4 tips on managing an anxious cat or dog

How to help a anxious pet

Do You Have an Anxious Cat or Dog?

Having a cat or dog with anxiety is not what you had in mind when you decided to become a pet parent. If you are currently dealing with an anxious pet, we are here for you! You may have stumbled on our blog if you are researching CBD for pets with anxiety. We are happy that you are doing your research. We know that you must take the lead concerning your pet’s overall well-being. At Treatibles, we are advocates of holistic pet care. Gone are the days of ignoring the ingredients in pet food. You can no longer overlook what is in what your pet eats or the shampoo you use to bathe them. Like you, the food they eat and the products applied to their body may impact their health.  

CBD for pets with anxiety may be a good option for you. Keep in mind that you may need to implement other strategies to complement the use of supplements. Studies show that CBD could be beneficial for most animals. But make sure that other factors contributing to your pet’s anxiety are addressed. A CBD for pets’ Tincture or CBD for pets’ Chew is an easy way to add it to your pet’s wellness routine.  

4 Tips On Managing An Anxious Cat or Dog:

1. Diet
As you know, the food your pet eats can disrupt their digestive health. Numerous findings by gut health experts support the notion that poor gut health may also be linked to anxiety and depression. The gut is often called the second brain because of its ability to work with, and independent of the brain. Your pet’s gut health needs the same amount of care as our own. Avoid inflammatory foods such as grains, corn, and gluten. Nourish your dog or cat with a protein-rich, nutrient-dense diet. Remember, it is an animal. Avoid popular food trends and diets for people. For example, a vegan diet is not recommended for your cat or dog.

2. Behavioral Issues
Adopting a pet is a great choice. It is not uncommon for adopted pets to have behavioral issues due to abuse or neglect. Pets can also develop bad habits due to poor training. Recognize your role regarding how your animal responds to their environment. Seeing a pet behavioral coach or dog trainer will help you manage your pet’s anxiety.  

3. Adding CBD to your pet’s health regimen
Hemp-derived CBD for pets is a great option. Our organic full spectrum hemp CBD oil calms, provides balance for tummy issues that may contribute to anxiety and helps to alleviate joint pain and inflammation.   

4. A Balanced Routine
Pets need a consistent and stable schedule. Many people regard them as children because they need consistency and a lot of care. Establish a daily structure to help with separation anxiety. Obviously, there will be changes in your daily life and you will have to help your pet adjust. It is a good idea to have a flexible structure so it is not a surprise if you decide to go on vacation. Your pet needs to understand that you have not abandoned them. Read our blog on how to find a pet sitter.  

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