these for my rescue pups.

  232. Janet Hackney (verified owner)

    These are those special chews my dogs get once a day. Boy, do they look forward to them. Yum, Yum…..

  233. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Give to my 2 border collies and definitely calms them in stressful times

  234. sharon (verified owner)

    Best product for my 3 doxies

  235. David (verified owner)

    I have two elderly dogs that get these after their walks. It helps them with the little aches and discomfort. They have both shown improvement since this routine.

  236. Meaghan R. (verified owner)

  237. Bernice (verified owner)

    Love this product! Chaco hasn’t had a neurological incident since he’s been on it! THANK YOU! Chaco loves it too!

  238. Matthew McCool (verified owner)

    Tank loves them and they help him when he gets a bit anxious!

  239. Joline C. (verified owner)

  240. Cheryl Stigler (verified owner)

  241. Yvonne (verified owner)

    I adopted senior westie almost 2 years now ,he is 14 and he was tilting his head and disoriented, I took him to the vet and found out about an inner ear issue last month. He was ok after 2 days with treatment for his ears but last Saturday he got episode again and I checked his ears were ok ,so I gave him a Treatibles chew he is ok now. I was giving him on and off but since he started having episode I start giving him every day after meal am and pm .i notice he has more energy . .

  242. Cheryl W. (verified owner)

    We give our 21 lb Corgi four chews daily and it seem to help her not react as badly to her fears. It has made a huge difference for her. The only downside is that they are quite pricey.

  243. Anonymous (verified owner)

  244. Joseph (verified owner)

    Company is top of the line . Can’t thank them enough for the quality and concern delivered .

  245. Anonymous (verified owner)

  246. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These have completely changed our life! Our dog use to bark whenever we left, but now he is calm and relaxed!

  247. Carol P. (verified owner)

    These are great! Allie loves them. She feels better after taking them. And the company provides great customer service!

  248. Kirsten (verified owner)

    My dachshund loves these! They seem to be helping with her night time anxiety and overall mood. They smell great too!

  249. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our English Bulldog loves these! He definitely does his tricks and extra for these!

  250. Jock B. (verified owner)

  251. Tracy B. (verified owner)

    Helps with my chihuahuas many medical issues!

  252. Beverly (verified owner)

  253. Sally H. (verified owner)

    I have been using these chews for 6 months now. I love them. I use them during thunderstorms and when my dog gets itchy (seasonal allergies) to help us all get a good nights sleep

  254. James Morgan (verified owner)


  255. john lee (verified owner)

  256. Mary (verified owner)

    My little girl loves them!!

  257. Elizabeth C. (verified owner)

    I’ve seen a difference in Scrappy’s anxiety. Much calmer, less pacing in the evenings.

  258. Adrienne (verified owner)

  259. Concetta K. (verified owner)

    This aids greatly in settling our hyper border collie mix when we are not home and when we have guests.

  260. Anne (verified owner)

    Pups love the chews! And they are so calming for them!

  261. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They really relax my dog

  262. JOE van arnam (verified owner)

    since using treatibles to address my dog’s joint discomfort, it is all that’s needed now

  263. Anonymous (verified owner)

  264. Karin H. (verified owner)

    These seem to really help both of my senior dogs with mobility and discomfort.

  265. ANITA ALLISTON (verified owner)

  266. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As my elderly dog’s cognitive response has worsened I started giving her these chews between her two doses of the oil with her meals. They help to limit her anxiety during our waking hours.

  267. Sharon Y. (verified owner)

    These help my dog calm down when we have a thunder and lightning storm. Love them.

  268. robert m. (verified owner)

    Really help with relaxing my dog

  269. Barbara (verified owner)

  270. Kerry Crutchfield (verified owner)

  271. Richard G. (verified owner)

  272. sharon (verified owner)

    I love your products so do my fur babies. Your customer service is by far the best!!!!

  273. Stephen R. (verified owner)

    He love’s them.

  274. Carolyn Bonavida (verified owner)

  275. Tina S. (verified owner)

  276. Marianne (verified owner)

    Not only are car rides a bit calmer, but I have noticed my Beagle walks easier since beginning this product.

