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How to find the right pet for your family  4 great things to consider

Adopting the best pet for your family

Nobody likes to hear a story about a pet that has been abandoned or returned to a shelter. Reputable breeders give pet owners an option to return which may be a good option for first-time pet owners. Sometimes people have a change of heart or realize that they have a pet allergy or the connection with the animal is not there. Yes, having a connection is very important. Forming a bond for some is instant. For others, it requires a lot of patience. Before you get a new pet for your family, take a moment and research. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Some people are not into cats. Therefore, it is unlikely that this will be a good fit. A dog requires a little more work. A busy person on the go should consider this before they get one.  

Here are a few tips on how to find the right pet for your family:

1. Lifestyle: What is your lifestyle? Will your new pet add to your lifestyle? Enhance it? Or create stress? Animals can sense when they are a burden. It is not fair to take your frustrations out on your pet. Also, animal neglect is never okay. A person who travels a lot is generally not the best candidate for pet ownership. But, if this is you, consider a pet you can travel with — read our blog on how to travel with your pet. Or have a good pet sitter or boarding service that values pet care.  

2. Temperament: Some dogs require a lot of activity and outdoor fun. Other dogs cannot spend too much time in the sun. Every animal comes with its own set of health care needs. All of which will impact your life. You may love a German Shepard, but your space is quite small. Also, you do not have enough outdoor space for your pup to roam free. Some animals are better in single-family homes and not homes with children. Even cats come with their own personality nuances. Any cat owner who has more than one cat will tell you this. If you want a specific breed, make sure you are a suitable owner.  

3. Who Will Take Care of It: This is a big one! People assume that in a large family setting everyone will help out when you get a new pet. Honestly, this does not happen. There will be one person who will bear most of the responsibility. From daily walks, vet visits, and daily grooming. Sure, everyone will do their part. But there will always be a leader in the pack. The one who buys the food and snacks or rushes to your pet’s aid when there is a crisis. Others will cuddle with their new family members!  

4. Adopt: At Treatibles, we love successful rescue stories. Would you like to explore pet adoption? Reach out to your local animal rescue and ask questions. See if you can visit a few times to see if you are the right person for this. Some rescues have behavioral or health conditions that require extra care. Also, there is an adjustment period. Remember, some animals may have trust issues due to past experiences. In some circumstances, the transition is easy. Don’t dive in until you are ready. Some organizations give you an option to foster a pet until it finds its forever home. Some foster parents end up adopting. As a foster pet parent, you will get an opportunity to interact with dogs or cats of various breeds, temperaments, and needs. A great way to see if you are ready to take on a new furry family member!

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