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Picky poodle loves Treatibles!

Picky poodle can't wait to get his Treatibles Soft Chewable with Salmon Flavor

“Starting from when he was a baby poodle, Bodhi has adored Treatibles. He is the living, breathing definition of a picky poodle. So, finding something he will actually eat is not an easy task!   

Recently, for Bodhi’s surgery, we tried the Treatibles 7 mg CBD  Extra Strength Soft Chewables with Salmon Oil. He fell in love! For those who do not follow us on Instagram, Bodhi’s recovery was rough—pain management-wise at first. Treatibles CBD chews helped him settle at night and get that much needed rest so he could heal.  

At nighttime, Bodhi had memorized the time when he would get his Treatibles CBD chewable. He would go and sit next to the container and stare at me as if saying – mother, it is Treatibles time.  

Now that he is back to working post-surgery, I use the Extra Strength Chews to help him settle after a long day working. During our more demanding days together as a team, I like to give Bodhi a CBD chew as a mid-day treat to help reduce his working stress and keep him focused.  

I honestly cannot recommend Treatibles enough.The customer service is amazing, and I love their products. Bodhi also enjoys the Happy Joint Mobility Pill Wrap Chewables.  ”

Thank you Catherine and Bodhi for sharing your story and all the 💕! Follow them on Instagram @bodhitheservicedog

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Harmony for the whole family
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