Soft Chewables
Beef Liver Flavor
3 mg CBD for dogs

Intro Pack, 3 mg per chew, 12 ct, for dogs
Full Size, 3 mg per chew, approx. 60 ct, for dogs(21¢/mg CBD)

(221 customer reviews)

New Look! New Recipe!

Dogs barked for richer flavor and we listened. Our Soft Chewables have been reformulated with even more of the delicious beef liver flavor dogs crave! The new heart-shaped Chewables are more resistant to crumbling and can be served whole or easily divided.

Treatibles Soft Chewables are ideal for senior dogs or those who prefer a softer consistency. These Chewables feature Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, turmeric, papain and bromelain.

Status of good standing with NASC

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Soft Chewables For Dogs Beef Liver Flavor

each chewable contains 3mg CBD


1 chewable per every 30 lbs of your dog’s weight
Based on your dog’s needs you may increase to a maximum of 10 chewables per 30 lbs of your dog’s weight
Example: A 30 lb dog receives 1 chewable, a 60 lb dog receives 2 chewables
Administer every 4-8 hours as needed

  •  For pets needing extra support, administration can be increased
  •  Treatibles are free of heavy metals, pesticides and biocontaminants
  •  Pet parents should observe their pet before and after administration of Treatibles to determine optimal response. You know your pet better than anyone else

Treatibles chewables will stay fresh for up to 2 years when tightly sealed and stored in a cool, dry place.

all of our CBD products provide


Helps maintain normal emotional balance and promotes relaxation.


Supports digestive tract health and assists the immune system.


Enhances function of joints and connective tissue.


3 mg CBD
10 mg Turmeric (95% Curcuminoid)
4 mg Papain (Papaya)
2 mg Bromelain (Pineapple stem)

More about our Quality Ingredients

Beef Liver, Calcium Propionate, Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, Citrus Pectin, Flaxseed Oil, Grain Free Brewer’s Yeast, Gum Arabic, Glycerin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Mixed Tocopherols, Salt, Sodium Alginate, Sorbic Acid, Sweet Potato Powder, Sunflower Lecithin, Water

Turmeric and Papain Ingredients

Soft Chewables For Dogs Beef Liver Flavor back of Packaging

why cannabidiol (CBD)

Is it hard for your pet to get up?

Is your pet anxious?

Does your dog chase their tail all day?

Is your pet’s skin irritated?

Is your pet nervous?

Do you have a senior pet?

Do thunderstorms freak out your pet?

Does your pet lick, lick and lick?

Do you have a puppy?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, there’s a treatibles® for that.

Dogs barked for richer flavor and we listened.

Our Soft Chewables have been reformulated with even more of the delicious beef liver flavor dogs crave! The new heart-shaped Chewables are more resistant to crumbling and can be served whole or easily divided.  You can count on milligram consistency with each chewable.

Treatibles Soft Chewables are ideal for senior dogs or those who prefer a softer consistency.

These Chewables feature Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, turmeric, papain and bromelain.  These active ingredients were chosen as they work synergistically to improve your dog’s overall health.

Not sure which Treatibles to choose for your dog?

All our products have the same active ingredients, so choose which product you think your pet will enjoy most!  For pets needing a daily regimen of Treatibles, we suggest choosing the type of product that they love, whether it’s hard chews, soft chews, oil, etc.  You can also combine products to keep your pet happy and comfortable!

Don’t be surprised when you see the calming effects for your anxious or jumpy dog, or even your puppy that may have separation anxiety.  With so many reasons to use CBD, you may find that each of your dog’s needs Treatibles for different reasons, whether that be for joint care and eliminating inflammation, reducing anxiety or even addressing digestive upset.

  •  For pets needing extra support, administration can be increased
  •  Treatibles are free of heavy metals, pesticides and biocontaminants
  •  Pet parents should observe their pet before and after administration of Treatibles to determine optimal response. You know your pet better than anyone else
Weight .33 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.9 × 3.5 in
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Intro Pack 3 mg $10, Full size 3 mg $38, Case of 12 $415

221 reviews for Soft Chewables
Beef Liver Flavor
3 mg CBD for dogs

  1. Elizabeth F. (verified owner)

    These work to mellow out our terriers!

