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Our Top Picks in Pet Technology   

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Our Three Top Picks in Pet Technology 

Technology has taken over our lives in a way we did not see possible ten years ago. There seems to be fancy technology for everything. We are sure you are not surprised that savvy technological innovations have made their way to the pet care industry. Just when we think it was not a device that we needed, we cannot seem to live without it. We thought that we would share with you our three top picks in pet technology. The holiday season is fast approaching and if you are a pet parent buying something for your beloved friend is necessary! Also, pet grandparents who want to spoil your pet. Whatever the reason, we know this is a pet device that will eventually make its way into your home.  

We decided to create a list that is affordable and practical. Your pet does not need a smartwatch or an automated door opener (Well, maybe!!). It all comes down to making your life easier first. Then we consider the purpose of this device: Is it worth the hype? Worth the money? Can you live without it? Chances are you can live without all these items. For now, we will throw logic to the wind and have a little fun with a few of the best pet tech gadgets.  

Here are our top picks in pet technology: 

1. ScoopFree automatic self-cleaning litter box: This is a must-have for all cat owners. It tops the list as the best pet tech. Particularly for those who have a busy life and hate cleaning the litter box. People who live in smaller spaces love this device. It is easier to smell cat litter in a smaller place. Even after cleaning the smell can linger. ScoopFree promises that you will never have to clean the cat litter ever again! How does it work? It rakes away cat waste. When the waste tray is full, you simply throw it away. It is also designed to trap bad smells.  

2. PetCube Bites 2: Leaving your dog home alone is not always easy. The separation anxiety felt can leave you riddled with a rollercoaster of emotions. The PetCube Bites 2 is a great device and the reviews speak for themselves. Dog parents love this device and its well-thought-out features. It monitors your pet while you are not at home with audio recognition that detects your pet’s noises. It has a built-in camera that is triggered by sound and motion. 30-second clips are stored so you can view them later. A feature your pet will love the most is the built-in treat dispenser. We see why it continues to be a favorite for the best pet technology.  

3. Inupathy: This may not be the most practical device, but it did pique our interests. It may also pique yours if you have an anxious dog. What is Inupathy? It is the “world’s first mental visualizer for dogs.” How does it work? It is a harness that uses your dog’s heart rate pattern. It emits light patterns that indicate your dog’s current mental state. It also tracks activity and overall health. It is basically a Fitbit for dogs. We think it is cool!  

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