National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day – How To Make A Plan For Your Pet

Two people row their dog to safety on a raft following a flood

Regardless of where you live in the United States, there is a chance for a natural or man-made disaster. From floods, earthquakes and tornadoes to blizzards, hurricanes, fires and more, every region of the country is vulnerable to a catastrophic event. How many of us have a plan in place for our pet(s)?

That’s why on May 8, 2010, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Citizen Corps declared the first National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. This yearly reminder prompts us to organize a plan. With summer right around the corner, the timing is right.

Keep in mind that pets are truly fury children – they rely on us to protect and keep them safe. In an emergency, it is our job to take charge and provide security.

Having a plan in place for your pet can be quite advantageous. Imagine how much easier it will be to grab a ready-to-go bag with all the necessary supplies, should you need to evacuate or become stranded for days.

Here are some tips on how to devise a plan:

Confirm pet-friendly lodging options, should you need to evacuate
  • Friend or family member’s home – make sure your friend or family member understands your pet(s) will be with you.
  • Local Shelter – Research their pet policy ahead of time. Many accept pets; however, they are often housed in a different area than their humans. Most shelters require proof of vaccines.
  • Hotels – have a list of chains that welcome pets, which pets they allow and if there are any restrictions. There are some excellent online guides, including Hotel Guides and Bringfido.
Have pet supplies ready to go

Store your pet evacuation kit in an easy to access location in case you need to leave quickly. Keep all supplies in a durable bag or bin to ensure it travels well. It should include:

  • One week’s worth of food and water
  • Disposable food and water bowls
  • Puppy Training pads for lining carriers, using in hotel rooms, protecting seats and floors in the car, etc.
  • Important documents, including your pet’s medical records
  • Disposable kitty litter box and litter (for cats)
  • Pet Wipes for cleaning paws, mouth, fur. Great options by Earthbath
  • Treatibles CBD Topical Cream for cuts, burns, bites, scratches and other skin irritations, as well as for relieving joint inflammation
  • Treatibles Intro Packs of Hard Chews and/or Soft Chewables (or one of our CBD oil dropper bottles) featuring the power of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil to help keep pets calm, support digestion, relieve motion sickness, any discomfort and more
  • Towels and blankets for comfort and warmth
  • Prescriptions and supplements – it is important to keep your pet’s regimen
  • Identification – best to have your name and cell phone number on your pet’s collar tag
  • A first aid kit containing the basics – alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, gauze pads, adhesive tape, styptic powder, bandages, disposable gloves, saline solution, tweezers and scissors to prepare for any potential mishaps

If you are staying put

Keep in mind that evacuation is not always an option. Many disasters cannot be predicted. It is still important to have a plan in place. After a major event, it is common to be stranded or without basic services for days or weeks at a time. Having the proper supplies on hand (for your pets and you) will ease some of the stress. We suggest:

  • Identifying the safest room in the house for shelter during a catastrophic event
  • Familiarizing yourself with basic procedures for pet first aid
  • Having on hand a generator, battery operated fan, cooler, Sterno kit, candles, flashlight and batteries.

While we cannot plan for every scenario, we can do our best to ensure our pets are fed, hydrated, safe and comfortable.

Happy pets make happy humans.
That’s why we always strive to provide

Harmony for the whole family
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