3 tips on how to cope with pet loss 

2 dogs snuggled in blanket coping with pet loss

No one can prepare you for pet loss. It is one of those moments in life that pet owners do not share with each other. People who are not pet owners do not understand the connection with an animal. The connection is deep and the loss is greatly felt. For some, the loss of a pet is similar to the loss of a loved one. This perplexes people who do not think an attachment to an animal could be the same as one with a human being; a friend, lover, or family member. If you are reading this, you might be going through pet loss. It can be a lonely process, particularly if you do not have many people around you who you can relate to. The day you brought your pet home you did not foresee the amount of love they would bring into your life. Now that your pet has passed, you feel tremendous grief.  

Grief is a complex journey. You will have great days and days that are unbearable. No one told you that pet ownership came with this low. Unless you have been a pet owner throughout your life, it is an unexpected rush of emotions. We do not think it will ever be an easy thing to go through. Pet loss is inevitable and a reality that every pet owner will have to face. This is one of the reasons why we put so much effort into the products we make. We know that creating products that make an ailing pet’s life a little more comfortable helps with this transition period, providing you with a bit of relief knowing that you were doing something to help your pet. 

Here are 3 tips on how to cope with pet loss:

1. Own your grief
You do not have to pretend you are okay. We understand that you may feel alone and perhaps embarrassed about grieving a pet. There is a stigma when it comes to grief due to pet loss. Some people view it as just an animal. They simply cannot understand how this type of connection can hold the same weight as that of a loved one. So, there is this sense of isolation during this time. Find a healthy way to grieve. Suppressing your feelings is not the way to go. Remember, there is no timeline and you may not feel ready to move on or get another pet for a while. Just respect the process; time heals.  

2. Join A Group
There are grief groups online for pet owners. Sometimes it is good to talk to people who are going through the same thing. Rainbows Bridge is a great site for grieving pet owners. Here you can find a support group and tips on how to cope with pet loss. (https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/) 

3. Honor Your Bond 
A great way to overcome pet loss is to honor your bond. Some pet owners buy a necklace with their pet’s initials, others get a painting of their pet or frame a photo. As you clear out their belongings from your space this will help you transition to life without them.  

A PetLoss Grief Support Community

Rainbows Bridge offers pet loss bereavement support services. Create a memorial, a Monday Candle Tribute, submit a story, send an E-Sympathy Card and browse our resource articlles on healing from the worst day of your life. (52 kB)


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