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What Are the Benefits of Probiotics for Pets?

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Gut health is the talk of the town these days. Remember when you could only find them at the back of the health food store in the fridge? Well, times have changed, or we should say times are in alignment with the connection between your gut and your overall health. The gut is the epicenter of health. In other words, a healthy gut is a healthy you! What about your pet? This also applies to pet health. If it were up to most dogs, they would not be eating chemical-laden food. Sure, every pup loves to indulge in human food but as you know certain foods should be avoided and are not good for them. Maintaining healthy gut flora is important for your pet as well. Therefore, it is not surprising that pet care brands are promoting probiotics for pets, and it is not just limited to dogs. You might have wondered, what are the benefits of probiotics for pets? Why are probiotics good for pets? There is a lot of information out there, but a plain and simple rundown is what most pet owners need.   

As you know, our goal is to help you achieve your pet care and wellness goals. We love our pets as much as you love yours, so we are always doing research on ways to elevate their wellbeing. We thought we would give you a simplified list of tips on probiotics for pets. Although most articles on probiotics for pets focus on dogs, cats and other pets could benefit as well, just do your research. Also remember, good health always starts with what you feed your pet – clean and simple is best.   


  • Support the immune system 

When most people think of their immune system, they think of what is happening around them. Germs! Well, the immune system is made of a network of tissue, cells, organs, and substances that protect the body from outside influences, and organisms. The 5 important parts are the spleen, thymus, skin, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. So, what causes an immune system to disrupt? How do you support your immune system as it works hard to protect you? Poor nutrition, which also attributes to poor gut health, needs to be looked at. If your pet’s diet consists of inflammatory foods, this will disrupt their gut health and, in turn, impact their immune system and lead to other symptoms such as allergies or behavioral issues. Adding a probiotic to your pet’s diet can help balance their gut flora, manage yeast, reduce stress, and could alleviate these health problems.   


  • Can your pet take probiotics daily? 

Yes. There are quite a few ways to incorporate probiotics into your pet’s meal daily. You can add a supplement to their food or foods that are rich in probiotics such as grass-fed Greek yogurt, fermented vegetables, and kefir. You can also use a probiotic supplement that comes in the form of a powder supplement or chew. Keep in mind, start slowly since some pets may experience digestive issues initially such as diarrhea, bloating or gas. Be sure to speak to your pet care provider if you notice unusual symptoms or if their condition gets worse with the use of probiotics. Ideally, probiotics should be a helpful addition to their wellbeing.  


  • Probiotics & Anxiety in pets  

The gut is often called the second brain. Further, there is a strong link between your gut and brain which are in constant communication with each other! Pretty cool! So, it is no surprise that there could be a link between your gut health and emotional distress, mood disorders, and anxiety. Your dog can only communicate with you through their behavior. There are studies that show the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotic strains could help.  

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