  277. Anonymous (verified owner)

  278. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My vet recommended treatibles for our old collies. One has problems with on/off vestibular issues and the other has always had anxiety issues. These seem to help take the edge off of both situations.

  279. Carolyn (verified owner)

    She likes them!

  280. Genevieve (verified owner)

    My small dogs love these chews. One has anxiety and the other has stiff joints and I can see the difference these make. Thanks for an excellent product and for continuously improving your customer service and online ordering. Hope you can offer mixed cases and case price with a better discount.

  281. Janna Eden (verified owner)

    Both dogs seem to benefit from these chews.

  282. Scott F. (verified owner)

  283. Bernice (verified owner)

    Our dog hasn’t had a neurological incident since we started using the naturally occurring CBD chews except two times when I skipped a nighttime dose thinking he maybe didn’t need it and another time when I forgot to give him one. I know better now and won’t forget because both times an incident followed. I know better now and won’t forget!

  284. Cheryl B. (verified owner)

  285. Anonymous (verified owner)

    He sleeps better but still licks his paws throughout the day.

  286. Cary (verified owner)

    I have a 15 year old very active Border Collie. As she ages, she sometimes exhibits signs of anxiety in the evening. I give her three of these and within thirty minutes she is back to herself. Great product.

  287. Michelle (verified owner)

  288. Kerry Crutchfield (verified owner)

  289. Kimberly P. (verified owner)

    All 3 dogs LOVE these! They do help calm them. I love this product!

  290. Dawn (verified owner)

  291. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing results in just 10 days for my older dog with neurological problems.

  292. Lynda (verified owner)

    My dogs LOVE them

  293. Jessica C. (verified owner)

  294. Laura T. (verified owner)

  295. C K. (verified owner)

    My dog loves Treatables! Very helpful product. Fast shipping.

  296. June Shay (verified owner)

  297. Barbara (verified owner)

  298. Valerie O. (verified owner)

    My very persnickety (rescue) Mini Schnauzer loves these. I give him (two) for; joint stiffness, fear of thunder, and general anxiety. They work wonders, he calms right down, stops panting/pacing. I wish we would have had these years ago, they make such a difference! Thank You!

  299. Rachel C. (verified owner)

  300. Kerry Crutchfield (verified owner)

    My dog loves these.

  301. Judy Corcoran (verified owner)

  302. Lynn VanOrden (verified owner)

    My German shepherd is doing much better since taking treatibles.

  303. Pilar Gerena (verified owner)

    Fantastic Chews!

  304. Kim K. (verified owner)

  305. Paula (verified owner)

    I love this product, but not as much as my dogs! It helps my 16 y.o. dog with her achy joints and my younger dog with anxiety. Worth every penny.

  306. Joyce (verified owner)

    I have a 15 year old Bichon that suffers from separation anxiety and freaks out during thunder storms. 1/2 chew has proven to be just what she needs to calm down. I found a whole was just too much. Works wonderfully!

  307. Dawn S. (verified owner)

    My dog, Stacy, is a big dog who is afraid of loud noises, gunshots, lightning, thunder, fireworks, anything that she can hear and not place the sound to. She goes crazy by either digging holes and chewing on anything she can sink her teeth into. Metal, aluminum, and screens on windows and doors included!
    I first bought the treatibles in Colorado to see if they would work for her. I give her around 2 or 3 just to calm her down. She will then go in her doghouse and lay down. I then found you online and ordered more. I have a little dog that I just give him 1 of the small chews because I have to be fair in giving goodies! He’s not afraid of anything but it calms him also.

  308. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Treatibles are helping our old dog stay healthy and alive.

  309. Anne Jeanne Radtke (verified owner)

    Work great for fireworks and storms.

  310. Paula (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these chews. They totally help my doggy calm down and sleep better. I give him 1 1/2 every nite and they help so much. I would highly recommend them. I began giving them to my dog that has neurological incidents, too, and he hasn’t had one since he started on them.

  311. Anonymous (verified owner)

  312. George Dunkerly (verified owner)

    our little dog used to have a neurological incident every two week now every four months.

