How To Keep Your Pet Active in the Winter

dog sitting on a couch active for the winter

We know you have had enough of the wintry weather. We have news for you, it just got started. You have a few months to endure therefore you may as well accept it and find ways to enjoy it. Your winter blues may also impact your pet. Why? Well, you no longer enjoy long walks or outdoor playtime. The sooner you can get indoors the better. Just like you need to stay active even in the winter, so does your pet. They need to keep moving so they can stay healthy. So how do you keep your pet active in the winter? It starts with you! You need to get motivated. While you were busy shopping for winter clothes for dogs you forgot to buy winter clothes for yourself. More importantly, you need clothing you can wear while on walks or outdoors. Cats do not apply here, since it is easy for them to stay active regardless of the weather.  

Winter pet activity is not just about fun, it is about wellness. Dogs need to stay active to burn calories. The only way to prevent weight gain, in conjunction with diet, is to exercise your pet in the winter as well. You know what happens when you do not move your body or eat well. Your pet needs you to motivate them to move in the winter. Also, remember they do not have enough control to force you to take them out for a walk or participate in activities. This is why people say having a dog is like having a child, they must be entertained and fed, with no days off. You have probably seen people using a doggy treadmill as a winter pet activity. If you decide to go this route do not leave your pet unattended and make sure you get tips from a pet care expert.  

Here are a few winter exercises for dogs:  

1. Play Indoor Fetch: Amazingly simple yet effective. You can have a few toys or something simple. You can time this winter pet activity as well. A good ten minutes of fetch or spread it out throughout the day. If you work from home, this is a fantastic way to get yourself and your dog moving around midday.  

2. Obstacle course for dogs: A fun activity for you and your dog. Get the whole family involved! A wonderful way to entertain the kids and your dog. It is also a terrific opportunity for training. Who knows, maybe your dog is the next obstacle course champion?!  

3. Treasure hunt for dogs: Another great activity for the whole family. This winter exercise for dogs can keep your dog quite busy for hours! Your dog can earn treats and look for toys while enjoying winter pet activity. Tip: Treats and a familiar toy are the best options. Using a toy your dog never plays with probably won’t entice them to participate. Treats will get your dog excited to get in on the fun. 

4. Doggie play dates: Yes, play dates in the winter are essential. Keep your pup active with doggie play dates. A lot of dog owners forget that dogs need to socialize with other dogs even in the winter. If you have friends with dogs encourage them to bring their dog to your home when they visit or offer to dog sit. Do not turn down play dates simply because it is cold outside. 

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