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Keeping Your Pet Safe from Wildfire Smoke

eery image of orange smoke filled sky over the Golden Gate Bridge

Due to the multiple wildfires right now, the American West has the world’s worst air quality.  The fires have dramatically increased air pollution throughout California, Oregon and Washington State. Effects are being experienced as far as the Midwest.

If you are feeling experiencing poor air quality due to these fires, so is your pet. Smoke can irritate your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, throat, lungs and skin. Pets with heart or lung issues and senior pets are especially sensitive.

How to Keep Pets Safe

  • Keep pets indoors. If you have an outside cat or an indoor/outdoor cat, it is important to keep them inside, too.
  • Keep doors and windows closed.
  • Use a high efficiency a/c filter (central or wall units) – it will help capture fine particles of smoke.
  • Having a portable air purifier can help keep the air inside your home healthy.
  • Forego walking your pet when air quality is unhealthy. This may be frustrating, but their health is what matters most. Of course, you may take them outside so they can relieve themselves. Just be sure to get them back in the house quickly.
  • Be sure to use pet safe wipes on paws before coming back inside. Take off your shoes, too. Smoke and ash can contain toxins.
  • Exercise is still important – by incorporating indoor playtime your pet can stay healthy both mentally and physically. A game of fetch or tug of war for dogs; interactive play with wand toys for cats. Treat/food puzzles can keep both dogs and cats entertained and busy, while also stimulating their mind.
  • Remove outside water bowls or if they must remain, change the water often to keep fresh and clean.
  • Do not fry or broil food, burn candles, use a fireplace or woodstove or smoke.
  • If you live in a vulnerable area, have your evacuation plan set and Pet Disaster Kit ready to go.

Treatibles can help lessen your pet’s anxiety during this stressful and trying time. The Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil in all of our products can provide calm and emotional balance, as well as relief from discomfort throughout the body.

Know the Signs of Smoke Irritation in Your Pet

If your pet is showing any of these signs, please see a veterinarian right away.

  • Coughing
  • Shallow breathing
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Open mouth breathing (especially cats)
  • Increased noise when breathing
  • Vocalizing (especially cats)
  • Swelling of the mouth, eyes, skin, upper airway
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Squinting/watery eyes
  • Nasal discharge
  • Fur smells like smoke
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Disorientation/stumbling – looks like they are drunk when walking
  • Coma
  • Seizures
  • No interest in food or water

On a personal note, Treatibles is rooted in California. Many members of our team and their pets are experiencing first-hand the devastation caused by the raging wildfires throughout the state. We are following the safety protocols listed above and encourage everyone in the region to do the same.


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