  2. Sally (verified owner)

    Senior dog. Love these during thunderstorms, fireworks or those occasional restless nights.

  3. Lisa Lewis (verified owner)

    Our 15 year old dog seems to be feeling less discomfort from his joint problems in the back legs/pelvis. Whereas he was moving very slowly on short walks around the neighborhood, he is now running/loping for 6-7 blocks, dragging me along! I can’t keep up! And even after he slows to a walk, it’s a very fast walk. This is a significant improvement since we started giving him 2 chewables per evening.

  4. Carin S. (verified owner)

    This product helps my senior dog stay calm during high stress situations. He has a fear of power tools and we are currently working on several projects. He now lays calmly on the couch.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Favorite of the leader, who needed ease in his joints

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This really works! Keeps my dog calmed. I have to smash it into his food, but only because my dog is a senior picky dog.

  7. Rachel F. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product. Our girl, who is actively being treated by a veterinarian for certain medical issues, has been using these chews for many years. We suppliment her conventional medical treatment
    with these chews and they truly seem to help ease her joint discomfort and have an overall calming effect.

  8. Mary Ann McMillen (verified owner)

    Nice addition to secretly add to my dogs food to help with their stiff joints.

  9. Marci W. (verified owner)

    I’ve been very pleased with both treatibles’ customer support and chews! My baby Luca is a 74lb Golden Retriever, who just turned 1yr old. I find that giving him 2 chews as a ‘treat’ every 4hrs as needed definitely seems to take any edge off his anxiety

  10. Anthony (verified owner)

    The chews were easily taken by both dogs. May just not have been strong enough for their size. Suggest working with someone there to ensure a positive experience for the pups. Dosage listed may be on the low end for larger size dogs that require more.

  11. Jennifer (verified owner)

    These pet chewable CBD products have been very helpful with easing our older dog’s anxiety. They certainly help us provide him with palliative care to keep him calm and content while living out the remaining days of his life.

  12. Ron (verified owner)

    Dogs love them!! My pup would not jump on couch for a long time after giving them these chews she jumps right up on her own!!

  13. Cathy McCullar (verified owner)

    My dogs love your products! And so do I.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our 16 year old Maltese has been on these at least a year and is moving around like a puppy, despite is lack of hearing and dementia. He loves taking them and they have been a game-changer for his bad back and aging bones. I’m getting ready to order yet again.

  15. Kathryn I. (verified owner)

  16. Alexis (verified owner)

  17. Adrienne (verified owner)

    Very helpful to my Elder statesman (15yr old)

  18. Chris (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves these!! They also help with her anxiety. Thanks Treatables!!

  19. Christina Hernandez (verified owner)

  20. Angela

    Bacardi loves these chews! I give him 2 CBD chews every morning to help with his stiffness. As he has gotten older I began to notice he was having issues getting up off of the hardwood floors. I have been giving him these chews for a little over 3 weeks now and I believe they are really helping relive some of the stiffness he has getting off of the floor.

  21. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    Treatibles has helped to ease my my elderly dog’s anxieties. He seems happy and even acts like the young boy he used to be. It makes us all happy knowing that he is comfortable.

  22. Amy L Pajtas (verified owner)

    My dogs love these. There is a noticeable improvement in my oldest dogs mobility.

  23. meghann s. (verified owner)

    My vet recommended these for my dog and he has done really well on them. This past week I started another of my dogs on them and can’t wait to see how they help him.

  24. Kristin B. (verified owner)

  25. CAROL FODI (verified owner)

  26. Amy L P. (verified owner)

    Our old girl seems to be much more comfy/spry with treatables. Our younger girl is much less anxious with these little chews. We will continue to use these. Definite difference for our pets.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with this product. My dog loves them and they seem to help a lot with his anxiety. Very fast delivery as well.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

  29. Samantha B

    I’m so glad we found these! Both of my girls have car anxiety and I give these an hour or two before we leave and they are calm and resting now in the back seat! Thank you for making these! Such a game changer!

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tremendous change for our 14yr Lab after using these.Much easier to get up and down stairs. Great product.

