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Gucci can run again!

My Gucci is an 8-year- old, 50ish lb. Pit Bull who has been suffered from joint discomfort for a few years. When we rescued her at 8 months old, she was emaciated, extremely undernourished and her body was in rough shape. She started showing signs of joint issues at the age of 5. Her left rear leg caused so much discomfort she kept it tucked under her while running obsessively for her ball. We hated the thought of wrecking her liver early by putting her on a traditional approach. Then something wonderful happened. We found out Mariah from Villalobos Rescue Center bought Treatibles for her dog and received wonderful results. So we bought the Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots by Treatibless. We are so happy we found this incredible aid for our Gucci. She is running on all four legs again after just a few weeks and we are thrilled. Being in less discomfort, her appetite is up and she has a lot more energy. We ordered two large Turkey bags and will continue to order this product. It is a godsend for Gucci as she absolutely HAS to run for the ball daily and now she is able to do just that ! Thank you, Treatibles. We have five other dogs and if they ever need this product, I am thrilled to know it’s on the market

– Kat A.

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