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A Natural Approach to Flea Control for Your Pet

image of a dog hoping for flea control

Fleas are tiny .12-inch blood sucking parasites that can wreak havoc on your house. From biting to transmitting tapeworm larva to pets, these insects can cause everything from irritation to infestation of your pet’s skin and coat. And they can be difficult to eradicate. One of the reasons for this is that even if one manages to eliminate all of the adult fleas, the eggs they leave behind can start the infestation all over again. 

There are four life stages of a flea: 

  • Egg – an adult flea can lay as many as 28 eggs a day on a dog or cat. Many will fall off of a pet and land throughout a house. Wherever they land is where they grow. 
  • Larva – the worm like form that hatches from the egg 
  • Pupa – similar to a cocoon. The larva continues to grow from 10 to 200 days. 
  • Adult – this is the insect you see on your pet (or in your carpet, on furniture, etc.). The adult flea lives an average of six weeks but can survive much long. 

This explains why fleas can be found days or weeks after treating pets and property. 

There are many chemical solutions for flea control, however they can be toxic and even cause serious health problems for pets. In 2018, the FDA issued an alert to pet parents and veterinarians about flea/tick products containing isoxazoline. 

Instead, we recommend opting for chemical-free products that work to repel fleas. These products generally contain essential oils like neem, lavender, cedar, geranium and others. There are several sprays and wipes that pet parents swear by, including: 

There are also natural ways to rid the home (and yard) of fleas, as well as eggs, larva and pupa: 

Even after ridding your pet from fleas, it takes some time for bites to heal. Treatibles Topical Cream featuring full-spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD can provide quick relief from the misery of flea and other bug bites. Ingredients like shea butter and organic coconut oil soothe while the hemp oil and aloe vera work to repair the skin. Great for dogs, cats (and you!). 



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