Why Treatibles Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is Superior

Since day one, innovation has been the cornerstone of Treatibles. Forward-thinking is evident in the research and development of our products, team building and even in how we process our Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil.

By infusing, rather than extracting our hemp, we have established a process that is on the cutting edge of purity. Our proprietary solventless method results in the highest levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds being infused directly into our carrier oil, MCT coconut oil.

Our process involves heating the hemp to access the highest levels of cannabidiol, supporting cannabinoids, terpenes and other naturally occurring components before combining it with the MCT coconut oil. The infusion of the oils is then heated at an appropriate temperature to enhance and protect the properties of both pure oils.

This rich infusion requires no further processing and provides the highest, most consistent cannabinoid and terpene levels in all of our products. Compared to many extraction methods that only isolate one or two predominant compounds, this infusion method has proven to retain nearly 100% of the profile of all 300+ compounds of the hemp plant. This creates a true entourage effect, which according to studies conducted in both Israel and Brazil, provides the greatest benefits.

The proprietary aspect of our method allows us to adjust levels as needed so we can produce an accurate, consistent product with excellent benefits.

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