  313. Dewayne Vaughan (verified owner)

  314. Christa G. (verified owner)

    My Maltipoo is ridiculously finicky but luckily she loves these treatibles. She is 11 and I want to keep her as young and agile as possible. This is my second purchase of turkey treatibles.

  315. Carol P. (verified owner)

    Not only do these chews help my dog, but the customer service from this company is outstanding. When I had a small complaint, they had a person, a real person, answer me. They gave me a good explanation and a coupon for a future purchase. That kind of service makes for repeat customers.

  316. Lynne (verified owner)

    Treatibles kept our dog walking the last few years of his life. Every time he started getting a little worse, and, like a miracle he would manage a little better. He just passed, 17 and 3 months, still 70+ pounds. They were like a miracle.

  317. B.J. Kress (verified owner)

    I have a BC with major anxiety about wasp, storms, guns & fireworks! This makes him mrore relaxed to handle all.

  318. Bernice (verified owner)

    Thank you! It’s so helpful!

  319. linda n. (verified owner)

  320. Gail Andersen (verified owner)

    both my two little papillons & my cat love these and mellow out in about 10 minutes

  321. Wende (verified owner)

  322. Carole N. (verified owner)

    My Giant Schnauzer has been on Treatibles for a couple of years now and normally I gave her the Tater Tot Pumpkin chew. This time I went with the Turkey and she doesn’t seem to like it as much. The treatibles have been effective for managing discomfort, so the efficacy is not an issue. Because she’s old, I would love to give her soft chews but they seem more expensive. Still, at 14, my Giant still takes daily walks even after 2 surgeries and I believe the Treatibles have played a big part in sustaining her mobility.

  323. Gina P. (verified owner)

    My two dogs get 2 Treatibles (calm) after their evening walk. They love the taste and I love that it helps to calm them down in the evening.

  324. Abel (verified owner)

  325. Susan S. (verified owner)

    Our dog loves them and we give them once a day for anxiety.

  326. Bernice (verified owner)

    I am so grateful that Treatibles could get the Turkey Hard Chews to me in 2 days! My dog, Chaco, is a picky eater. He also has neurological incidents. The other day our local pet store was out of the turkey so I gave him pumpkin. He wouldn’t eat it which is too bad because later that morning Chaco had an incident and I think he wouldn’t have if he’d eaten the Treatibles Hard Chew. I was able to borrow some Turkey hard chews to last me a couple of days and thankfully Treatibles was able to get more to me before I ran out. The product is GREAT for Chaco. These hard chews seem to prevent his neurological incidents.

  327. susie (verified owner)

    I have a Paradise fire rescue dog who is beyond energetic and they have helped with her energy level.

  328. Kim M. (verified owner)

    We love the treatibles, we have a 80 pound pit bull who is terrified of thunderstorms, fireworks, or gun shots, and since we live in the country in Oklahoma she hears that alot. We only give her 1 chew when she needs it and she calls down without being lethargic.

  329. Stephen Cunningham (verified owner)

  330. Heather Lilla (verified owner)

  331. RoseAnn Hill (verified owner)

    We have been using The hard-chew Treatibles for quite some time now for separation anxiety with both of our rescued pittie-mix girls. It made a huge difference, virtually illuminating destractive behavior that was occurring while I was away working as a realtor. We were able to take our younger daughter-dog Jasmine off of a vet prescribed med., which relieves me greatly. Our older girl Lacy is also starting to have some joint stiffness; Treatibles seem to help with that as well.

  332. Jeff W. (verified owner)

    For some odd reason these seem to work better than the last bag we had with this particular dog. His problem is an aversion to loud noise (thunder, fire works) but we made it through this Independence Day in relative calm thanks to this bag of Treatibles. Thank you.

  333. James (verified owner)

  334. Sherrie K. (verified owner)

  335. Mary G. (verified owner)

  336. Kim C. (verified owner)

    Have a Chow with a mouth issue and these are softer chews that he can easily break up and eat. He loves the flavor and they are definitely helping with discomfort.