  31. Chris (verified owner)

    These work better during storms, calming my dog’s shaking and anxiety. Thank you!! ???????

  32. Tia (verified owner)

  33. Nina Cullen (verified owner)

    Helps our 14 year old Labradoodle sleep through the night, so we ALL sleep better. 🙂

  34. Eunice I. (verified owner)

  35. Elizabeth B. (verified owner)

    I’m rating this a 3 based on previous experience. Dog doesn’t care for it, but will eventually eat. Sweet potato she will not even touch.

  36. Linda Pietroski (verified owner)

  37. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I like the size of the chews, not too big. I think they help with Watson’s fear of thunderstorms.

  38. meghann s. (verified owner)

    My dog can be tricky about what he eats, including treats, supplements and medications. His vet recommended Treatibles for him, and I was happy to find this soft chew version. He likes the taste and eats them without issue. I will definitely continue to buy these for him.

  39. Adrienne (verified owner)

    These are helping to bring ease to the elder of my little pack.

  40. Edwin C. (verified owner)

  41. Sarah M. (verified owner)

    Amazing chewables! I just toss a chewable in with their lunch and I give them a hard chew for a nighttime snack. They are both sleeping deeply, not so restless during the day, seem calmer and more confident… basically, chill! And my anxious, itchy, girl is completely off of her daily low-dose conventional therapy, which is the MOST AMAZING thing ever.

  42. Laura (verified owner)

    So far these have been working great to calm my pups down!

  43. Shauna T. (verified owner)

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really helps my dog relax

  45. Ginny D. (verified owner)

    Helps my 17 dog move better and calms her

  46. BONNIE H. (verified owner)

    Our 15 year old dachshund moves easier and seems to be more comfortable now that he is getting his Treatables 2 to 3 times a day.

  47. Meggan m. (verified owner)

    My boy liked these.

  48. Susan V (verified owner)

  49. Laura S. (verified owner)

    I use the chews to help my senior pittie with his fear of thunderstorms & fireworks. He was just diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis and I will be using these chews to keep him mellow.

  50. Terri H. (verified owner)

    My dog is eating these!

  51. KEVIN S. (verified owner)

    We used to use the hard chews, but our elderly lady lost a few teeth and was having trouble chewing them. We thought we would try these on her and wow, does she like them! I am glad we decided to try them!!!

  52. Rachel Florence (verified owner)

    We have been using your product now for a long time. Our young dog has hip problems and anxiety. I truly believe this product has helped with easing discomfort and seems to have a calming effect. Your product was recommended to us years back from a vet tech and we keep coming back! Great product & service. Thank you!

  53. Amy (verified owner)

    These chewables have made a HUGE quality of life change for our 14 year old lab, Ellie. We had tried another brand, which didn’t provide many improvements. She has more energy, wants to go for walks, can get in the recliner (hadn’t for months!!), and has even been more playful. HIGHLY recommend this product!

  54. Trina D. (verified owner)

    Haven’t seen much difference but we just started on these..time will tell

  55. Jessica (verified owner)

    These soft chews are perfect for my 13 year old pup. They help ease anxiety from storms and her skin allergies and hot spots. Four paws up!

  56. john sivertson (verified owner)

  57. Kathryn (verified owner)

    My pups love Treatibles! Soft Chewables are a quick and easy way for your pets to get CBD when they need it.

  58. John V. (verified owner)

    Calmed my dogs down

  59. Barbara Edwards (verified owner)

    I think these Dog Chews are helping my old rescue yellow lab move around easier.

  60. Joyce G. (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. I give it to my 17 year old pup that is blind and has dementia. It calms her right down so she doesn’t pace all day that is typical with doggy dementia.

  61. Anya (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, love the new order interface, appreciate your product

  62. Debbie Smith (verified owner)

  63. Carol Nakasone (verified owner)

  64. Cindy S. (verified owner)

    These chews have really helped my dog with his anxiety issues.

  65. Laura S. (verified owner)

    I use both versions of the chew to help with my dog’s joint discomfort. He loves them. He also gets them during storms & fireworks.

