Does Your Dog Need Winter Clothing?

image of 2 dogs in winter clothing

Now that the colder weather has made its annual entrance, it is time to bring out warmer clothing. Some people love this time of year! Warm cider and pumpkin everything excites them; all the fun outdoor winter activities they love to do. If you are a pet owner, particularly a dog owner, winter gear for your dog crosses your mind the minute the leaves turn amber. Before you run out and buy dog winter clothes, you need to know what your dog needs rather than what is stylish or trending. Hopefully, you will make a good purchase and not need to buy winter clothes for your dog yearly.  

But we must quickly dive into the question, does your dog need winter clothing? People who live in places that experience harsh chilly weather and snow will most like need winter clothes for dogs. The salt sprinkled on ice hurts their delicate paws, so winter booties in such areas are necessary. Some dogs are more than okay with a sweater or light jacket. The breed of your dog needs to be considered. For example, a Husky typically would not require winter clothes for dogs. But if you live in the city booties might be needed for salted sidewalks. It is easy to get sold by cute Instagram pet clothing ads makes think you need to participate in the trend. You do not! Perhaps you follow a dog influencer, and they are always dressed to impress. Winter clothes for dogs should be about practicality and style should come second.  

What you should consider before you buy winter clothes for dogs

  1. Quality: As you know, we think sustainability is important. So as much as we love dressing up our pets, we understand that we need to be mindful of the environment. Winter clothes for dogs get better each year. Your pup may have an impressive wardrobe that you love to add more clothing. If you must, go for quality and longevity.  
  1. Your Dog: What breed is your dog? Does your dog need a parka or a sweater? Dog boots? Some dogs need a sweater all year long, particularly at night. Miniature breeds with short hair and smaller dogs will need winter clothes. Dogs with less body fat like Greyhounds will need winter clothes for dogs. Some dogs are simply fine in the winter and may only need winter booties to protect their paws from salt. We have a great blog on winter pet care “Pet Skincare: Winter Skin Blues.” Also, consider your dog’s age. Age impacts heat regulation for some senior dogs.  
  1. Where You Live: Do you live in California? Or do you live in Montana? Does it rain more than snow? It is important to take every factor into consideration. A California pup does not need a parka or winter boots. A French bulldog or Whippet that lives in Montana will definitely need winter clothes for dogs. Remember, you should remove winter clothes while your dog is indoors to prevent overheating. Also, wearing wet clothing can cause skin irritations.  

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