  337. Toni K. (verified owner)

    Treatibles help my older dog’s mood, appetite, skin/coat, and muscle/joint stiffness. I give her either the chews or oil daily, and she feels so much better and is less skittish. Her biggest problem is thunderstorm anxiety–so severe that not much helps. Treatibles at least take the edge off in a natural way, although I have to watch the weather forecast and give her an extra dose before the storm begins.

  338. William (verified owner)

    My dog has separation anxiety when my wife leaves to go on trips. He will whine, and go off of his food. Giving him Treatibles while she is gone has made these symptoms disappear.

  339. Anonymous (verified owner)

  340. Bonnie J. (verified owner)

    I love this product. I think my fur babies might like the pumpkin flavor better, but they work reguardless. When there are fireworks or thunderstorms my pets go from running room to room scared, to relaxed and calmly laying on the couch.

  341. Carol P. (verified owner)

    I use these to help my Livestock Guardian Dog with mobility issues. They work so well. She is able to move freely and has an improved appetite simply because she is no longer uncomfortable. What a difference these have made in her life.

  342. Jan M C. (verified owner)

    Our Golden is overly anxious & excitable. He gets a chew after breakfast & another after dinner. HUGE difference in the anxiety factor! When we know he’s going to be in a stressful situation we automatically give him extra chews & he’s very chill. Highly recommend this product!

  343. Melissa (verified owner)

  344. virginia (verified owner)

    they calm my dog during thunderstorms and fireworks
    she is much calmer

  345. Linda Cobb (verified owner)

  346. John (verified owner)

    Seems to have taken the edge off our european gsd. Most welcomed!!

  347. Erica Tompkins (verified owner)

  348. Christa H. (verified owner)

    My dog loves these, and he seems to be limping less now

  349. Meggie Y. (verified owner)

    We love these! Started using for our dog after extensive injuries led to numerous surgeries, to help with discomfort. Now we use them on walks as jackpots to ease his anxiety. We have noticed a change in his behavior during walks and will continue to use them!

  350. James Morgan (verified owner)

    Our dogs love these ! And they help with their energy.

  351. Catherine W. (verified owner)

    My dog has gotten more afraid of thunder and fireworks as he’s gotten older. These treats have helped us during 2 thunderstorms now! Instead of hiding in the bathtub he just lays beside us. My dog survived firework season because of the chews and was even able to be outside while fireworks were going off all around the neighborhood. He’s a new dog and we will definitely continue to purchase from Treatibles!

  352. Katelyn (verified owner)

    My picky shepherd mix even likes these, which is saying something. I have to admit the almost unanimous five-star reviews really sold me on the treatible products. My Golden was just diagnosed with irregular skin cells and I wanted to make him comfortable for car rides to and from the vet for his injections. These frequent vet trips have been equally difficult on our other dog with separation anxiety. Just one of these chews seems to put him at ease without knocking him out like a tranquilizer. I am definitely going to be buying these for my fur babies again.

  353. Julie Nowell (verified owner)

    my dog Nikita has been taking these since 2016, and has had only 1 neurological incident, and that was almost 3 years ago, very happy

  354. Denise B. (verified owner)

  355. Jodie (verified owner)

  356. Valerie B. (verified owner)

    Both dogs really like these chews, too!

  357. Lynn VanOrden (verified owner)

  358. nancy j hotch (verified owner)

    Not sure yet but it seems like they are helping my pets.

  359. Cynthia cooper (verified owner)

    My dog loves them I just wish they were more affordable. I also wish I would receive specials or coupons on my next order I’ve been ordering them a lot

  360. virginia (verified owner)

    this helps my dog with her anxiety

  361. Karen R. (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. It really helps our pups (mini Australian Shepherds) calm down. Love it.

  362. Anonymous (verified owner)

  363. Anonymous (verified owner)

  364. Peggy Riel (verified owner)

    My older dog seems much happier and relaxed. She has discomfort in her back and it seems to alleviate it.

  365. Denise B. (verified owner)

    Was using a hemp chew recommended from vet, discovered your band from a friend. After reading the ingredients was totally on board as it surpassed what vet recommended. BTW, my vet is now a big fan of the product too. Win Win!!