  66. Audra P. (verified owner)

    My Great Dane is an extremely anxious dog. Since we started using Treatibles, her anxiety has decreased considerably. I highly recommend Treatibles. They ship promptly. The product (soft chews) works as promised. Overall, 5 stars!

  67. Angela S. (verified owner)

  68. Monique C. (verified owner)

    Great for my senior Boxer…

  69. Cindy S. (verified owner)

    My dog loves these and they’ve really helped with his anxiety issues.

  70. Elizabeth H. (verified owner)

    My furbabies love these & I can tell they are helping them with their anxieties.

  71. Christine (verified owner)

  72. Jo (verified owner)

  73. Jodi Z

    Hello – Please note that 1 mg of hemp oil per every 10 lbs. of a pet’s body weight is a starting dose. Every dog is a unique individual with individual needs. Some dogs need double that dose ore more, up to 10 mg per every 10 lbs. of body weight. In extremely stressful situations, like fireworks or thunderstorms, a full chew would most likely be more beneficial. If you’d like to talk with us, please call 707.992.0854 between 9am – 5pm PDT. Wishing you and your pup well!

  74. Mildred McDonel (verified owner)

    Purchased hoping to “cure” my 12 yr old Yorkie mix of his fear of fireworks, thunderstorms etc. I gave him 1/2 of a chew a couple of hours before I expected the 4th of July fireworks to commence and although he still “freaked out” when they started it was not quite as severe as on prior occasions. Maybe I should have given him 1 whole chew but hesitated to do so as he only weighs 13 lbs. Would there be any harm in that?

  75. Jeffrey Stachura (verified owner)

    Helped my 12 year old’s mobility, miraculously! He could barely get up and walk, and now he has the same energy and enthusiasm he had years ago! 100% improvement due to the chews!

  76. Cathy (verified owner)

    We love these. Keeps our dogs calm and chill!

  77. Kathryn I. (verified owner)

  78. Jodi Z

    Hello! We are happy your dog is experiencing the benefits of our soft chews. For pups that are especially anxious, the dosage can be safely increased from 1 mg per 10 lbs of body weight up to 10 mg per 10 lbs of body weight. If you’d like more guidance, please feel free to contact us at 707.992.0854.

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The fireworks have been freaking out our anxious dog and this helps. We also purchased the 250mg hemp oil—that seems to work faster than the edible. It’s not a cure-all. On nights when it’s particularly bad, he’s still way too anxious. But regardless of his anxiety level, we think it does get him to sleep quicker and easier.

  80. Jodi Z

    Hi Jamie:
    We have found that many pets enjoy our chews mixed into their food along with something they love, like peanut butter, a little melted butter, coconut oil or plain yogurt.

    – Treatibles Team

  81. Jamie F. (verified owner)

    She doesn’t like them alone, so I mix with food – but she’ll still avoid at times.

  82. Niza Davidson (verified owner)

  83. Sharon Risedorph (verified owner)

  84. Robin James (verified owner)

  85. Jacky T. (verified owner)

    So helpful on my 17 year old doggie joints.

  86. Tom C. (verified owner)

    Awesome Product helped my 13yr old Pup get back on her feet again
    Thank you for making such a Great product that we can trust!

  87. Charlene (verified owner)

  88. Amy (verified owner)

    My picky eater loves these soft chews!

  89. Rhonda Wilbur (verified owner)

    Has help my senior dog with his hip soreness .

  90. Laura S. (verified owner)

    We’ve had nothing but thunderstorms with hail for most of the last week. These along with the hemp oil have helped me keep my senior pup not as stressed. I’ve been lucky that I can start him on the chews before the action really gets going. We are forecasted for severe storms for the next few days. So glad I found these.

  91. Tom K. (verified owner)

    This product has helped my older dog with joint discomfort so much, I’m very thankful that I was referred to you by my dog’s groomer.

  92. Sydney C. (verified owner)

  93. Sharon Risedorph (verified owner)

    Baxter, my dog, likes them a lot and they seem to calm him down quite a bit. Wonderful!!

