Where To Buy Sustainable Pet Costumes  

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Where To Buy Sustainable Pet Costumes  

Sustainable living is not a trend. It is a lifestyle that our grandparents and great-grandparents used to swear by. If you have older siblings, you most likely inherited hand-me-downs. Back then, wearing the newest clothing did necessarily make you. Having a homemade prom dress was something to celebrate. This ideal also extended to the costume your dog Rover wore on Halloween. Your pet’s costume was made at home and used more than once. Rover may have worn the same thing for Halloween every year! We know you love to dress up your pet for Halloween. We do too! Before you run to the store, we hope you consider sustainable pet costume options.  

DIY Pet Costume: Make it yourself with what you have in your home. It is time to get the sewing kit out and get creative. You can use old clothing for fabric. This is a cost-effective and sustainable way to dress your pet up every year. You may also want to reuse your creation next year! Even if you must go to the craft store to get extra material for your costume, your costume is still sustainable. Remember, being sustainable is not just about where you purchase your clothing. You can do this simply by repurposing what you have in your home or closet! Another fun, easy costume is using food-safe paint. Yes! Use your imagination. Maybe painting bat wings on your pup would look cool?! This option definitely tops the list of the best sustainable pet costumes choice.  

Gently Loved Pet Costumes: Buy gently used pet costumes. Poshmark is a great online platform that sells preloved clothing. Not only can you shop for yourself, but you can also buy the best sustainable pet costumes. Guess what? You can sell your gently worn pet costumes too! It is a win all-round. Facebook Marketplace also allows pet owners to buy and sell used pet clothing.  

Get Accessories: Keep it simple. We know it is fun to dress your pet up for Halloween. Sometimes all you need is a fun spooky bandana, t-shirt, or sweater. 

Unbelievably, this is one area where the pet industry is still lagging. Yes, some brands use ethical practices to manufacture their pet costumes. They even go a step ahead by avoiding fabrics that are not good for the environment. But we cannot designate any brand now as a sustainable pet clothing brand since buying a new costume year after year is not ideal for the environment. It only works if you do the buy-and-sell method to ensure your costume does not end up in a landfill.  

If you decide to purchase your pet costume, we recommend BaxterBoo. This pet retailer curates eco-friendly dog costumes and products, including Halloween costumes.  

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