  366. George Dunkerly (verified owner)

    since we started out small dog on turkey chew he has not had one neurological incident in over two months before that he was having two every two weeks

  367. Mary G. (verified owner)

  368. Barbara Jones (verified owner)

  369. Meg F. (verified owner)

  370. Laura (verified owner)

    I thank the day I discovered Treatibles! I have two rescue dogs that both came with major anxiety issues + joint discomfort + the whole thunderstorm scenario + adrenal issues with one of them. Treatibles has been a godsend. I have been giving these to my dogs for over a year now. I like them because they work quickly, have no residual issues, are not expensive and come as a tasty chew. I recommend them to everyone. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  371. KAREN (verified owner)

    my older Germ Shep felt better after 2 days

  372. Debbie H. (verified owner)

    Product really works, calms but not knock out

  373. Sylvia (verified owner)

  374. Amy (verified owner)

  375. Cathy J. (verified owner)

    These should be called Life-Savers! Our 16 year old Sheltie Sammie I am sure would not be able to function with out these. She absolutely loves them. I buy all 3 flavors and mix them up. We noticed back when we started them her panting due to discomfort almost diminished. They are also wonderful for the car ride to the vet. At her age she knows that it’s not a pleasant journey. I highly recommend these life savers for your fur babies!

  376. Tom P. (verified owner)

  377. Kevin Beauvais (verified owner)

  378. Carol P. (verified owner)

    Two of these chews a day have given my big dog new life. She is active and doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable anymore. And she eats them! I love what they do for her.

  379. virginia desantis (verified owner)

  380. Kathy (verified owner)

    My dog is nearing on 11 years old. I believe the naturally occurring CBD chews keep her “young and active”.

  381. Doris (verified owner)

  382. Jeanne (verified owner)

    These chews definitely take the edge off my dog’s storm anxiety. They don’t make him dopey, just a bit more relaxed. I think they work to reduce his stress whereas the thunder shirt didn’t do a thing for him.

  383. Linda (verified owner)

  384. Sandra G. (verified owner)

    Our dog has noise related fears…they calm him down and keep him even.

  385. Jane T. (verified owner)

  386. Barbara Jones (verified owner)

  387. Laura C. (verified owner)

    My fussy dog loves the flavor and does the trick to make him more comfortable.

  388. Anonymous (verified owner)

  389. Sara V. (verified owner)

    Great for calming my dogs seperation anxiety.

  390. Angela (verified owner)

  391. Karen R. (verified owner)

    My pups love these.

  392. STEVEN (verified owner)

    My dog loves them

  393. Rebecca T. (verified owner)

    My dog loves the flavors and they seem to help with his aches and discomfort.

  394. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Helps level behavior of ACTIVE, young golden retriever

  395. ellen (verified owner)

  396. cynthia cooper (verified owner)

  397. Aaron (verified owner)

    Our dog LOVES them. Hard to tell how much they affect her, but we usually only give her one at a time to “take the edge off.”

  398. Gina Olsen

    My dog Ruby is loving these chews! She gets so excited when I grab the bag. I personally like them because not only are they good for Ruby but they also smell good! Thank you!

  399. Isabel S. (verified owner)

    My dog Jack has joint stiffness and has had surgery. Since he has been taking this for 2 months now, he has been walking, jumping and feeling so much better. Amazing product..

  400. Lori Daniels (verified owner)

  401. Doris (verified owner)

  402. Anonymous (verified owner)

  403. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have 2 dogs — one is SUPER picky — I am so glad that she likes these!

  404. April L. (verified owner)

    My 12 yr old black lab loves all the flavors. It helps keep her tummy calm with her meds for joint stiffness.

  405. Anne Albanez (verified owner)

    My little furry one just loves them and I can see a difference in her overall attitude and energy. She’s almost 15 yrs old and was starting to have her senior moments.

  406. Peggy M. (verified owner)

  407. Pat Swallows (verified owner)

  408. Wendy Munson (verified owner)

    They certainly helped our almost 12 year old doberman who struggles with stiff joints. He is walking better even trotting again after only a couple of days of eating the treatibles. He seems more relaxed and comfortable also.

  409. Khristine Sellin (verified owner)

    The dogs love these! Can’t tell yet how effective they are.