  94. Clarice D. (verified owner)

    The first day full amount I saw a dog I haven’t seen in months. I did not give continued recommended amount for remainder of day to see how it would go and much to my surprise she as still good. On bad days I’ll give full amount once and 1 or 2 through out the day a couple times. My Rotty has intense hip discomfort and it has gotten really bad these last few months. Will definitely continue to buy.

  95. Heather (verified owner)

    My dog has been able to move around a lot better since taking these.

  96. Debbie (verified owner)

  97. Wendy M. (verified owner)

    Keeps my 13 yo Spoo active.

  98. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My dogs love these and they work great. Try Them!

  99. Charlene (verified owner)

  100. DonnaLynn Hughes (verified owner)

    Dogs enjoy them.

  101. Kathryn Imbery (verified owner)

    Treatibles are the best organic Hemp Oil products for your pets. I have been using Treatibles for years and will continue for the life of my pets.

  102. Lucienne Lent (verified owner)

  103. Linda C. (verified owner)

  104. Anonymous (verified owner)

  105. Stephanie R. (verified owner)

    My dog loved it!!!!!

  106. Jennifer (verified owner)

  107. Kelly D. (verified owner)

    My GSP was in an accident and his anxiety went through the roof. I tried multiple brands of chews and oils and this product had the best results by far.

  108. Elizabeth Sanchez (verified owner)

    Great product really helps my senior Westie with her hips????

  109. Anonymous (verified owner)

  110. laurie mcclure (verified owner)

    My 14 year old yorkie loves them

  111. Sarah (verified owner)

    These chews have been perfect and keeping my pup calm after he had surgery for a broken leg. He needs to be kept from running and playing, but is a high energy dog, so these chews have helped him enjoy his crate time a little more.

  112. Anonymous (verified owner)

  113. Debra (verified owner)

    Bought these for our two rescue chihuahuas. One is deaf, both have anxiety around too many people or when out of the house. They love the taste! Right now I’m using 1/2 for the larger (just under 10 lbs) and 1/4 for the smaller (about 5 lbs). Don’t think they’ll ever be super social, but we feel like we’re seeing a difference.

  114. Darlene Jeffery (verified owner)

    My dog loves them and they seem to help her hip discomfort

  115. Marina P. (verified owner)

    Pups love it

  116. Cecilia Termini (verified owner)

    My dog has a couple of issues anxiety being one of them and she has issues with her hips that cause her discomfort . We have tried numerous things from the vet none of which help her ! And because we really are not interested in giving her a compound medicine unless it is absolutely necessary we decided to try the treatable’s , they have worked wonders for her all the way around most especially with her hips .

  117. Patricia Hall (verified owner)

  118. Kelly Coleman (verified owner)

    My dog suffers from anxiety issues and these chews seem to help calm him!

  119. Laurie M. (verified owner)

    The only ones my finicky eaters will eat!

  120. Merina G. (verified owner)

    My dog loves them!

  121. Rana C. (verified owner)

    My little rat-cha jack russel mix loves these! He’s a bit picky so that’s saying a lot!

  122. Rachel F. (verified owner)

    Great product, awesome company. Thank you!

  123. Laura S. (verified owner)

    These do help my dog “chill out” during stressful times. So glad I found them.

  124. Linda Scott (verified owner)

    wish there were more flavor choices on the soft chews. my grandaughter has a blind older dog with teeth problems.

  125. Pamela S. (verified owner)

    These chews are great for separation anxiety! I give them to both pups before we leave the house, and they have made a big difference. I typically use the oil for storms and fireworks, but these work also and they’re better for travel too!

  126. Laura (verified owner)

    My dog has soft teeth and these chews have been a life saver! She gets two after a long run or hike and I really think it helps with her recovery.

  127. Deb K. (verified owner)

  128. Barbara I. (verified owner)

  129. Matthew K. (verified owner)

    Works awesome

  130. Katie Bone

    Our dogs love the taste and size of these chews! We have heard a lot of good things about their benefits, and, since we just started using them, we are waiting to see the outcome! Regardless, we feel good giving our dogs chews made with high quality ingredients.

