How to Combat Winter’s Chill—Tips for You and Your Pet!

Dog with sweater digging in snow bank

As the temperature continues to drop, it may become harder to motivate yourself to leave the warmth of your home and get outside. But what about our pets who are used to spending time outdoors? Many pets enjoy the snow just as much as they enjoy the sun! It’s important to keep yourself and your pet warm and healthy during colder months. Luckily, Treatibles and Auntie Dolores have you covered. Below is a list of remedies to help combat winter’s chill:

Spend Time Next to the Fire (Or Under a Heated Blanket)

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and cozy up with your pet next to a fire – outside or inside! You can also use a heated blanket to keep a shivering dog warm and expect lots of cuddles too!

Have Outdoor Gear

The simplest way to prepare for the cold is to fill your closet with the proper outdoor gear. Coats, sweaters and boots are winter essentials that both you and your pet can wear when spending time outdoors to ensure that you’re both safe. Remember, layers are key!

Treat Sore or Achy Joints

For Pets:
Cold weather can affect a dog or cat’s joints so it’s important to provide them with relief whenever possible. Treatibles Happy Joints Mobility Pill Wrap Chewables offer exceptional joint support ingredients including glucosamine, green lipped mussel and boswellia, along with omega 3-rich hemp seed oil. You can serve these CBD-free Chewables as is to ease discomfort or utilize them as a moldable pocket for pill delivery. Either way, these chewables will support your fur baby’s joints and allow them to feel good in colder temperatures!

For Pet Parents:
Auntie Dolores’ 1500 mg CBD Oil Dropper includes a base of antioxidant-rich organic MCT Coconut Oil, which helps promote healthy joints and flexibility. It also features cinnamon oil for a taste that is both seasonal and out of this world. Add a few drops to your morning coffee and you’ll be ready to move around outside with your pet for hours to come!

Treat Dry Skin & Paws

For Pets:

Treatibles Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Topical Cream is a fast-absorbing, naturally scented cream that is ideal for managing your pet’s achy joints. It can also address a host of skin irritations and is the perfect solution to soothe dry or cracked noses and paws. Treatibles Topical Cream is available in 60 mg CBD and 240 mg CBD.

For Pet Parents:
If you experience dry and irritated skin during the colder months, plan ahead and stock up on Auntie Dolores Topical Cream! Like Treatibles, Auntie Dolores Topical Cream is formulated with penetrating ingredients for maximum transdermal absorption and is ideal for managing joint inflammation, burns, scratches and other minor skin conditions.

Now that you know how to keep you and your pets warm and healthy during the colder months, get out and appreciate winter festivities!

P.S. – Do you think fur babies can learn how to make snow angels?

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