4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Stress Free on Halloween

Even the friendliest dog or calmest cat can become stressed and anxious from the flurry of activity Halloween brings to your door. Here are some tips on how to keep your pet calm and safe.

  • Leave out a bucket of candy with a ‘please take one’ sign. This way you will be partaking in the holiday tradition and your pet won’t be jumping out of his/her skin every five minutes.
  • If you do plan on greeting trick-or-treaters or having a party, create a safe space behind closed doors for your pet. Play soft music or keep a television on to mask the ringing of the doorbell and the shouting of “trick or treat!”
  • Offer Treatibles chews, chewables, oil dropper bottles, or capsules to your pet to help instill calm, balance and ease. We suggest giving the first dose midday, followed by a second dose around 5 pm when the little ones start making their rounds.
  • Keep chocolate out of your pet’s reach. Dogs love chocolate and can sniff it out. Some dogs will even eat through bags to get at it. Any candy in your home should be secured.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!


Happy pets make happy humans.
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