Plan a pet spa day

How to plan a pet spa day

If you are looking to get into the pet care industry and still brainstorming ideas, this blog might inspire you to open a spa for pets. Until then, you can plan a pet spa day for your own beloved companion. When we think of spa days, we do not consider a spa day for dogs or for cats. Most pet spas offer grooming along with other services. Don’t fret cat lovers, some pet spas offer services for cats. It just depends on your cat! Your cat may hate spas days since they are generally low maintenance and do not require the same care as dogs. Before you Google the best spas for pets in your city, be sure your pet has the right temperament for this environment. Some pets respond quite well to pet spa days. Your pet might not. Unfortunately, pet spa owners are not always equipped to manage the needs of pets with behavioral issues.  

There are a few benefits to scheduling regular spa appointments for your pet. Of course, your pet will love being pampered for an hour or two. A big benefit is that it coincides with DIY pet care hygiene since your pet spa specialist can treat skin conditions or allergies and give you tips on at home grooming. Also, you may have overlooked irritated paws if you think your pet licking their paw is just part of their grooming. Some pets experience itchy paws after walks, so wiping their paws with a damp cloth could be helpful. Another benefit is the on-site pet care specialists, nutritionists, and Veterinary Dermatologists who may have their practice as part of the spa. A spa specialist can also give you a referral.  

Here are 4 things to try or keep in mind when you plan a pet spa day:

1. Visit a pet spa: You deserve a trip to the spa to get a pedicure and a massage. Well, so does your pet. We understand that this can be costly, but there are spas for pets that are affordable. Since pet spas offer grooming services, throwing in a puppy facial or massage is an amazing additional treatment. Some spas will let you stay while they treat your pet and teach you pet care tips. You can purchase suitable grooming products for your pet from their product selection that you can use to create a DIY pet spa at home.  

2. DIY Spa at home: After your first visit to a spa for dogs (as we mentioned, cat spas are not as trendy as spas for dogs), you may feel inspired to level up your DIY pet care hygiene. Most spas will use natural products that you can make at home. For example, DIY pet-safe body oil is a good start.  

3. Add a little CBD: Yes, that’s right, a little CBD for pets is a spa day for dogs or cats essential. If you are using CBD to help your pet with anxiety, consider giving your pet a little before their spa visit or on their wash day at home. Create a wellness ritual for your pet so they will look forward to bath time and grooming. We also use CBD for pets for joint pain and inflammation.  

4. See a nutritionist: A pet spa day is not complete without addressing allergies or food sensitivities. Yes, your vet appointments are still a must. But some concerns that may be ongoing or pop up may benefit from a consultation with a nutritionist specializing in holistic pet wellness. Some pet spas offer a complete wellness package that includes nutrition.


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