Three benefits of CBD for your dog or cat’s digestive health  

Cute cat lying on side with digestive problems

Everyone is talking about digestive health these days. It is no secret that we eat food for fuel and nutrients and that our digestive system is the powerhouse that absorbs all of this good stuff. All of this digestive health talk may be due to an increase in auto-immune and inflammatory conditions. Compared to previous generations, humans and animals are eating more processed foods. Initially, this was a good thing. Food having a longer shelf life using preservatives was once considered a genius innovation. It boosted the food industry and pet care industry.

With that said, not all preservatives are made equal or good for you. We now recognize the link between digestive issues and preservatives. We also see a link between digestive sensitives and how this impacts our pet’s overall well-being. As people look for a solution to alleviate digestive health concerns CBD is becoming a popular option. In turn, the purported benefits of CBD for digestive health are taking center stage.  

Many pet care CBD brands create CBD products with digestive health in mind. It is important to note that using CBD in pet care works in conjunction with a good diet. Check out our blog on ingredients you should avoid when purchasing food for your pet. Looking at your pet’s diet first will help you manage health concerns your pet may be experiencing.

1. Decrease Inflammation
Hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, therefore, it is considered safe for animals. Targeting inflammation with CBD may be effective since it interacts with the endocannabinoid system and as a result, may have a positive effect on a pet with conditions that stem from poor digestive health. CBD may decrease digestive inflammation, often a culprit for other inflammatory conditions.  

2. An Anxious Pet
It is no surprise that an unhealthy digestive system could contribute to anxiety and depression. Numerous studies are showing a link between poor digestive health and mental health. There is a reason why people say the better you eat, the better you will feel. CBD may help your pet’s anxiety since this could be a symptom of poor digestive health. You may want to try CBD for digestive health if you have an anxious pet.  

3. Allergies & Joint Inflammation
You may notice we drive this point home — clean ingredients in pet food are essential. There is no point in treating symptoms if you are not doing a deep dive into your pet’s diet. This is a good way to know what allergens could be impacting the health of your pet. Also, certain foods may exacerbate existing joint inflammation. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties not only help soothe the gut but may also help alleviate joint pain.

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