How To Give CBD To Your Pet 

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How To Give CBD To Your Pet 

Are you a CBD newbie? It is hard enough to figure out how to take the right amount of CBD for us, but for your pets, it may be even harder. What is the right dose? How do you give CBD to your pet? Are you giving them enough? Is it too much? We understand the panic. Hopefully, we can ease your concerns with a few tips.  

First, we want to make sure that you only give your pet CBD for animals. Hemp-derived CBD is non-psychoactive therefore, it is suitable for your pet. It is important that the CBD product you purchase is for animals and that the brand in question understands what animals need. As you know, our products are made with full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD. We put a lot of time into the formulation to ensure that we make a balanced product with clean ingredients. When looking for a full-spectrum hemp CBD for pets, lean towards brands that make their products natural nutritive, with ingredients that pair well with hemp-derived CBD.  

Here are a few tips on how to give CBD to your pet: 


This is a wonderful way to introduce CBD to your pet. It is also great for you if you are unsure about dosage. Apply CBD topically to the ear or hairless part of the body. Through the topical application, CBD is absorbed into the skin and as a result, it does not interfere with CBD tinctures or CBD chews since it is not as concentrated as an ingestible. Some people apply CBD topically along with their pet’s daily dose. This is dependent on your pet’s needs.  The topical cream is also a great product for any picky pet that refuses droppers, chews or capsules. 

Add CBD to Food 

You can add a few drops of CBD oil to food or break up CBD chews or CBD treats and mix them with their food. A great method since taking therapeutics with food helps the body metabolize them better. You can also put a capsule in a pill wrap and give it to them. Some people add a few drops to peanut butter. When adding CBD to food, make sure that your pet finishes their meal or treat to ensure that they receive the right amount. Do not add CBD to food that has been sitting out all day. CBD Treats or small pieces of food are an effortless way to administer CBD.  Remember, it doesn’t matter how your pet ingests Treatibles, what matters is that you can easily get your pets to take their favorite Treatibles! 

Make a CBD Super Chew! 

Need a little extra CBD but don’t want your pup to fill up on chews? Make a CBD Super Chew!  

Did you know you can add any Treatibles CBD oil dropper product directly to any hard chew? We call this a Super Chew!   

1. Begin with one of Treatibles signature Hard Chews (any flavor will do!)   

2. Add the desired number of drops of our regular or extra strength hemp CBD oil droppers to the hemp leaves on the Chew – it’ll soak right up!   

3. Provide simple, delicious and extra calming support without spoiling the appetite! 

Keeping multiple forms of CBD on hand is a great way to keep things fresh for your pet or provide alternative options when the usual favorite isn’t available. Combining the chews and oil for a Treatibles Super Chew is a fantastic way to give an extra strength dose of CBD whenever they need more support. 

Consider Weight 

How much does your pet weigh? Do you have more than one dog or cat? While we can base dosage on our pet’s weight, we should also consider that sensitivity to CBD does not always correspond with weight, meaning sometimes small dogs need a big dose, and sometime big dogs need a small dose!  Dosage range is anywhere from 1mg per every 10lb – 1mg per every 1 lb of pet’s weight. For some pets, it takes approximately five minutes to feel the effects and for some an hour. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your pet. We recommend making sure your pet finishes the food or treats with added CBD. With bigger dogs, you may have to administer more CBD. The same applies to CBD soft chews. For smaller dogs, cut your chew in half or quarters. From here, monitor your dog’s response.   Remember, it’s near impossible to “overdose” your pet on Treatibles as CBD has proven to have one of the safest profiles with zero side effects. 

Our CBD FAQ section may answer some questions you may have:

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