  410. Catherine (verified owner)

  411. Pam Wohl (verified owner)

  412. Linda (verified owner)

    Makes bedtime a great time

  413. Sarah Smith (verified owner)

    My little dog loves these . The quality is great. I feel good feeding them to her.

  414. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are wonderful for our almost 16 year old Queensland Heeler. And even better, she absolutely loves them! Other brands she would refuse to eat.

  415. Ivanarae (verified owner)

  416. Kathy Brennan-Kavanagh (verified owner)

    Fionn loves them????

  417. theodore H. (verified owner)

    My dog loves them. He sleeps better and has enhanced mobility.

  418. Gloria H. (verified owner)

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    Very efficient and easy to get. Works just great.

  420. Laura Sunbury (verified owner)

  421. Brad

  422. Sandra (verified owner)

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    They will eat them , but I have to add something like chicken before.

  424. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It seems to be working. My girl is moving better, has more energy and her apetit has picked up. I am impressed

  425. Laura Valler (verified owner)

    Really love these for my Rat Terrier/Chihuaha Mix. Calms his anxiety well.

  426. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My 13 year old border collie mix loves the taste of these hard chews. However, after 2 weeks, we have NOT a seen significant improvement in her mobility, but our vet indicated that it may take 3 to 4 weeks to see positive results. It may be helpful for others to knows the results may not be immediate.

  427. Korinne (verified owner)

    works great!

  428. Kim Berg (verified owner)

    Love em

  429. Breanna Griego-Schmitt, PhD (verified owner)

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  436. Anonymous (verified owner)

  437. Mary H. (verified owner)

    I give my 70# Pitbull Caesar 2 chews a day. One turkey flavor and one sweet potato. He enjoys both flavors and I am hopeful that they will alleviate his anxiety over fireworks on New Years Eve.

  438. Dena B. (verified owner)

  439. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My dog loves these.

  440. Britney Ramirez (verified owner)

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    Has really helped my 12 year old Springer Spaniel when she gets anxious.

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    My dog loves these and I can tell they help him relax and stay calm!

  452. Roberta Kauwenaole (verified owner)

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    My senior dog loves them

  454. Julie (verified owner)

    These worked like magic. About 15 minutes after the first dose Baloo was feeling better and moving more freely. Now we add drops to the chews and that is even better. We tried another brand first and it was not nearly as effective so we are sticking with treatibles.

  455. martha (verified owner)

    my tm loves these!

  456. Matthew E. (verified owner)

    My 13 year old Beagle/Aussie Shepherd was struggling with joint stiffness. After a few short weeks of taking this product, my dog has made great strides in his movement. He seems to be more spry and even lost some weight.

  457. Cheryl (verified owner)

  458. Diane C. (verified owner)

    Love you guys! My dog had a hip injury a couple of years ago, and when I found treatibles, it helped more than any other product! I tried a local hemp chew company, and my dog wouldn’t eat it at all! I’ll stick with you guys!

  459. Rachel F. (verified owner)

  460. Gerald D (verified owner)

    My granddaughter’s dog, Max loves Your products.

  461. Joyce (verified owner)

    thank you for these chews!! My doggies love them and it’s helping one with their joint stiffness.

  462. Melanie A. (verified owner)

    I’ve been giving my girl 2 a day in the morning and she is doing so much better with getting around. Definitely will. Reorder

  463. DAWNE (verified owner)

    My dogs love these! So far, turkey is their favorite flavor, but they also like the blueberry and pumpkin. They haven’t tried the sweet potato yet.

  464. Elsie (verified owner)

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  466. Sara S. (verified owner)

    The dogs love the flavor. Great addition to our training

  467. Elisabeth Ollis

  468. Christin Sonneborn (verified owner)

    Your product is excellent. My only issue was with shipping which I contacted your customer service about. The USPS took exceptionally long to deliver this item. Maybe consider an alternative vendor (FedEX, UPS) in the future?

  469. Linda C. (verified owner)

    Just tried them tonight for Thanksgiving. We had a bunch of people over and I thought it may help with anxiety. I think it did help some. She didn’t get so worked up like she usually does. I’m looking forward to trying it again.