  131. Deborah Rader (verified owner)

  132. Sydney (verified owner)

    very convenient, love how easy they are to administer

  133. Joseph DeSimone (verified owner)

    I am a longtime dog trainer and highly recommend this product. Works on my own dogs and clients’ dogs for anxiety and discomfort!!

  134. Sandra Billingsley (verified owner)

  135. Diane T. (verified owner)

    I like the chews because I crumble them in the dogs food and easily ingestible.
    I find the product to be helping greatly with anxiety issues.

  136. Audra P. (verified owner)

    Arrived on time, no damage to packages. Hope the dog loves these!

  137. Karen (verified owner)

  138. SevenDogSquad

    These have been so amazing! My 4-year-old Chocolate Lab, Remy, has had sprained leg for a couple weeks. I have heard great things about Treatibles and thought it’d be worth a shot. From the first day of giving Remy these, I noticed an improvement when she got up/laid down. She was not nearly as lame as she had been in the past. I am very happy with how this product helped my Remy!

    On another note, my 4-year- old Black GSD, Stella, gets anxious when she hears loud noises (such as fireworks or storms). I gave her these one evening when we heard our (very annoying) neighbors lighting off fireworks in the street. Not very long after she was given the chews, Stella was able to chill out and not freak out about the loud noises anymore.

    @SevenDogSquad says thank you for creating such a helpful (and tasty) product and we would highly recommend!

  139. James Greeley (verified owner)

  140. Elisabeth Steiner (verified owner)

  141. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far the soft chew seems to help calm her a little and does help with her hip joints; not as lame as she was when she gets up.

  142. Matthew K. (verified owner)

    Even though there was a little shipping glitch this is a great product and will order again

  143. Trice (verified owner)

    cats and dog love it, notice a substantial difference in my dog, more subtle in my cats

  144. Abel (verified owner)

  145. Jane G. (verified owner)

  146. Heather Lilla (verified owner)

  147. Emily (verified owner)

    If you are on the fence about these, consider trying them. Without a doubt changed the behavior and energy level / joint discomfort, dealt with separate anxiety — in my 13 year old Yorkie. I read countless reviews before finally buying and wish I had done so sooner! BUY THESE! For you and your dog friends! Makes such a good gift too!

  148. Tina (verified owner)

  149. Jane G. (verified owner)

  150. Jenafer (verified owner)

  151. Jeanette Irby (verified owner)

  152. Ellen Silverberg (verified owner)

    My dog loves treatibles and they definitely calm him down.

  153. Laura S. (verified owner)

    My dogs love these. They act faster than I thought they would. We’ve had a lot of storms lately and these have come in handy. He thinks its a meaty reward.

  154. Erin (verified owner)

  155. Barbara I. (verified owner)

    Pieces seem small

  156. Melissa (verified owner)

  157. Laura S. (verified owner)

    I love these. They actually work pretty quick and really mellow my senior pittie when storms come through.

  158. jane l. (verified owner)

    I lost Gabe who was on treatibles which helped tremendously with his discomfort in the end of his years. I now have a very frightened young 2 year old. The Treatibles are helping her cope with new things. Can see the difference. Calming her to help her handle new situations, Thank you for being there for her.

  159. Jeanette Irby (verified owner)

    Our dog is very old, and close to passing. Soft chews tends to calm him. I highly recommend soft chews! Thank you!

  160. Dayle Donithan (verified owner)

  161. Rebecca W. (verified owner)

    I give these sporadically for events that make my dog anxious (storms, nail trims, fireworks, etc.) and as long as I give them to her an hour ahead of time they make a HUGE difference. She also consistently likes them, and she usually gets tired of eating the same chews over and over. We’ll definitely be repeat customers!

  162. Marcia J. (verified owner)

  163. Rachel G. (verified owner)

    I have found after one week of giving my pup (8yo Terrier) one chew daily she is calmer especially during storms we have had! Remarkable! And my dogs love the chews.
    – Rachel G., DVM

  164. Valerie B. (verified owner)

    These are a new favorite for my older dog. 🙂

  165. Jenny S. (verified owner)

    Treatibles soft chews have been a miracle medicine for my furry little grandpa boy! My 14 going on 4 year old pug was crippled with stiffness in his spine, adding these he improved so much I was able to wean him off his meds for discomfort. He’s back to his walkie loving self again, he may not be able to jump up on anything but every time I pick him up to put him somewhere is an opportunity for another hug and kiss ???? ???? it’s so good to have my boy back!! Thank you Treatibles!

