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“These work amazing for calming my hyper active small dog during thunderstorms. Without them he pants, jumps on everything and barks during the duration of the storm. He has many allergies and I am relieved to say these are PERFECT for him.”

—Jill H.

“My dogs love this hemp chew. They are anxious when we leave them and these really do help them. They are finicky eaters, but devour these chews in a second! Thank you for making these.”

—Kelly T.

“My German Shepherd absolutely loves these chews! She’s a rescue and has anxiety issues. As long as I have these on hand she’s fine, it’s all natural and I control the dosage. She’s not taking pills that could harm her later in life and she loves the blueberry flavor! You can see the blueberries in the chew so you know it’s not artificial flavoring. Just another reason to love and trust Treatibles.”

♥️~ Kensi’s Mom

“Helped my 12 year old’s mobility, miraculously! He could barely get up and walk, and now he has the same energy and enthusiasm he had years ago! 100% improvement due to the chews!”

—Jeff S.

“My sweet girl is 14 this year and has started to feel her age. These help her relax and she seems to have gained more of her appetite back as well! Will be ordering on a regular basis from now on!”

—Alexis C.

“Our 17-year-old, yowling Buttercup responded very well to the soft chewables–no more yowling and much more peaceful.”

—Mary M.

“Love it, I have used to socialize my feral kitten and continue to use with a smaller dosage. It has made him a totally different cat. Now he’s a happy well adjusted indoor cat.”

—Lisa L.

“This really helps our 13 year old dog with his general crankiness and sore joints. Great product, consistent quality. Very happy.”

—Carlton F.

“This oil is the only thing that has helped my boy. He was diagnosed with a serious digestive tract problem last year and we were at the vet almost weekly with one issue or another. At one point he was put on supportive care because his system was so depleted. After talking to an employee at a local pet store, she recommended this product. I figured I had nothing to lose, he was so sick and I was spending so much money and he wasn’t getting better. After 24 hours of being on the oil, he made a complete recovery. He gets 7 drops twice a day and no more visits to the vet.”

—Kathy R.

“Our gentle giant, a mastiff topping 150 lbs at under two years, had a disheartening diagnosis as well as a host of behavioral issues (including separation anxiety, fear-based aggression, resource guarding, and destructiveness). We’ve thrown everything at him and Treatibles has real staying power when it comes to mitigating his aggression and anxiety. It also clearly has a positive effect on his diet and discomfort levels. And he loves the peppermint oil variant even more than the original!”

—Oz B.

“This stuff is great!! Not too greasy and easy to apply. My dog scraped his nose trying to bury something so it was really red and irritated. He let me put this on with no fuss and didn’t try licking it either. It looked much better after just 12 hours. And now it’s all healed. Little goes a long way.”

—Grace M.

“My elderly female BordieCollie/Australian Shephard mix seems to do much better when she gets her Hemp Oil capsules twice a day. I notice that she is much more likely to socialize with other dogs when she feels her best & I saw her go after a younger male canine the other day with her tail wagging and wagging.”

—Paulette H.

“These capsules have been so helpful keeping my pet healthy, it helps his mobility and helps keep him calmer.”

—Kristin B

These testimonials are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Testimonials are written by actual customers and represent their own observations. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other pets.

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