  470. Anonymous (verified owner)

  471. Katherine G. (verified owner)

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  473. CHARLOTTE WERNER (verified owner)

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  477. JOANNE K. (verified owner)

    My two Akitas love the chews. I have only given them the chews twice, so it is too soon for me to tell if it will help with their anxiety and aggression toward other dogs.

  478. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Treatibles are great!! I recommend them to everyone with a fur baby especially the small or toy babies

  479. Cheryl (verified owner)

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    First bag of this flavor but all 4 seem to like these as well.

  486. Leanne A. (verified owner)

    Rocky suffers from anxiety. He was born at the Humane Society and we couldn’t bring him home until he was 5 months old, and we believe the many unseen sounds attributed to his jumpy-ness! I give him 1 1/2 chews before we go out, go to the vet, groomer, etc… It really helps him be less anxious and jumpy.
    This is the 3rd pack I’ve bought and he’s loved the flavor of all chews. Treatibles is the only full spectrum hemp oil brand of dog chews I’ll buy, mainly because I know what’s in it.

  487. Spencer (verified owner)

  488. Spencer (verified owner)

  489. Rachel (verified owner)

  490. Kimberly B. (verified owner)

  491. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My dog loves these and calms him without being “loopy”. Great customer service too!

  492. Karen Riebe (verified owner)

    This has helped my dogs inflammation in his joints

  493. MICHELE W. (verified owner)

    Overall, I’m happy with the product. It works very well for one of my dogs. I think the dosing might be a tad off. My little 7lb maltese eats a full chew and it works well for her. We have lots of construction going on around the house and the nailguns make her nervous. Theses chews made a big difference. My other 10lb maltese ate just one and it didn’t do a thing for him. He’s right on the border of eating one or a little more (according to the weight on the package). I have found that he needs one and a half or maybe two. I haven’t given him two yet but one and a half doesn’t do much for him either. It could be that he is just a high strung little guy. I also wish there was some instruction stating how often to give these treats. I’ve only given them 1x per day so far, but I’ve wondered if they could have more than one dose, if necessary.

    I would recommend these treats as an alternative to any prescription as a great place to start. Also, my little one doesn’t have any teeth, but doesn’t have any issues eating these. I break them into small pieces and she eats them just fine. They are not “hard” like you would think. They crumble easily.

    A Note from Treatibles:
    We had the pleasure of speaking with Michele, and were able to offer some assistance with dosage. We offer a starting dosage suggestion as a place to begin for pet parents, but being that every pets’ endocannabinoid system is extremely unique, we do encourage pet parents to experiment with an increased or decreased dosage as needed to best fit the individual pet. Our starting dosage suggestion for the small chews is one chew for every 10 pounds of body weight, so we would suggest one chew to start for both the 7 and 10 pound Maltese. It sounds like while the one chew may be appropriate for the smaller Maltese, the high strung little man has a higher dosage recommendation. The appropriate range for a dog can range anywhere from .1 mg per lb which is our starting dosage suggestion, all the way up to 1 mg per pound, which for this little guy would be 10 whole chews. Treatibles are safe and non-toxic, you cannot overdose, so we encouraged Michele to offer the 2 full chews to the “high strung” man, with continual increases if needed until the desired effect is achieved.
    This dosage can be given every 4-8 hours as needed, as repetitively and long-term as deemed necessary.

  494. ELIZABETH MALONEY (verified owner)

  495. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Works great for my old girl

  496. Christin S. (verified owner)

  497. James J Morgan (verified owner)

    Our dogs love this and are doing well and it calms them down

  498. Veronica (verified owner)

    These seem to calm him. He likes all three flavors. Will definitely buy again

  499. Andrea Bendis-Munday (verified owner)

  500. Eva B. (verified owner)

    My dog has separation anxiety. Treatibles have greatly helped her. Her vets have noticed the difference. She loves the turkey chews. We also use the drops. I also put some drops on my cat’s dry food. My cat eats the food with the drops on first, then eats the rest.

  501. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Too soon to really tell. But Treatables seem to be helping our senior dog sleep at night.

  502. Barbara (verified owner)