Back-to-school separation anxiety in dogs & cats

Help your pet with back to school separation anxiety

1. Keep a consistent year-round routine: Yes, we know it is summer, life is busier than ever, but your pet still needs a solid routine. During the school year make sure that your kids understand that they contribute to pet care. For example, walks after dinnertime. When it is wash day, your kids should help create a DIY pet spa day at home. Once school begins, your pet will know that they will come home and be there for the after-dinner walk or look forward to spa days with the family.  

2. Treating a pet with separation anxiety: There are a lot of blogs on how to treat separation anxiety in dogs. But there is not much information concerning separation anxiety in cats. Some cats are a lot more social than others. Therefore, you may not notice right away. As mentioned above, if your cat uses the bathroom in your living room and not their litterbox, this is a big clue that something could be wrong. Sometimes it is anxiety. Or it may be an underlying health condition. Although cats love solitude, a little playtime or treats for a cat with reactive attachment disorder could help. 

3. A little dose of CBD: As you know, we are CBD advocates. We know it is a great way to alleviate the stress and anxiety that dogs with reactive attachment disorder go through. It should also be part of your routine when you emotionally prepare for back to school in September.

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