5 Reasons to adopt a senior pet

“Expand your circle of compassion” – Jackson Galaxy

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. All across the USA, senior cats and dogs are living in rescues and shelters, scared and confused, unsure of how they ended up in their surroundings.

Some were surrendered by people unfit or unwilling to address the care or medical needs of their animal companion. Some were brought in because their human passed away and had not made arrangements for them. And some were found living on the streets, just trying to survive. Whatever the reason, a growing number of senior pets are looking for new forever homes. Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of the many advantages of adopting a senior or geriatric pet.

Personalities are developed

When you adopt a senior pet, you are adopting an established personality. In most cases you know if the cat or dog gets along with other pets and children. You know if they are shy or outgoing. You know if they are affectionate or reserved. Kitten and puppy personalities change as they mature (just like human children).

Less willfully destructive

Puppies and kittens are full of excess energy. That energy can translate into knocked over household items, destroyed shoes, shredded toilet paper, curtains, furniture and more. A senior pet is usually more relaxed. Sure, medical issues can be the cause of accidents, but for the most part, senior pets do not have the same drive to tackle things as their younger counterparts.

They have manners

Generally, pets mellow as they age. Seniors are more adept at reading social cues, understanding when it is cuddle time, will wait patiently as you prepare their meals and enjoy playtime when you are both ready.

Senior pets seem to understand and appreciate being rescued

Cats and dogs know when they’ve been rescued. They may not speak our language, however, they have very distinct ways of showing us their love and appreciation. It may be a look on their face or the way they cuddle up to us or just in their body language.

Make excellent companions for senior citizens

Senior pets and senior citizens understand each other. In many cases, they are experiencing the same health issues and challenges! In addition, having a calm senior pet in the household can help senior citizens feel less lonely, enjoy companionship and the many benefits of having a loving pet, like reduced stress and lowered blood pressure.

Naturally, senior pets do need more of their human’s commitment to their care. For pets 10 years of age or more, two wellness exams per year is advised. Yearly blood work is recommended as well. When rescuing a senior, it is important to keep these costs in mind. Just remember – they are worth every penny!

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