  166. Laura S. (verified owner)

    My dog has developed anxiety about fireworks & storms as he’s aged. He’s 12 and these chewable have helped a lot. No more pacing & panting.

  167. Suzanne Blanchette (verified owner)

    My dog loves them

  168. Anonymous (verified owner)

  169. J Irby (verified owner)

  170. Rachel F. (verified owner)

    Your products and company are amazing. We are customers for life!

  171. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product! Extremely effective in many ways!!! I HIGHLY recommend!!!

  172. Antigua Salmeron (verified owner)

  173. Anonymous (verified owner)

  174. Karen Lee (verified owner)

  175. Andi Ellingson

    We tried these chews for our two huskies. One is a year old and one is a senior. They both loved the taste. Whenever I take out the container, they get very excited. Our pup is more mellow after taking the chew and seems very relaxed.

  176. Anonymous (verified owner)

  177. Christine S. (verified owner)

  178. Rachel F. (verified owner)

    This product and company are amazing!

  179. Sara V. (verified owner)

    I really like these for my elderly dog. She happily eats them even without teeth.

  180. Kathryn (verified owner)

    My chihuahua will not eat these. My little beagle mix will but she is already laid back so I do t know if they work. I need them for my high anxiety chi. Disappointed but she is so suspicious…..

  181. Abel (verified owner)

  182. Pamela (verified owner)

    I love the chews! Super convenient, great for when you’re heading out the door and worried about a pup with separation anxiety. I feel better about leaving him thanks to Treatibles chews. 🙂

  183. Matthew (verified owner)

    I had previously bought a different product which didn’t work for my dog at all. I reached out to Treatibles and it was suggested I try a different product and that did the trick! A few drops of hemp oil along with the soft chews calmed my dog down. I was able to take him on a 90 minute car ride and he was calm. I’m hoping we can go on longer road trips. Every dog is different and it’s all about finding the right combination.

  184. Cathryn Lane (verified owner)

  185. Laura S. (verified owner)

    These really help mellow my dog out during storms & fireworks.

  186. Jennifer (verified owner)

  187. Dennis B. (verified owner)

    My Bully mix loves them, but they’re small chews. They seem to help his discomfort.

  188. Dawne S. (verified owner)

    Works great, calming but not sedating!

  189. Carleen Blum (verified owner)

  190. Nicola (verified owner)

    These are beyond perfect for my older rescue dog with bad teeth and major anxiety. I wish I had known about these a long time ago.

  191. Jean Summers (verified owner)

    Had a diffcult time getting my dog to eat them. But seemed to help with her anxiety. I like she only has to take one.

  192. Becky S. (verified owner)

    100% Happy with this product!!!

  193. Noel E. (verified owner)

    Love these for our 13-year old Husky. He goes through a lot of them so wish they came in a larger quantity.

  194. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought for joint health but works really well for our Aussie shepherds anxiety as well.

  195. Danielle Sapyak (verified owner)

  196. Julia J. (verified owner)

    These have been truly amazing! Our Lab has been coughing, wheezing and vomiting, for the last 3 months. Our vet was at a loss as to how to address it and Copper seemed to be getting worse. We actually thought we may need to have him put down if he continued to decline. From the first day of giving him the Treatibles we noticed an improvement, especially at night when he was often the worst. He has been taking 3 a day for the last few weeks and his symptoms are almost completely gone. We have been able to sleep through the night again, and best of all we know our dog is feeling better!

  197. Linda F. (verified owner)

  198. Catherine (verified owner)

    It took me awhile to find pet hemp products that have ingredients I like, and that my boy likes, and I finally found them. He took these soft chews right away, and he’s very picky. He seems to like these better than the hard chews, but he does like them both. The shipping was fast, too, which was extra nice. Will definitely recommend and buy again.

  199. Maggie M. (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves these! I don’t even have to add peanut butter to get her to eat them.

  200. Abel (verified owner)

  201. Leha Carpenter

    Possum loves these chews, and they really seem to take the edge off of her anxiety, while she’s still got lots of energy for puppy play times with her buds. Couldn’t be happier.

  202. Anonymous (verified owner)

  203. alison (verified owner)

    My anxious rescue pup loves these chews – they do take about an hour to take effect, but they calm her and make her more chill. We use them we know she might get stressed out, and they certainly take the edge off and help her manage stressful situations. We always keep these on hand! 🙂 We are thankful to our vet who recommended this company to us!

  204. LAURA JOHNSON (verified owner)

    My dog loves these chews And I love the pep they put in his step.

  205. Kristin G. (verified owner)

  206. Megan H. (verified owner)

    Danny loves them and most importantly they didn’t give him diarrhea with his bowel issues! He had double knee surgery over the summer and this can be the difference between giving him a pill or not most days!

  207. Amy Kennedy (verified owner)

    This is perfect for my dog who has joint discomfort and digestive issues. She also never chews her food because she gets so excited, so the fact that these are small, soft, and easily digestible are why I love them. These are the only hemp chews I will use from now on. Love the soft chews.

  208. Amy S. (verified owner)

  209. Anonymous (verified owner)

  210. Laura S. (verified owner)

    I got these to try for the New Years fireworks. My almost 12 yr pitbull has grown to hate storms & fireworks as he has aged. We had a storm with bad thunder pop up the day after Christmas and I got to try it then. He is about 90lbs, which would be 3 chews, but I gave him 4 to play it safe. He ate them and then went & layed down in front of the fireplace. This was the first time he did not pace/pant during a storm in probably 3 years. Will definitely purchase this again.

  211. Pamelyn (verified owner)

    I’ve just started using this product so it’s hard to write a complete review. My dog likes them, a big plus, and they are convenient to use. So far, I’m happy with the product. It has helped my dog sleep a little more at night so I can too.

  212. Sue (verified owner)

    Two of the 3 dogs like the chews .The 3rd dog will take one sometimes and other times turns his head away. I originally decided to try these for our one 7 yr and 11 month year old female Chinese Crested Powder Puff as she has developed an immune issue where she can no longer walk. I figured it might help here to try these chews. Not sure they actually help , but she likes them.

    I wish it were in a larger container. Since there are 3 animals they go quickly.The price is a bit high .

  213. Amy M. (verified owner)

    My 3yr old German Shepherd has separation anxiety and we’ve used Treatibles for a little over a year now with AMAZING results. He loves the flavor and I love how much easier they make it when I have to leave for work, school, etc. I recommend them to anyone and everyone! I will continue to be a customer long-term!

  214. Karen K. (verified owner)

    I have tears of joy in my eyes writing this. The words to describe this product are “magic” and “miracle”. I waited about 4 weeks before I wrote this to see full effect. My 11 year old girl has joint problems and always walked stiffly and with a noticeable limp. Now she is no longer limping and looks comfortable when she walks. She had stopped playing with her toys—now she’s playing again. We are able to go for walks at the park again. She looks so comfortable when she sleeps too.
    I had to play around with her dose for a little while to find the right one. For her less was more. I’m so happy. Please keep making this product! For me personally, I can visualize the dose easier than the oil dropper. Thank you Treatibles!!!!

  215. Kristin G. (verified owner)

  216. Melissa J. (verified owner)

    Soft chews are a great addition! My senior beagles have an easier time with the soft chews.

  217. Sharyn M. (verified owner)

  218. Katherine (verified owner)

    My dogs love the chews. I love them knowing I am helping him with his .

  219. Diane A. (verified owner)

  220. Amy (verified owner)

    I love that these are small and soft. Perfect for my small 8 pound peekapoo. I also love that these are full spectrum hemp oil. Great quality.

  221. Elsie (verified owner)

  222. Blair Schulman (verified owner)

    Dog likes them. We started three days ago unsure whether benefits have made themselves known yet

  223. Debra Peters (verified owner)

  224. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My dog loves these and his limping has improved over the duration of taking these. He is also 14 almost 15. Super awesome. Keep these products available!

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